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  1. 46k miles later... It has a full exhaust, a tuned engine, a set of coilovers, and is on its third (or fourth? I can't remember) set of tires. The top has been replaced twice under warranty The transmission blew at 30k miles and was replaced under warranty The touch screen was replaced under warranty... but that was an odd one where it seemed like the screen was peeling away from the panel
  2. The R9T is an underwhelming bike. Nothing really wrong with it, it just doesn't stir any emotions and it just feels....... German.
  3. This place looks a lot different...
  4. Had an awesome weekend doing nothing but riding the Ducati. Too bad it'll be too cold the whole week until Saturday.
  5. It's been a while since I've been on here.
  6. You do get used to the controller on the center console. Also, the touch screen can be re-enabled in about two minutes. I did it the third day I had the Miata.
  7. Drew, they are selling them for just under $40k out the door plus tax, tags, and license. They are selling everything just above cost (car, parts, and labor) to meet the number. Normally the install is going to cost another $1500-$2000 depending on the dealer. But that dealer manages to sell a 727 HP car with a warranty for $40k. That's impressive. Last I heard, they were on a huge backorder ever since the articles went viral.
  8. It's mainly the interior. For f@#ks sake did people really think that the 17" tablet was really going to stay? The whole dash needs to be scrapped and re-done.
  9. They're a bitch to maintain, but RX-8 all day every day. Literally the only thing that the Camaro has going for it is the sound of the V8. However, a Wankel can sound AMAZING with the proper setup. It's one of the best-handling cars ever made, that alone is enough of a reason for me. Plus, who doesn't love to rev to 10,000 RPM?!
  10. That sucks. Make them eat their own crap. The only reason to go to a dealer is for better service and trained technicians, that's why they can have higher prices. If they aren't delivering on their end of the deal then you need to find another dealer.
  11. I still maintain that it's the most fun FWD car on the market. It's an amazing package.
  12. 10k miles on mine as of today. Not a single regret. I have the Club, which comes with extra bracing, a LSD, and Bilstein shocks. Note: the springs are the same on every USDM Miata. The cloth seats are perfect to me, I never had an ache when I was driving around all day or went on road trips. Factory summer tires wear very rapidly, with the grip only being so-so. I put on a new muffler for a more balanced sound between the intake and exhaust, as well as tuned the engine for quite a bit more power. Next thing on the list are firmer sway bars. I liked the body sway when I bought it, as it was just one more way the car was telling me what it was doing, but it got old. On highway trips I average around 37 MPG while staying around 80 w/o cruise control. Everywhere else I get around 32 average. I only use 93 octane. Wind noise kind of sucks, but it's a soft top, so it's forgivable (I play my music on the loud side anyways). The touch screen is disabled any time the car is moving, but that is easily changed via a hacked USB stick (super easy to do, did it the first week I had it). I was actually impressed with the HVAC system, as previous Mazdas HVAC systems were notoriously lacking in cooling and fan output. The traction control gives you a very fair bit of play, letting you get the tail out a little and play a bit before softly intervening. Hard launches do require it to be turned off, though. It's probably the closest car to automotive nirvana one can buy. It's absolutely the most fun car I've ever driven, bar none. And that's why I bought it.
  13. It was a very important factor when I bought my Volvo, because the wreck I was in with the Ranger made me think safety first and foremost. Didn't care about it over bit when I bought the Miata. It was too much fun! But in the real world Miatas have been holding up VERY well in accidents.
  14. GT350R - Track Car Last-gen Crew Cab 6.2L Raptor - Daily '69 Boss 429 - Show Car Carrera GT - Weekend Exotic '65 F-100 352 FE - I've always wanted one.

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