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  1. The Tech-2 I'm sure can do all things magic. Its GM built and that's why its so pricy. The JP-701, I'm not familiar with... but before you plunk down $200, double and triple check to ensure it can delete airbag codes is what I'm saying. You're dealing with people online (and in this case, China), so misrepresentation, either intentional or not is possible, and you would have little recourse for getting your money back if they play hardball. When I go to the link you posted, I don't see anything about Holdens , just Japanese cars... and it only describes in one place that it deletes codes... in an awkward sentence. When I was at Advance Auto recently, they were showing off their code reader, they read my ABS codes... but the reader could only delete OBD-2 codes, not ABS codes. So its very much buyer beware. can do all things magic.. if so, it totally worth $469.. is it easy controlling? there are kinds of GM Tech2 things at uobd2 such as the obd2 16 pin connect, interface, 32mb card... dont know if need to get them all!! http://www.uobd2.com/wholesale/candi-interface-for-gm-tech2.html some people told me that i all so should buy one interface GM Tech2 package do not included this and that is so trouble contact the sell service...
  2. so these two scan tool both cant clear fault codes?? but it said that "being used to read troubles codes from engine,transmission,ABS and airbag system and erase codes" http://www.uobd2.com/wholesale/maxiscan-jp701-code-reader-1509.html wanna fix things done asap. i searched and followed some guidance online still not work...
  3. holden vx commodore air bag light comming on fault code sdm internal fault have replaced problem still there saw GM Tech2 online http://www.uobd2.com/wholesale/new-gm-tech2-scanner.html quite expensive saw another one called MaxiScan JP701 http://www.uobd2.com/wholesale/maxiscan-jp701-code-reader-1509.html much more cheaper it said that support Global OBD II compliant US, European & Asian vehicles. but still not sure whether work for Holden anyone got this MaxiScan JP701 car list? or any good seller and good scan tool recommend??

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