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  1. I thought this was kind of cool. I ran right into the rear bumper with my 10-speed, though (you can see it behind the car):
  2. Count me as another fan. Though I wish I could get the V6 in a less expensive model.
  3. I see Consumer Reports has picked the new Impala to be the best all around sedan or some such. I hope that recognition is a good thing...
  4. Ha Ha. The best part is the reactions by incensed readers underneath the article. Oddly enough, I nodded my head in agreement with more of their choices than I disagreed with.
  5. Those Scamp pickups were zippy with the Mopar 2.2L four...
  6. Thanks GMTruckGuy! I never knew about the new side emblems for the early '55s. Here's sump'm' else I seen on my walk to work:
  7. Went for a walk at lunch and saw this 1954 or early '55 half-ton pickup. It had a 3-on-the-tree:
  8. There are still quite a few Shadows/Sundances on the roads around here (and they're even running!). I came close to buying a '94 Sundance Duster. Quick little car for the money.
  9. I actually DID see a non-SS 1970 Malibu 2-door hardtop with a 400 logo and the LS3 big-block under the hood. There weren't a whole lot of them made, apparently...and many of them got "converted" to faux SS's later. This is another one of those oddballs I wouldn't mind owning.
  10. Ah. Thanks for the history. I really lost track of most new cars starting in the late 1970s. My interest slowly came back in the mid-1980s.
  11. Did the '79 come with the Olds 350? I know some were diesels, but otherwise, was the gas engine an issue? (my folks had a '78 Ninety-Eight with the Olds 350 and it ran like a champ).
  12. Why is the '79 the least desirable? I kinda lost track of Toronados after about 1973. Least desirable year of that generation unfortunately... they'll have to come down in price, they've over valued it by 100%

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