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  1. BigPontiac

    The $25,000 question....

    Subaru BRZ. They have 2.9% financing right now too.
  2. BigPontiac

    Industry News: VPG Autos Suspend Operations

    I see these every day. A local cab company has a fleet of them. As a purpose-built taxi, the looks become secondary to the function -- more like a Checker or London Taxi. Some of them are even fueled by CNG. Body-on-frame construction, deployable wheelchair ramp, and made in the USA. I hope they find a path forward.
  3. BigPontiac

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet SS To Be Made When Ordered

    Even less justification for the omission of a manual transmission option.
  4. BigPontiac

    Chevrolet News:GM Announces Some Details On Their New Trucks

    Oops, I'm not quite sure how I wrote extended cab when it should have been double cab. Its been fixed. Sorry, didn't intend this as a knock on your article. I'm not thrilled with the new cab configuration, but I'm at least happy that GM changed the name.
  5. BigPontiac

    Chevrolet News:GM Announces Some Details On Their New Trucks

    The press release also confirms the Extended cab model designation is gone. The new 'mini-Crew cab' model with front hinged doors and a pillar is called the Double cab.
  6. BigPontiac

    Nice Chevy buy

    Interesting how the seller notes the back window design as a key feature of the car, then doesn't include a picture...
  7. BigPontiac

    Who has driven a Wrangler lately?

    You should find a low mileage 4-door, then use the JK-8 kit and convert it into a 2-dr SUV.
  8. BigPontiac

    And the hits keep coming

    Demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFATvb0Fe3Y
  9. BigPontiac

    And the hits keep coming

    The Novamad is estimated at 400hp with the LS1. It's running a GM 4L60-E 4-speed automatic with radical shift kit with a TCI 4-Link Rear suspension with panhard bar and anti-sway bar, Currie Ford 9-in rear axle with 3.90:1 positraction if that helps for ideas...
  10. BigPontiac

    And the hits keep coming

    Sounds like you need to get started selling the Green Tahoe, finishing/selling the Mother Truck, finishing/selling the wagon so you can get cracking on the El Camino!
  11. BigPontiac

    And the hits keep coming

    I highly recommend the LS1 Also, Detroit Speed has upgraded suspension parts for 73-77 A-bodies. http://www.detroitspeed.com/1973-1977%20A-Body-Products/1973-1977-a-bdy-fs.html
  12. BigPontiac

    Chevrolet News:And Now, The 2014 Chevrolet SS

    Automatic only....and pass...
  13. BigPontiac

    Holden VF Commodore SS Sedan Gallery (link)

    Not sure about the radio controls in the center stack, but lose the black rims and keep the manuals trans and this car is interesting to me.
  14. BigPontiac

    Karma News: Fisker Hires A Consulting Company To Help Conserve Cash

    Or Bob Lutz takes them over and does this: http://green.autoblog.com/2013/01/18/bob-lutz-destino-is-the-fisker-karma-people-will-actually-want/
  15. BigPontiac

    I may have finally sold my Jag

    Congrats! Sell the Jag and the Tahoe and you've got some Mothertruck project money...

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