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  1. The XTS is a far better handler than the MKS Ecoboost and a universe beyond the ES. With the Magnetic ride control and AWD that can and does bias to the rear, GM can make the platform do whatever they want. You really need to drive the car aggressively like I've had the chance to, back to back with an E-Class. I really hope GM develops a performance AWD system now that AMG has shown how effective one can be.
  2. To all the people that say GM can not make this a great handling car let me remind them what GM did with FWD cars like the Cobalt SS and Buick GS. I get very interested in this car thinking of what GM could do with an AWD system on it.
  3. do they still do tax breaks for these types of cars? I do not buy new cars but the volt really tempted me and this ELR is calling me.
  4. I keep hearing the ELR being compared to the Tesla and I hope that GM understands the performance/economy balance that Tesla has is the wining formula in this low volume segment. IF A SMALL COMPANY LIKE TESLA CAN MAKE THE MODEL S COMPETITIVE SO CAN GM!!
  5. i have read that this is not true, has anyone confirmed this.
  6. I think this car will be lighter than the cts v and have a even better tuned suspension. This may preview the SS track pack.
  7. Wow, I am impressed with all of this on 87 .
  8. my typhoon was faster in the quarter stock 13.1, looks great rimes are awful.
  9. i know its a Chevy but nice materials would do so much.
  10. does any one else get a ford SHO vibe?
  11. this car is to sexy to be slow.
  12. would be nice if this had enough success to convince Cadillac to make their halo car a Converj that could go fast or an electric Cien.

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