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  1. markhamdons

    Chrysler Shows Off The New 200 Sedan: Comments

    The only attractive element of this car is the rear 3/4 view. The front end is ho-hum and the interior is a disaster.
  2. markhamdons

    Cadillac News: Peeking At Global Cadillac VP's Wishlist

    Want to improve Cadillac's fortunes, fix the centre stack. It looks cheesy on an otherwise not bad vehicle.
  3. markhamdons

    Review: 2014 Acura MDX Tech Entertainment

    Really out of touch with the market. One word, "Boring".
  4. markhamdons

    BMW 325XI

  5. markhamdons

    More Real Life G8 Photos

    I am going to be honest here. I don't like the Pontiacification of this car. The front end doesn't match well with the rest of the lines. It has a pinched in look. Pontiac deserves better, and so does Holden in this case. I call it like I see it.
  6. markhamdons

    More 2008 Cadillac CTS Pics

    I'm excited. Damn, I wish they would hurry up and allow ordering. I was just approved to extend my current lease by 1 month (GMAC is such a pain in the #$@# on this one) and will be able to extend further if we can order in the next month. Here is hoping!

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