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  1. Name: Chevrolet Cruze Eco (2011) Date Added: 16 November 2009 - 11:31 AM Owner: Dsuupr Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  2. I get better than stated by GM for my Cruze Eco. When I drive as flog on it, I get as low as 36 to 37 mpg which includes 60% to 70% city driving. When I am on the interstate doing 65 mph to 75 mph with the AC on, plus have a full load (kids, luggage, etc.), I get 42 mpg. When I am careful to go the speed limit on the highway and minimize my AC usage I get 50+ mpg.
  3. Dsuupr

    Emergency choice

    Why get a new car if there isn't something that "move you". Try a $2500 Buick Century from an old person for a while until the car you really want is available. My suggestion on the new, go drive the Cruze LT, Ford Focus and Cruze Eco. If the car you want needs to be ordered, convince the dealer to give you a loaner or sell you a running car for $500 that you can sell on the street for $1000 after cleaning it up (which they would probably sell at auction anyways).
  4. Is it the quality in question that keeps the Cruze and Focus from getting a recommended rating? I'm still confused how the corolla, and sentra beat out the Focus and Cruze.
  5. I just don't get what people see in that. I think it will age fast and terribly. The same goes for the inside of the Focus, though I find it looks good now, I wonder how aged it will look 3 years from now.
  6. I am heavily considering making the cross country trip to check it out. I figured since Chevrolet is sponsoring it, my Cruze would be perfect with the hood graphics. Who else is?
  7. I wondered the same thing. I have a friend with a 2010 Corolla and it is downright terrible. Cheap plastic, cheap feel, horrible build quality, etc.
  8. Do keep in mind that the car is two months old and has 6000+ miles already. My cars are babied and sold before they are old enough to have scratches but often have high mileage for their age (generally making them a great deal for the next person).
  9. Thx - No problem. It is the the 3M product, which is like a very good protective coating that will save the paint. Is it a lease or a purchase? Leased Dealer will be paying to remove the wrap later and will most likely be turned in at the same time the wrap comes off (or bought and given to my daughter).
  10. We had a total of 11, so the girls youth pastor went with us in her car.
  11. That is the point. It is almost done "tong & cheek" toward those owners. The back even notes that it is NOT a hybrid. The Cruze is better for the environment than a prius because: 1. It was made in the U.S., thereby not shipped on a boat, which has passed cars in collective pollution. 2. It was made in a zero landfill plant 3. It gets similar amazing gas mileage to the prius without the extra hardware/software 4. It was made without mining additional metals through the tearing down of mountains 5. It was made by a company that allows women in executive positions which also recently won an award for how they treat minority employees 6. It was made by Union Members (a big thing for most progressives on the West Coast now days) 7. It is "Buying Local" which is something many in the Northwest believe is key to saving our environment 8. It was made by a US based company Until the 2013s arrive, assuming they are different.
  12. It is the the 3M product, which is like a very good protective coating that will save the paint.
  13. My friend owns the Chevy Dealer (Loren Berg Chevrolet) and I am locally active SO, he is helping to make my payments and I will be putting the car in our local parades. He is also generous in letting me use other vehicles when needed. A few weekends ago I got a Silverado to take my kids and 9 friends to the drive-in, last week I had a Traverse to take my kids and friends all over town as well as to the coast, and this weekend I have a Tahoe to take kids, my own and neighbors, to the local festival. Most importantly, I am very proud of the what GM has done and how well the men and women of the UAW built the car, and wanted others to know about it.
  14. The person who is doing the wrap for my car has finished the hood and driver's side. You can view the pictures at my Picasa page.
  15. I would have to disagree on this one. Cruze went for the "grown up" version, Ford went for the kid version, Hyundai went for the flashy version, VW went for the cheap version, honda went for the reputation version and toyota went for the non-car, stupid buyer, toyota kool aid drinking version. Having driven the non-Eco & owning an Eco, I can tell you there is a definite difference and I could see why one would pick a non-Eco model. Yes, I have gotten 50.7 mpg on a 200+ mile road trip and am averaging 41 mpg, including tons of city and heavy footed driving, but if my life was s little different and they offered a manual transmission on other models, I would have chosen a 2LT over the Eco. Many folks I have spoken with have commented that though they like the Mazda3, Focus and Elantra, they believe they look and drive like "kid cars". I couldn't agree more. The Cruze has a youthful part, but does not look like an 18 year old should own it, and has a design that will still look good after 5 years.

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