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  1. Hey, just wondering if there is any online specs for older cars. ( 1977 Monte Carlo ). My 1st car, ( im 16 ), and just having fun with it. I dont have the manual, ( I still await it ), so for now I need to know if there is any online specs. like microfiche or how ever you call it. Thanks.
  2. Yes I am thinking carbs aswell. I can't tell if its getting too rich, or lean, when it dies out. And it is only when driving the car, like pulling load. In nutural and park it revs totally fine, from like 1500 to the floor, no dieing. Hot and cold, does the same.
  3. Alright, 1977 Monte Carlo. engine is in alright shape. 2 barrel carb. cleaned carb, filter, plugs, wires, etc. Now, when in nutural or park, and you rev the car, its fine, no bog no stall. But when I am driving, and I punch the gas it sometimes dies out. Its only when say I try to spin the tires, so basically take off from a slow, or dead stop. What do you all think ? Thanks.
  4. New to the board. 16 years old. Just bought a beater 1977 Monte Carlo to have fun in for my 1st car. Now, question. Seems to run strong, but how do I know that the plug wires from the distrubitor are on the correct plug. I checked for some numbering, but with no luck. I just want to be sure. Thanks.

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