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  1. And the value of my 2014 Cruze goes into the toilet even more. Thanks GM. I swear to god this Cruze was the last brand new vehicle I ever buy.
  2. GM's resale sucks anyhow. Took my 2014 Cruze to a few Chevy Dealer's and Carmax. Best offer was $11,500 at Carmax of all places! What a joke! The GM Dealers don't even want to give you anything for their own product! I'll remember that next time when I'm bypassing the Chevy dealer to head over to the Honda dealership.
  3. I can buy a decent house in my area for the cost of these new pickups. Ridiculous. I'll keep my 2006 Silverado.
  4. You mean take care of the problem that they first became apparently aware of 10 years ago? Dodge would never do anything of the sort right?
  5. Wow, 30k for a Cruze! Canada is expensive! Glad you like the Spark.
  6. It made the truck sluggish. It just didn't work well in the hilly terrain around here. I had it turned off, but the truck still acted funny like it was always shifting or something. It's also not a very reliable system imo. All of the components involved to make it work there is no way an engine with it will have the longevity of an engine without it. Then there's the issue of oil consumption, and lifter noise that some people have (my parents 07 Monte Carlo SS is one with lifter noise at 47,000 miles). My parents SS also has a problem with the car randomly jerking when AFM engages. That issue just started one day out of the blue, and it comes and goes depending on the day I guess. Overall I think the system is complete garbage, and will never go back to a truck that has it.
  7. Thanks guys. I plan to get a GMT800 pickup again sometime in the future after I get a house. I liked the 900 series, but hated AFM. Only way I can see getting a 900 series again is if I can find another 6.2L, but I would be happy with just an 800 series 5.3 truck.
  8. Thanks guys! I have the Automatic Transmission. I thought about getting a manual, but I figured shifting would get old after a while.
  9. Well, due to trying to free up more income to look for a nice house I traded my 2011 Silverado 6.2L on Saturday for this 2014 Cruze: Only picture I have right now. My Wife has a 2012 RS just like this only in white with a sunroof. I opted for the technology package with the Chevy Mylink & back up camera instead of the All Star Package. It was $19,835 with the 2K rebate. My Wife's has a little over 50,000 miles on it, and it is a great car! This is the third brand new GM I have owned, and the 7th GM vehicle I've owned since I was 17.
  10. The limitation you're seeing is purely power train related and nothing to do with the frame or weight. Simply opt up to the 5.3 V8 in the W/T (which also puts you into the 6-speed rather than 4-speed auto) with a 3.08 rear end and you can have 7400lbs. trailering or 9100lbs. with 3.42 rear end. Or 10,400 with the 6.2 and 3.73's

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