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  1. pir4te

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    Holden Sportwagon 370ci 14:1 VVT
  2. I've just finished optimising some engineering in my SS-V Sportwagon for alcohol (flex fuel). Now I have insanely great performance and economy Overall it cost a bit less than a supercharger install, similar output with greater efficiency. Goes better than I expected, tuning some power into it now that it's run-in: Basically 14:1 CR, custom AFM Cam gets lift via rockers (like Gen V), tidied heads and valve train, custom Intake and TB, headers and exhaust. Stock stall, 3.27 gears, 1.2G takeoff!
  3. I don't know what the problem is with this thread but seems topic record is corrupt. New build thread here, cheers.
  4. Name: Holden SSV Sportwagon (2011) Date Added: 04 May 2015 - 10:28 AM Owner: pir4te Short Description: Six litre V8 with Variable Valve Timing added. Runs e85 at 14:1. View Vehicle
  5. pir4te


    Thanks guys! Am currently waiting on install and initial tune from Pat G, have a V2 so will blog performance and efficiency results at the end of next week.
  6. Name: Holden Commodore SSV (2011) Date Added: 12 February 2015 - 08:54 AM Owner: pir4te Short Description: L77 flex fuel V8 with VVT added, high compression.
  7. From downunder, have a Holden V8 with some interesting mods. I travel from my beach home in QLD at sea level across outback highways through snowy alpine regions and long sections of unrestricted, flat road to work in in Barossa Valley (wine country). 2800km trip, and back, twice a year. I stumbled across this forum last night, specifically Dwight's take on small block Chev efficiencies. This is my hobby too, having read several white papers on EIVC / LIVC combustion phasing, injection pattern / timing, high compression and ethanol burn. Car is a Commodore Series II Sportwagon, 6.0 flex fuel engine (L77), ECU controlled continuously variable cam phasing, variable compression up to 14:1, and custom Otto / Atkinson camshaft / uprated valvetrain tuned to AFM. With some charge tumbling, tuned induction and exhaust modifications the engine is amazingly efficient and performs great, 105 HP / litre and 120 Nm / litre on e85. Looking forward to contributing to the conversation from an oversized dinosaur pushrod V8 perspective! Arrgh!

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