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  1. cavalier36

    GM running out of time to kick Cruze sales into high gear

    they would sell even more if they offered wagon and coupe models. I guess GM has given up on two door models pretty much. It currently only builds three coupes, the Camaro, Corvette and Cadillac CTS. without a coupe model the Cruze will not be on the shopping lists of many people in thier teens and early 20's.
  2. cavalier36

    GM looks at ways to double or triple Volt production

    why couldnt they make the Volt at a second plant, they could probably produce some Volts in Lordstown since it uses the same platform as the Cruze, or make the battery cells at another plant for LG Chem? Or source some of the battery cells from another supplier?
  3. cavalier36

    Cadillac to Show All-New Concept Model at LA Auto Show: What will it be?

    a Cadillac version of the Cruze.. we have a new Cimmarron folks.... hahahaha I hope not....
  4. cavalier36

    Cadillac ATS comes into view

    anyone know where the ATS will be assembled??
  5. cavalier36

    Rumormill: Chevy working on Aveo-based crossover

    thats exactly what it should be called.
  6. cavalier36

    Parts of Old GM go on auction block

    they used to make the Corsica and Beretta too I think..
  7. cavalier36

    Thats a Minivan!

    I dont know how well they would sell, but since GM is considering producing a new minivan why not do a retro van? base it off the the 70's and 80's vans. but make it smaller. Retro has worked for other cars and crossovers.. Camaro, Mustang, HHR, Pt Cruiser, etc. wouldnt hurt to show a "concept" version at an auto show or two. I just dont know how you would fit a FWD drivetrain under the hood though. maybe make it RWD and base it on a modified Alpha.
  8. cavalier36

    Thats a Minivan!

    I love the retro Full size vans from the 70's and 80's. I always did like those model vans even though I never did own one. My dad used to build them in the 70's when they were built in Lordstown.
  9. cavalier36

    Price your Cruze! OUCH!

    I just test drove a 2011 Cruze LS sedan today with the 1.8L ecotech, 6 speed auto. I was impressed with it for the most part. rode nice but it wasnt all that fast. but still decent. I guess because my other cars are a 06 pontiac G6 GT and a 10 Camaro LS. I am thinking of leasing one. Im giving the Pontiac to my girlfriend.. just cant decide which color I want. The lease price isnt bad at all. $179.00 a month for 39 months with 1,200 down. almost bought the one I drove but I wasnt too crazy about the light blue the only one they currently have in stock.
  10. cavalier36

    GM's ad spending nearly doubled in first half, Nielsen says

    they are advertising the heck out of the Cruze but when you go to the dealer to look at one they never have any. I talked to a dealer here and he said he gets atleast 2 people a day to come in and ask to look at one. the two they did get was sold the first day they got them in.
  11. I have a feeling that if there does end up being a two door Cruze it might use the Cobalt name.
  12. cavalier36

    GM's South Korean Plant First to Produce New Chevy Aveo

    So did they already stop producing the current Aveo?
  13. cavalier36

    GM to build new compact car in Orion Township

    This Buick was probably going to be a Saturn or a Pontiac before those two got axed. alot of people are buying smaller cars anymore because of price and fuel economy.
  14. lake Orion isnt only going to make the Aveo. they are going to build the Buick Verano compact as well. and they could also produce Cruze's if Lordstown cant keep up. my one car a 2006 Pontiac G6 was built at that plant and they did a really good job on it. Ive had no problems with it in over 4 years.
  15. cavalier36

    GM's Orion plant gets pay deal

    I would apply.. but its just too freeking cold in Michigan.. I currently live in Florida.

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