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  1. It's allegedly on a longer wheelbase version of the platform the new Malibu is on - since that car is on essentially the same wheelbase size as the current LaCrosse I guess that means that this one is going to have more space. The front end may not be accurately represented in the picture- it looks like they shopped out the background of the picture on and they seem to have been a bit sloppy at the front. I really dig what looks like a coke-bottle shape with it getting wider from the rear door handle back (or at least as suggested by the sculpting of the rear quarter). Nice that they kept the sweepspear too. The interior will probably look better in a lighter color (or realistically anything but black). Really looking forward to seeing (and driving) this one!
  2. Was doing my cursory browsing and saw this - felt it would be wrong not to share it... http://www.autohome.com.cn/news/201507/876365.html#pvareaid=102624
  3. Based on the name of the concept I would be unsurprised to see a potential production model called the "Park Avenue"
  4. Sweet Merciful Crap! Now I can't wait to see what they have in store for the new LaCrosse. Also - do I spy a colored trishield?
  5. This is definitely encouraging to hear- You've done yours up exactly how I would do mine - Black/Navy/Gray with the Mojave interior. It's encouraging to see that it does ride softer than the XTS. While I had the pleasure of driving an XTS for ten days last month in Arizona, I haven't driven the new Impala yet although I've been renting premiums on my trips in hopes of stumbling accross one. I did find the XTS to be a bit on the stiff side for what it was, although not necessarily a deal breaker from my perspective. What I am genuinely concerned about (and could convince me to wait and look at something with the newer generation of infotainment, like the NG LaCrosse) is the degree to which the lack of responsiveness and processing power that is inerent in CUE carries through to the myLink system in the Impala. While they've remedied the lack of knobs and buttons, the software underneath seems like it might be more or less the same as CUE and I have to tell you, I had all sorts of lag and slow response in that XTS while I had it. The Impala LTZ V6 is on my short list to replace my current '07 Impala. I'm just waiting for them to show the next-gen LaCrosse that's been running around in camo of late to see if I might prefer a mid-trim example of one of those versus the loaded Impala.
  6. I guess I'll wait for my notice in the mail. The letter for the steering recall on in my mom's Malibu arrived last week. It seems like they're just airing out every potential skeleton and getting everything out in the open, which they are being an opportunity to do. At the same time, my parents have had their '09 for about four and a half years, and it's close to seven years and 100'000 miles since I drove my '07 off the dealer lot as a high school senior (hard to believe!). In all of the time I've spent behind the wheel of that car, it's been through seven harsh Alberta winters with bad frost heaves and unplowed/ungraded, wagon path-esque residential sidestreets to say nothing of the occasional sketchy country dirt roads, I've never had this happen, nor has any behavior of the ignition switch or keys suggested throughout the course of normal operation any issue. Leads me to think this is probably one of those 'hit-and-miss' QC issues where you either have a good part or a bad one. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2014/06/impala-recall-another-thorn-in-general-motors-side/ A story on GMAuthority today quoted a GM employee with an early-build '06 having this occur on I-75 while commuting home from work... Now I've never been to Michigan but I can't fathom how an interstate highway could ever be in worse condition than the roads I spend eight months a year driving on- which makes me wonder how much s--t would have to have been on that keychain, or how defective the cylinder would have to be to back off in a situation like that, especially considering the key goes in high on the column away from your knees (unless you're Shaq) and enters at a 90* angle to the column. It takes a conscious effort to move the key out of "run" in my Impala- certainly more effort than I could imagine being caused by g-forces associated with a pothole or frost heave- and I have ten keys on my keychain. Guess I'll wait and see- maybe I'll post pics of the key once they're done drilling "speed holes" in it (LOL)
  7. The proportions and stance are very promising. Can't wait to see it without the Camo.
  8. There are so many details I love on the design and very few I don't like. I think the three dimensional taillight elements are absolutely brilliant and the low decklid is an absolute breath of fresh air. The interior looks to have had a massive injection of better materials and plastics. My only real complaint is with the convertible, which would be the model (like the Camaro) that I would be more interested in- and that is how the car looks with the top down. While the current Mustang really didn't have this problem, it looks like the top lives in a bathtub when it's down due to the upwardly sloping body contours around the tonneau on the quarterpanels and decklid. But, if that's all I have to nitpick about then I think, once again, they've done an amazing job. Escpecially capturing the essence of what makes a Mustang a Mustang without relying on as many overt retro cues.
  9. Like frogger said, if they can keep the price point and trim levels in the same neighborhood- then they have my attention.
  10. Probably going to open myself up with this but I'm not negative on this car - at all. Yes the grille is like that from a 5-Series without the center crossmember, and yes it doesn't have the nicer tailiights of the Cadenza which to me look more premium, and yes that white woodgrain is funky- of course I have a weeping birch tree in my front yard which is white/silver/gray so I guess it's not that foreign to me. Would like to see it in the flesh to evaluate the styling. Many cars these days, including the LaCrosse do not photograph as well as they look in person. Cory is right when he says that this certainly isn't the anonymous immitator that Hyundai's own offering is. May be cheaper, albeit slightly, than the Equus... the materials don't look quite as nice as the MY14 Horse, nor does it appear to have the air suspension setup and what not. My main concerns surrounding the Equus are the expense associated potentially with the air suspension over time (replacement at $1200+ Labor /corner) and slightly too weak MPG 23MPG Hwy with the Tau V8. If this thing is a little cheaper to boot I would at least drive one and potentially give it a chance, as I would with the 300 if they finally clue into putting an 8-Speed on the Hemi.
  11. I'm beginning to think that BMW and Mercedes may be falling into a horrible trap in the next few years...
  12. This seemed to be a predictable conclusion... The car is truly world class.
  13. The current 300 is a great value- the only thing I would improve is adding the 8-Speed to the Hemi a-la Grand Cherokee. The Luxury Series is a flat out steal and I love the brushed aluminum grille, matte wood, brown/tan leather, and chrome ringed steering wheel.
  14. Look at the IQS ratings on the ATS and XTS. They aren't rated so poorly by JD Power because the doors fall off- it doesn't take a monkey to figure out that if you're going to saddle these types of systems for cars, you have to: A) For the love of mike put in enough processing power to operate them in a desirable fashion. B) Develop some sort of experiential learning system for getting new owners comfortable with the operation of said systems that goes beyond tossing them an iPad and an app.

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