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    2015 Regal Turbo

    I really enjoyed the 2010 CC I drove. It is a nice choice. The 2.0 turbo to this day is the best sounding factory turbo motor that I've experienced in person. It just has a plesant sound. Those are the wheels I like too. I hope you enjoy it and the cost of ownership stays reasonable!
  2. I had a 14" case Magnaflow on a 95 Park Ave. Because why not? It had a pleasant mellow thrum. I've always been a Magnaflow fan.
  3. If it is 85/90 degrees and a very high dew point the AC will be working hard constantly as well. In Iowa the dew point was in the 70s to low 80s and it was often 95+ degrees when I lived there. This is horrible working conditions for an AC system. The food plant I worked in actually would need to shut down production if the dew point reached 80 as the ammonia based cooling systems could not longer operate efficiently enough to keep things cool.
  4. I'm not sure based on just that teaser. I could be quite sharp when we see the whole picture. It seems distinctive at least.
  5. I think it looks really good. I only think it is too bad they are keeping the 6 speed at all.
  6. You know, I drove a 2014 Ford F150 crew cab as my loaner when my Taurus was having the bumper replaced. It was the 5.0 too. I felt the steering was fine for a truck and didn't have anything unpleasant about it in the 2014. My only complaints were poor mileage and that the 5.0 doesn't have enough low end oompf for the weight of the truck (likely related). Well, that and the interior wasn't anything to write home about. But my expectations/desires for a truck interior aren't that high beyond functional and comfortable. That 5.0 still had a good sound though. And I would have let them keep the Taurus in exchange if it was an option.
  7. That is a sharp little compact! I like it better in video than pictures.
  8. I drove a silver first gen DCT. Best sounding turbo four I've ever heard. It was a very nice car. Just couldn't afford vdub maintenance.
  9. To be honest Olds - I expect most of those to be failed ideas. I think Mercedes can do it, and those other companys can dream.
  10. I'd have a CTS V-Sport by now if I was upper management at GM.
  11. You couldn't just steal one from a cop car?
  12. I don't doubt there are others. I was more curious as to what you can access on Andriod that you can't on a Windows phone?
  13. My usage is all about the social media apps and camera. I don't to "productivity" stuff on my phone, I have my Galaxy Tab 4 and a keyboard case for that which is almost always nearby if I really need it. Yeah, for Multimedia and being in the here and now; I'll admit it, Windows has a LONG way to go. It doesn't help that they've got such a small market share, and the escalation of commitment by MS. You gotta love their determination. Well - he said social media. FB seemed to work just fine for me. What social media doesn't work on Windows?

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