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  1. texashd4x4

    HD Question

    Like I said, I'm not trying to ruffle feathers. I just wanted to see what others thought. I have not had any problems with my IFS either, just kinda wanted to see a SFA in the HD's. Reading other forums, even this one, there are several comments from others who would like to see GM go back to a SFA. I tow a 28 ft fifth wheel with mine 3 or 4 times a year, and a mowing trailer most of the time during the week and don't really have any power complaints, but I have a Quadzilla stealth tuner set at 50hp. I have a 2002 so the extra power of the stealth is nice. Having an option to get 4.10's would be great especially for those like myself who get bigger tires. No, I don't plan on racing other trucks, but every magazine or even GM when they had their press release had ford and dodge to compare pulling trailers inwhich they used the 6.0 powerstroke and 5.9 cummins instead of the new 6.4 and 6.7. I know the new duramax has tons of power even compared to mine and pulling is a lot easier, but what I'm saying is comparing it to a new cummins when the truck has 4.10's, I just don't see GM getting to the top of the hill first while towing anymore.
  2. texashd4x4

    HD Question

    I would just like some honest opinions on the new HD's. To me it seems like GM dropped the ball with these trucks. The half tons get a new frame and well everything, while the hd's keep the same frame with maybe a few mods. I know there are a lot of people out there that would like to see a straight axle on the front, I'm one of them. I know IFS rides better and is "strong" but its just not the same. It seems like every construction company or what ever where trucks get used hard all use ford or dodge. I believe the front end is a big player in that. Why would they keep it relativly unchanged? Now with ford and dodge getting new diesels it seems GM will have a harder time competing. I know the Duramax pulls great and the Allison is a good trans, but with only a 3.73 axle ratio, compared to optional 4.10's in ford and dodge, and even a 4.30 in the ford Gm probably won't be making it to the finish line first in the pulling compotitions. I'm not trying to start an arguement, nor am I a troll, I've had seven chevy trucks, the last two being HD's, but I don't know if a new interior and body is enough to keep me around. What does everyone think. Am i being too picky or has anyone else had these thoughts? Oh, and the tires and wheels. With GM adding 17's it seems like they think it's the greatest thing, where you can get 20's on a ford. Also, sitting next to a ford or dodge the chevy and gmc just don't look as "tough". Ok I think I'm done now.
  3. texashd4x4

    Spy Shots: 2007 Ford Super Duty

    I bet that 6.4 diesel is going to be tough to beat, since the 6.0 does a good job of holding its own pulling.

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