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  1. From what I understand the UAW is only responsible for retirees healthcare, not active employees.
  2. well I was hoping that somebody on here would have some info. i would ask my rep but there answer is "i dunno, i'll get back with ya"
  3. I have a few questions about the 2007 agreement. First, is GM getting rid of all HMO's or just select hmo's?? And second, people that are on non core jobs will have to make a desicion. One, retire if elegible. Two, quit. Three, stay on their non-core job and work for less money. Or four, flow back to the line. Now if he or she decides to flow back to the line they will bump somebody with a lesser seniority date. Now when all the bumping is said and done where do the people that got bumped go. And are only new hires going to be the ones filling the non-core jobs?? And last but not least who is elegible for the attrition program?
  4. Well as a employee at L-Town Assembly I hope that GM gets what they want, not looking forward to relocation!!
  5. Believe it or not nothing is being said at the plant. No rumors, nothing. Thats why I started this topic, to hopefully get some news that local management or the UAW isnt telling us about a future product. I have not seen for myself but have heard that there are a few SS turbo's sitting somewhere behind the plant. I have heard though that the SS Turbo's will be rolling down the line sooner rather that later.
  6. Hello all, just wondering if anybody has any news on what will be going on at Lordstown Assembly as far as any possability of getting another product, or if they are gonna extend production of the Delta platform. I'm hearing a few rumors but am wondering if anybody else is hearing anything comparable to what I have heard.
  7. Can anybody tell me what is planned for Lordstown Assembly when the Cobalt is done in 09. I have heard several rumors about GM extending production there, and I have also heard rumors of a new product. Can anybody fill me in?

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