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  1. Ravenfreak13

    2011 CC

    Thanks! Yea, wonder where that saturn is right now
  2. Ravenfreak13

    Back again....

    THanks! Pictures are up in the members showcase!
  3. Ravenfreak13

    Back again....

    question...what website do you guys use to upload photos to the forum?
  4. Ravenfreak13

    Volkswagen CC

  5. Ravenfreak13

    Back again....

    I will be posting more pictures as soon as I can get the car cleaned! and I am loving this ride...the turbo witht the DSG transmisstion is awesome!
  6. Ravenfreak13

    Back again....

    It is! Just picked it up about a month ago.
  7. Ravenfreak13

    Back again....

    I am back!
  8. Ravenfreak13

    Cities under consideration for Fiat 500 sales outlets listed?

    Looks like FIAT is heading to my area!
  9. Ravenfreak13

    Price your Cruze! OUCH!

    Let's face it, the cruze's competitors can also top out in the mid-20's....
  10. Ravenfreak13

    2011 Avenger Gets Facelift, Needs Eveything lift

    i have to wait until feb/mar though....which sucks and lets hope the money flow will be good still haha AVENGER<CTS COUPE
  11. Ravenfreak13

    2011 Avenger Gets Facelift, Needs Eveything lift

    2011 CTS Coupe...perfomance package!
  12. Ravenfreak13

    2011 Avenger Gets Facelift, Needs Eveything lift

    I like my avenger! It's still going strong...the lease is almost up! By the way IM BACK!
  13. Ravenfreak13

    Almost 3 years later...

    My parents are the ones with the choice...theyre probably going to get the Mazda, they dont like that the Maxima only uses premium gas and its going to cost more to insure.
  14. Ravenfreak13

    Almost 3 years later...

    The car has held up well over the past almost 3 years...only problem was a few sensors...but considering we bought the car when the 07's had just come out, you would expect a few bugs...and I agree with you about the weird whistley sounds...only when im accelerating at a certain speed it whistles. I am personally using the sebring right now because I went over my allowed lease miles opn the Avenger...not technically over..I am just driving too much and I WILL go over on miles by the end of the Avenger lease(March '11). The Avenger is doing great though...NO problems at all...no sounds no nothing. Both cars have a great ride and they have served well...especially since we're only paying $193 a month for the sebring! We're most likely going to go for the Mazda 6 or the Maxima as the sebring replacement...it's ultimately up to my parents since it's their car...They like the price and look of the Mazda but love the size and higher end feel of the Maxima...so that is still up in the air. As soon as my lease is up on the Avenger Im hoping to get myself into a VW CC...I fell in love with that car when I first saw it... So that's about it...the Breeze has kicked the can and is no longer with us lol.

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