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  1. Hello there. nice toro. i have a cheap fix for the sideview mirrors that lose adjustment, providing theyre the cable type remote mirrors. remove the L/S cable from the door trim panel bezel and from the retaining loop up against the door shell. carefully tie a gentle loop in the cable and secure it inside the door. secure the cable behind the retainer in the door and then run it back to the adjustment bezel. MAKE SURE the cable does not interfere with the front of the window, and reassemble the door panel. basically, do the same thing for the R/S mirror, but you can tie the mirror cable up behind the glove box door area. no need to take the R/S door panel off. good luck with the Toro. take care, Steve C.
  2. Good afternoon. had car at last Olds show in Merrick, L.I. car is currently off road. unfortunately, i liove in an incorporated village, where unreg cars on property is like murder in N.Y.C, so with that said, im trying to sell car. thanks for the interest, Steve C.
  3. Good morning. im located in Lindenhurst, Long Island. tried to load a picture on website, but couldnt. most of the pics are are in the forum section of this website, under 76 and or 79 regency. if you e-mail me at steve118cars@gmail.com, id be glad to send more pics. take care, Steve C
  4. Name: oldsmobile 98 regency lx (1979) Date Added: 02 November 2012 - 10:17 PM Owner: stevec Short Description: super rare Olds/ASC Car. 500 made in 79 & 80. apparently not in any factory brochures. 44k miles, near perfect interior, super loaded car. View Vehicle
  5. Name: oldsmobile 98 regency LX (1979) Date Added: 27 October 2012 - 11:51 PM Owner: stevec Short Description: VERY RARE OLDS/ASC CAR, 1 OF 500 MADE IN 1979 View Vehicle
  6. Name: cadillac coupe de ville (1976) Date Added: 27 October 2012 - 11:39 PM Owner: stevec Short Description: prior one owner car. all original, never hit, never had body repairs, never painted or restored. near perfect snow white interior. survivor class car. View Vehicle
  7. hello guys and gals, glad you found my 79 98 LX. im amused that its still not acknowledged, but you guys are helping olds people know it does exist. yes, the grille is from a 78, the prior owner told me someone backed into the grill, and he could only find a 78 grill for it. the triple black LX on your website is currently sitting in my garage, and until recently had my black 77 Toronado XS for company. no its not a canadian model. its not in any catalog because it came out in mid 79. the catalogs are printed well before the cars are introduced, meaning the 79 catalog was probably finished in June of 78, so its not in any catalog. i believe there was also 500 80 models made, but again, as the 79 LX came out in mid 79, it was already too late to put even the 1980 LX in the catalogs, therefore i believe neither the 79 or 80 appear in any factory brochures. car came out because caddy had deville, deville delegance, fleetwood brougham and brougham delegance. buick had electra 225 (i believe), electra limited and park avenue. olds only had the 98 regency (i believe the luxury sedan was last made in 77), so olds felt left out, caddy had 4 models, buick had 3 electra based models and poor olds only had the 98 regency, so the LX was born. anyway, thanks for recognizing the LX and if anyone needs info or pics of car, let me know. Take care, Steve C

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