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  1. Smaller trucks have some benefits but the prices are not far off mostly due to bigger discounts on the full sized. The gas mileage estimates are not much different. When I bought my last truck I wasn't even considering a full sized but now I wouldn't consider a smaller truck. I like the room inside of a full sized. It is all a personal decision.
  2. That is the major thing you mentioned and no full sized truck achieves 22 mpg. Chevy is the closest of making it with the XFE or the 2 mode hybrid. Both which are only the crew cab 2wd models the last I read. All other makes are worse and the 4wd drops it a bit more. I think it would make it with the baby Duramax that was canceled before being released.
  3. Chevy already makes a regular cab work truck with a 4.3 L V6. It has the 4 speed automatic and not quite the mpg requested. With a 6 speed it would be very close. I say this because my silverado which was totaled was a crew cab with the 4.8 L V8 4 speed automatic and I exceeded 20 up to 22 mpg (highway). http://www.chevrolet.com/vehicles/2010/silverado1500/features.do?styleIds=318677^318678&tab=tabHighlights
  4. redtruck

    What car are you dreaming about at the moment?

    I want the Silverado or Sierra with the 4.5 L V8 diesel. I know it might be several years out if ever.
  5. redtruck

    I'm slow....

    I am running Vista and don't have any speed issues. I have had cable modems since the early 90's. Then you used a dial up to connect and uploads went over the slow phone lines and the downloads came over the cable modem. You could do a search for "speed tweaks vista" and it gets a lot of hits. I can't say if they will help but it could be a start.
  6. It looks great and sounds like you really enjoyed it while you could. I do agree with your crew cab comment. I like the extra room in a crew cab.
  7. redtruck

    A Letter from Disgruntled Chevy Camaro Owner

    What a shame this guy had so many problems with his Camaro. LOL
  8. redtruck

    When FWD >> RWD

    I showed this to my 10 year old and he thought it was really cool then at about 3/4 through it he said "Where do they put the gas in it?" That was funny that he even thought about something like that while watching it the first time.
  9. redtruck

    When FWD >> RWD

    This looks like fun but I prefer a whole car.
  10. Just about any place will do the lifetime balance and rotation. The expensive part is the alignments which are needed to get the most life out of a set of tires. Most alignments run about $60 to $70 each time. I usually get the lifetime or 5 year alignments for anywhere between $140 to $180. Then this allows an alignment at the same time as the balance and rotate so about every 5-6000 miles.
  11. For Edmunds.com to make a claim like this they should show the sales numbers for the months preceding and following the C4C offers. But just stating this point with no sound rational has no basis in fact. I am sure some people who were considering a new car purchase might have rushed their plans to take advantage of the offer. With the current rebates on trucks there is more savings now than during the C4C offer.
  12. At least TireRack is used by at least a couple people. Their tires are all at good prices and there were several places locally listed as recommended installer in my area. I would prefer to use real tire stores since one service I like to get along with the lifetime balance and rotate is the lifetime or multi-year alignments. I have never had a tire needing a replacement under warranty but I always get the road hazard protection. I think I have only had one flat in the last 20 years. But we never know what misfortunes might happen the next day.
  13. With TireRack mentioned here I was wondering if anyone has used them. When shopping for tires I considered them but even looking at the listed local companies that install for them and asking about it I was told if you have a problem with a tire warranty the tire has to be sent back to them and they decide if it is covered by warranty them ship a replacement tire. This could leave you riding on the spare for a while or buying a tire locally then having an unused tire sitting around. Granted this could be a con to sell their tire locally and keep a person from using Tirerack.
  14. I went with Chevrolet. My order would be: Chevrolet GMC Pontiac Oldsmobile Cadillac Buick
  15. I agree 32+ won't cut it as a competitor to its biggest rival for its class the Prius unless it is a big plus. It also is expected to have a much higher price tag. Why is it that for every high mileage battery/electric plus gas car is designed for primarily short city driving? The people who need the high mileage are the ones who drive the farther distances.

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