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  1. Bah I've done an orange one as well (but before I saw your post) and now I feel like I might want to change my color choice.
  2. I'm glad you extended this--my entry coming shortly.
  3. Hmm...minor stuff, bumper swap, flashy color. She's pretty good looking to begin with.
  4. Thanks for the votes everyone! And great job Zulehan, MJDecker, and MRDETROITMETAL
  5. Camaroman22, I like your Vette concepts a lot Here is mine. It was hard to envision a DCX product reskinned as a GM, so I converted it to the most "distant" GM brand I could think of...a Saab. It's about time Saab got some new products anyways Well here it is Somehow it ended up looking a bit like a Mustang to me; I'm not sure how that happened....
  6. Yeah, I realized after I had merged & done the blending; couldn't be arsed to fix it at that point.Thanks for the compliment, though.
  7. Hi everyone, I'd like to join your little competitions here. This is my entry.

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