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  1. actaully i posted a rear view on GMI. I'll post here tomorrow cuz the computer im using right now wont let me go to photobucket to upload it
  2. maybe i will. tuning is something im not into but its something different and im all about doing different things i dont see why not. i'll have it posted in a few days
  3. theres no Tesla anywhere in my chop. And Vauxhall? im dont see where you're getting that from.
  4. sorry it took so long for the update
  5. enjoy... http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/attachments/f28/8596d1271885397-sparta-2011-sparta.jpg
  6. the fusion's face is hideous.but the rear is pretty cool. the mkz's face is...expected but handsome nonetheless,the rear is odd... the milan looks dead. the sooner kinetic design comes over here the better.ford's design is all over the place.
  7. love it...but the the front looks...big...?
  8. the second chop is a lot better but the fenders still dont match
  9. how about "Milieu"?it matches Saturn's naming strategy.
  10. i like it! but a traditional A-pillar would look better.
  11. u should have left the Focus alone.great chop...not so great design
  12. looks like a fusion of current and future Saturn styling.very nice.
  13. aside from the sea of plastic the interior doesnt look too bad.its the exterior design im worried about.

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