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  1. Did it used to be a PA beer? One of the coolest things I've seen is a buddy of mine in Denver that is from Pittsburgh has a home bar in his basement, with taps, kegerators, brick, barstools and signs all over of PA beers, ones like Latrobe, Iron City, photos of the Burg, etc... As far as i know, Keystone was created by Coors. It never had anything to do with Pennsylvania, despite the name. And like JamesBond said, Rolling Rock moved out of Pennsylvania years ago, sadly.
  2. As far as PA brews, I remember Rolling Rock and Keystone being staples of my college years in NE Ohio... It seems odd (being the "keystone state" and all), but Keystone is NOT a Pennsylvania beer...it's a Coors beer.
  3. And then there's the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition to the beer laws, most harder alcohol is sold only in state-controlled "State Stores" (although they're now called "Wine and Spirits" stores). Heck, they just started allowing Sunday sales of alcohol relatively recently.
  4. For those of you who don't live in/around Pennsylvania...you don't know about our antiquated alcohol laws. We cannot buy beer in grocery stores. To buy beer, you need to go to a bar (no more than 2 6-packs at a time) or a distributor (no less than one case per purchase). So the idea of "a grocery chain" offering a craft beer (or ANY beer) is an almost foreign concept. Even with these ancient laws, Pennsylvania, for some reason, has a wealth of craft, micro, and nano-breweries...many of them are good.
  5. You like beer. I know you do. And your minions have been trying to lure me to the dark (and light) side for ages. While free beer at parties hasn't done it, perhaps a tour of Pennsylvania's beer industry has. I gathered a couple friends, we piled into an Infiniti QX56 and headed off to see the best of what Pennsylvania brews. Check out my article on "What Ales Ya" and let your friends know about some of the Keystone State's best breweries. http://automotivetraveler.com/jump/4401 What are your favorite (non-corporate) beers? Have you ever taken a brewery tour? Have you ever attended a beer ta
  6. And you should! It's fun and relatively cheap. Also, the people that I've run across are great! Find a local SCCA organization.
  7. Wrapped up the season on Sunday! The Beetle was consistently the quickest G-Stock car on street tires. This Sunday's race had some interesting vehicles show up. There was a Viper GTS and a Factory Five Cobra, neither of which did particularly well. For those who've raced, what have you learned from autocrossing?
  8. I'd love to see my C&G friends at the track! I've been driving in the Philly region SCCA autocross season this summer...and the last race was postponed (because of that little lady we called Sandy) until November 11. And I know a bunch of you are in this region! Come out...bring your rides...sign up for the race. Show us what you've got! We'll be in the parking lot at the Dover Speedway. In the meantime, I've posted some stories about what I've learned on the track. Check out part 2 at: http://automotivetraveler.com/jump/4289 And tell us your racing stories...legal ones, please.
  9. Yes, I'd like to know more about the event!
  10. Camaro...keep me posted about good shows in your neighborhood? I've already got Carlisle (next weekend) and Hershey (the following weekend) on the schedule. Dfelt...That's it! Move out east!
  11. You should get to the show again. It has grown on me over the years...and I quite enjoy it now.
  12. Another great car show. I've been fortunate enough to be a judge at this show for the past few years, and we put this together to share some of this year's treasures. Enjoy! What do you think? http://automotivetraveler.com/jump/4266
  13. Yes, only the fwd Dodge Colt/Plymouth Champ had the twin-stick 4x2-speed transmission. That era rwd Mitsubishi products (Dodge Challenger/Plymouth Saporro, Dodge Colt, Plymouth Arrow, Dodge D50/Plymouth Arrow pickup) had standard transmissions.

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