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  1. CRAZY C

    I Need this to be answered.

    Gotta love em! A new Gallardo has a 5 liter also, but it makes over 500 HP. A gallardo beats other cars, an '84 truck, well umm, Do the other people know you are racing them? I mean, I have beaten a DB9 before.
  2. CRAZY C

    Fastest way to Get Groceries and Soccer Kids

    I am new to this website/forum. If it needs to be in the lounge, I will put it there. I just thought this was wicked cool.
  3. How about 500+ horsepower in a Trailblazer? This video shows the engine on the DYNO that is going into JR Granatelli's Trailblazer SS. I love these things! A Regular TB SS has almost 400 HP with its LS2. This one has over 700. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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