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  1. In almost all city driving: 14.1mpg- 1988 Olds 98 Touring Sedan. This was based on three recent fill ups.
  2. In no particular order: Pontiac Aztec- universally hated by nearly everyone and a symbol of GM's perverted view of what a new Pontiac should be. Chrysler Sebring (2007-2010)- Chrysler takes America's favorite convertible and trashes it. The build a sedan that embodies everything wrong with Detroit as the company is sliding into the abyss. Smart - Nobody can sell more than a couple dozen in their market before be people question why anyone would buy one. Saturn Astra - GM's costly experiment to bring a competitive small car here from Europe. They give a car that is ready to be redesigned in it's home markets to a US division that built its reputation of cheep (cheeper than this) small cars. The car was too old and too expensive to be an entry level Saturn. Pontiac G3 - The car Pontiac enthusiast lose sleep over at night. An awful car, rebadged to give Pontiac owners one last kick in the gut before killing the brand. Lincoln Blackwood/etc- There simply were not enough farm owning pimps to make this a viable product. That might not be a bad thing. Honda Accord Crosstour - Seriously.....Honda you had mojo and its gone.....so far gone. GM's Redesigned MiniVans (2005)- Trying to find one that didn't start life as a fleet vehicle is a proverbial needle in a haystack. Good thing they only lasted a couple of years...Pontiac, Buick, and Saturn already had enough trouble finding customers without these things. Chrysler Crossfire- Who knew customers didn't want an old Mercedes with bad Chrysler styling...I'm sure Chrysler dealers love servicing these things since parts are hard to find and they share nothing with other Pentastars. Cadillac STS- Caddy built a competitive Sports-luxury sedan but everyone had stopped paying attention after 20 years of FWD Sevilles.
  3. I would like a copy of this as well (just saw the Facebook Post from C&G and came by to check it out).
  4. This is good news for the region, good news for employees and should show at least local taxpayers that the investment in GM was worth it.
  5. Hows about adding a Brougham to the Mercury Grand Marquis as a special final edition? Imagine telling people you have a Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition Brougham. Say that 3 times fast.
  6. I've had two of these big Oldsmobiles (88 Delta 88 and 88 Touring Sedan) they are great cars and can really take a beating. Except for the clear coat peeling off they are hard to kill. Make sure there is no rust in the trunk on the inside of the wheel wells and you should be ok. Also The brake/fuel lines tend to rust on these. Good luck!
  7. This cannot be right, how would GM be able to not redesign the Lacrosse until 2016. By then the car will be 7 years old. It only took them 4 years to redesign the Malibu and that was with them running through bankruptcy!
  8. Ram has been run as a separate brand since last fall. The Dakota is part of the Ram brand but the Nitro and Caravan have been retained by Dodge. This could work if they can survive until 2013.
  9. ElectroChromatic glass would be a nice feature if the cost could be kept down. I cannot see many people spending big money for this feature like they would for an upgraded stereo or sun roof. You can get your windows tined for under $200 at many shops around here so the feature would have to compete price wise with that. Quality is another concern. Can we be sure that the quality will hold up in an automotive application. How hard would it be to repair the glass should an issue occur such as a cracked window or an electrical faliure. What about the stuff used to make transition lenses (eye glasses)? It simply reacts to the sun so it must be simpler to deal with. There are no wires or control modules to control it. Since the technology is already out in the consumer market it must be possible to find out the durability and cost of using the product.
  10. I like the ad. The money doesn't get hurt or anything so whats the big deal.
  11. This commercial was very bland. Compared to the excellent Grand Cherokee and Kia Soul commercials we have seen recently, this is about as exciting as a toothpaste commercial. Why do automakers us silver cars in their ads? Silver and gold remind me of rental cars, why not a nice red or blue? Hopefully the rest of the ads are better.
  12. Sergio has been to America right? How could he possibly allow such a stupid marketing move to take place. Whats next, is Chrysler going to drop the term mini van because it has a stigma?
  13. 'Standard of the World"....have they actually been listening to Cadillac fans? Hopefully this is a clue that the legendary tagline will be making its way back.
  14. Once the larger companies like GM, Nissan, and Ford bring out their electric/alternative fuel products, Tesla is going to suffer. They simply don't have the resources to compete.

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