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  1. My next car in a few years will be a newer 6. I may or may not be able to pick up a 2014+, but I like the previous generations as well.
  2. I hate some cars, but I am still rather fond of mine.
  3. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Dodgefan" data-cid="722123" data-time="1359520953"><p> Sharp looking 3! I prefer these to the current smiley generation.</p></blockquote> Lord, me too. I had my choice between a standard 2010 3 sedan and this 2008 3 hatchback. The 2008 had such low mileage and looked so much better, it was an easy decision. However, I do like the 2012s. They toned the smile on the front down quite a bit. And of course within the next few years the 3 will get a redesign to accommodate the new Mazda corporate face we are seeing now on the CX-5 (which my wife has), CX-9 and 2014 6.
  4. I just signed up and introduced myself in the new members section, so I thought I would introduce my car as well. I purchased it in August of 2009 with 12,200 miles and today it has 55,350. I put a lot of miles on it traveling to college and back home to see my grandma the last two years (a 150 mile round trip). I've added a few modifications to it but have kept it largely stock since it is my only car and has been since I have owned it. Before the Mazda, I only had GM vehicles. I was intrigued by the sporty appeal and ease of ownership that a Mazda could offer me. And I got a sweet deal on this one as well. Despite the protests of my GM-loving family, I took the plunge and bought me a zoom-zoom. In the three years and 43,000 miles, I have only had one problem: an upper passenger side motor mount that I didn't even notice had failed until about two weeks after the fact. It is a hydraulic unitfamous for being a weak spot in the 3s. It took me about twenty minutes to replace it. The car has been lowered on Eibach Pro-Kit springs (about a 1.3 inch drop). It also has a MazdaSpeed 3 cat back exhaust from a MazdaSpeed 3 that was totaled in Texas. I have also installed 6000k HID low beams and 5000k fog light HIDS as well. Got the windows tinted 15% all around, put red vinyl accents in the interior and installed a K&N filter (which probably needs to be cleaned by now). I had the car professionally detailed back on November, so here are a few shots from bringing it home that day. I realize that the interior has a whole lot of red, but I like it. It's different. And, since it is just vinyl, it's easily reversible/removable. http://minus.com/mYBmSDUS6Wh8Z i1.minus.com/ibgIAJuAY4d81E.JPG i6.minus.com/i2rSAB8UjpBhW.JPG i7.minus.com/ibiC1Jt0UkIfGp.JPG i2.minus.com/ieLf4BOOv9yTq.JPG
  5. Oops, looks like I posted the last reply as a guest. Wasn't logged in on my tablet.
  6. Hello, everyone. My name is Tyson. I was encouraged to join the forums here after lamenting the loss of one of my old car forum homes on my Twitter page. I drive a 2008 Mazda3 S Touring hatchback, which I purchased in August of 2009 with 12,200 miles. As it sits today, it has 55,350 miles. I love it just as much today as I did the day I purchased it. I've always been into cars, even as a toddler. I had plenty of action figures and such but all I ever wanted to play with was toy cars. The more realistic they were, the better. I got my driver's license in May of 2006 and the obsession has continued to grow since. My first car was a base model 1992 Chevrolet Beretta with the painfully slow 2.2 liter four-cylinder and 3t40 three speed automatic. I added OEM Beretta GTU wheels, an OEM Beretta GT spoiler and a full ground effects kit from a Beretta GTU (the sporty version of the car built from '88-'89). I liked my Beretta very much but time took its toll and it began to have one or two major problems each month and eventually, we were forced to get rid of it before I moved away to college. My second car was a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM GT1 coupe, affectionately named "Arnold" by me. This car was slick. It had every option available and was immaculate when I bought it in August of 2007 with 103,000 miles. I cared for it and kept it in absolute mint condition before trading it for the Mazda in August of 2009. The first few weeks of owning the Mazda, I deeply regretted giving up my beloved Grand Am. It wasn't the best car in the world, but it felt like it to me. I had a lot of fun with it, but it had 131,000 miles, a slipping transmission and a clogged catalytic converter when I sold it. With my automotive history in check, I'll leave you with a couple car pictures. Mazda (It has a MazdaSpeed 3 catback exhaust, tint, HID low beams and foglights, red vinyl interior accents, stubby antenna, color-matched headlight eyelids and Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs): Grand Am (didn't mod it much, just some blacked-out headlights and tacky stickers): Beretta (when I first got it and right before I sold it):

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