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  1. Happy Birthday Gord!

  2. But us wierd Canadians build the cars Americans want the most

  4. Gord

    C&G First Look: 2008 LaCrosse Super (half) Revealed

    it is a 5.3
  5. Sorry headlights havent changed Zulehan almost got the grille down perfect. New radio layout. Darker wood dash garnish on dash and door with silver/gray around hvac and radio
  6. Gord

    GENEVA: Vauxhall VXR8

    Front end kinda looks like Mitsubishi design to me
  7. Gord

    2007 Buick LaCrosse earns ONE-star from NHTSA

    As far as i have heard there was apart added inside the door that caused the problem . Im not sure if this part had changed the routing of the wires which caused the pinch condition in an accident
  8. Gord

    2007 Buick LaCrosse earns ONE-star from NHTSA

    The problem is with a sensor wire being cut in the front doors in side impact crashes before the signal released the air bags.The wire hrness is being rerouted to prevent this
  9. Gord

    2008 Equinox Sport Offical Photos (GM)

    Hope they go tp the single scale speedometer like in the HHR it looks so much cleaner
  10. Gord

    Buick LaCrosse to be Cancelled?

    ive heard new sheet metal for 2008 will know more later after announcement on monday
  11. Gord

    GM puts a lid on Impala output to boost prices

    I work there and have heard nothing on the timeline for the third shift going down

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