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  1. I guess we all have a different view, but I love driving my '71 Challenger. I drove it cross country once and it was a blast. Yeah, not as comfy as my '09 but still fun. I don't think they are as bad as people make them out to be.
  2. Love those oldies Oldhurstolds. Great photos. Down the street from me there is a '68 442 convertible in blue metallic. They sure don't make them like that anymore. I still prefer vintage over new.
  3. No in all honesty I wouldn't want to road trip the Demon unless my options were limited, Not even sure about the Hellcat. I don't need that kind of power. but the truth is, it would be easier doing a road trip in a Demon or Hellcat than trying to plan a route that would guarantee charging station's to replenish a Tesla's battery. I think the Tesla is a fine auto but I don't have the resources to spend that kind of money for basically, a wet dream, and I doubt I would spend time at the track with one. As far as Tesla's charging station's, You are still limited. How many are there and are they located in high population areas of the country or are they in rural areas too? I like to wonder and...Well...That's just the way it is. Different strokes as they say. I like to get off the beaten path and travel down new areas I have never seen before.
  4. I guess it all depends on your definition of rediculous. My view of rediculous is spending 130,000+dollars on something that to be honest has a limited use. You can't honestly tell me you would take one on a road trip. What happens if you can't find a place to recharge the battery? That leaves an expensive work commuter, but your ego will get a boost when all the eggheads at the office ohhh and ahhh your high dollar tinker toy. Or, you can go to the track every weekend and show off your ludicris mode, but make sure you use care not to overheat the car or it will shut down or... The Tesla is a great car for people with huge egos and small...
  5. I wonder how much top of the line Corolla's are selling for? I don't really think about it as Toyota isn't my top go to brand when new car shopping, but I have notice a surge in new car prices. A 29k Cruze may not be such a bad deal.
  6. Yawn. It's funny how every five year old car owner races against the Challenger and wins. Seems like the Challenger is the car to beat. Must be a pathetic existence to have to lie all the time to build up your 100,000 dollar Milton Bradley play toy. I joined this thing to enjoy back in forth with people who enjoy Mopar's, Ford's, and GM's. Companies that have a rich history, something worth bragging about. You will never understand. Too bad for you.
  7. GM dealers are getting a Hennessey Motorsport's prepped Camaro called 'The Exorcist' at a $55,000 premium over the stock ZL1, and Roush is offering a P51 Mustang tuner. Didn't get all the details but a Google search turns up all of them quickly. I will take the Challenger all the way, but in reality, A Shaker edition Challenger would be just fine. LOL, someone is butthurt, and a dreamer as well. I'll race you cross country with my 370 hp R/T and I bet I kick your arse. I will laugh my ass off when your stuck in the middle of no where with no place to charge the electric turd. You could saved yourself a ton of money and bought a Leaf.
  8. Mopar all the way! This Challenger is insane and to the Tesla fans here, Tesla sucks. Buy a Rascal. It's cheaper, won't catch fire and burn to the ground, and easier to push home when the battery runs dead.
  9. If you could make that happen, well I would even settle for a Coor's. It would be worth it just to watch them go at it in person.
  10. Downloaded some vintage Pink Floyd onto my iPod. Childhood's End, Burning Bridges, and When You're In, from the album Obscured by Clouds. Great stuff from one of the best band's ever. In my opinion.
  11. Not to steal any thunder from your excellent post but to add: The Camaro and Firebird were direct competitors to the Mustang and Barracuda. Dodge, late to the game, chased the Cougar and Javelin which were marketed more upscale from the other's. Plymouth's Barracuda had a six year head start over the Challenger which was introduced in 1970 along with an all new Barracuda. The Barracuda enjoyed huge success at the race track and rally events all over the country. The only area Plymouth fell short on was the Trans Am series and ultimately sales. While the Mustang was based on the Falcon platform, Ford had more resources at hand to bring all new sheet metal to the game. Barracuda, based off the Valiant platform, was a victim of budget woes and shared too much body work with the Valiant which hurt sales for what was really a superior car in many ways. The Challenger did benefit from the Barracuda in many ways. The Barracuda was well established at the track and had a street creed few cars could match. Funny thing, Challenger outsold the Barracuda from 1970 - 74. Go figure. Your post really hits nail on the head. I will add that, being a hard core Chrysler fanatic with a preference towards Plymouth, my gut feeling is if Chryco wants to bring back the Barracuda, then bring back Plymouth. That won't happen so leave the nameplate buried. I feel that way about Firebird too. Bring back Pontiac or leave Firebird in the grave too.

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