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  1. Sorry if its hard to see, I dont have access to a scanner at the moment so i took it with my phone
  2. As long as ron doesnt win. his effort was night and day to mike and taras, and i agree idk bout helen winning but she may be a surpriser.
  3. Same here. This year I am definitely rooting for Tara and Mike.
  4. Does anyone watch this show? It's one of my favorites on TV. The season's almost over, but I was curious about anyone's wrapup thoughts (from whoever watches it xD) of it.
  5. thanks guys sorry 2 bug u its just kinda not who i am anymore lol
  6. its not available for me idk y
  7. thanks moltar. yea mariobro88 is kinda childish now since it meant mario brothers and then 8/8 my birthday xP.
  8. im sick of mariobro88 anyone know how 2 change usernames? thx
  9. matt41

    My First Ride

    Thanks 4 ur opinions every1. YJ, I was looking @ some of those links, and was vry surprised 2 see such affordable, sporty cars, which gave me a big sigh of relief, since I was expecting having to shell out like $6000 plus insurance haha. Id love that Bronco or Chevy truck, but restoring them would take a lot more money too haha. The Daewoo and Cavalier were probably the better ones in there that Id love to own and install Sirius xM ahhah.
  10. matt41

    My First Ride

    Thanks, yea my preference would be a coupe or small SUV. within the single digit range would be nice 2 haha
  11. matt41

    My First Ride

    Hey guys, so it is getting to be that time where I should start getting ideas of which car to purchase as my first one. I am turning sixteen in a few months (when I get my permit; a little early to look, yes, but it doesn't hurt), and I need to get a job, haha. I have about 1800 in the bank (not too terrible for someone my age) and I need to be able to afford insurance plus the car. Does anyone have a good idea of a cheap, reliable car that is also sporty and fuel-efficient (at least twenty-two mpg)? Thanks in advance, your guys' opinions really help!
  12. I know its hard to see...i had 2 take it off my Voyager since im using my new MacBook so no scanner...
  13. Now THIS is the kind of chop we like to see. I think this is the best looking station wagon I have ever seen. Bravo, keep it up (some more like this)!!
  14. Tuesday, August 5, 2008: Today, German automobile manufacturer BMW revealed the completely redesigned compact sedan, the iconic 3-Series. Being the most popular of all the luxury four-doors that the German brand has to offer, the all-new model sports well-incorporated styling cues from its biggest brother, the 7-Series, especially in the front, where, as compared to the previous 3-Series, the signature kidney grills are much more upright and forwards. This arguably legendary compact surely can win customers with its speed and looks, but with gas prices on the rise torwards four dollars and beyond, can this hell-raising sedan keep up with the miles per gallon? The 2012 3-Series, due in showrooms mid-2011, may place respectable numbers in performance, but does it sip or consume? Will the 3-Series do or die? Here's the answer to a question a lot of people could ask: the new model features 22 city/26 city, so there certainly is a round of applause due here for this ferociously popular car. Although the new BMW 3-Series may have tamer looks, it is no debate that the luxury marque's top-seller will stay that way.

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