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  1. thats a 77 early 78 they changed again in late 78 and 80
  2. This car is all original. The front end look similar to the 75 monza because it is the same on both cars for 1975. I have desided to keep it original for now at least untill the engine gives out. The frame actualy can take a lot of torqe its the suspension and such that cant. I will be upgrading all that when the engine gives up but intill then old it will be. My biggest problem is finding the front emblem. The one on the car is damaged. I have ben unlucky finding a new one and no one has been able to repaire it. I cant even find out if the same emblem was used on another car or not.
  3. Name: Oldsmobile Starfire GT (1975) Date Added: 18 July 2012 - 10:07 AM Owner: Elitedragon27 Short Description: New Project. Will not be restoring. But rather upgradeing. Engine still runs but i want something a little faster. I was unable to find the production slip but i am trying to find out what the production number my car was. I have a pic of the tag on the frame. View Vehicle
  4. Nice find. I have a 1975 Starfire GT myself. I am trying to find the production number and some parts to fix it up a little. If anyone has any leads to where i might be able to find some that would be great.

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