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  1. Engine comparison

    Thanks sciguy. It looks like it may play out like that. A relative came on the scene with the offer of a replacement vehicle. I have never trusted any entity that kept knowledge to itself and I have that feeling about Saturn. Right or wrong. I'll check out that resource any way. I haven't come across it in my travels to date. Thanks again.
  2. Engine comparison

    :unsure: I don't know for certain If this board is the place for my question but I'm hitting brick walls every where else, and I should at least be able to find an answer to the negative. I'm trying to determine if there is any other engine that can effectively or reliably be replaced in a 2001 Saturn LW2 V6 3.0L. For reasons too ridiculous to go into I need to have the engine replaced a second time: no warranty. I can't find a 2001 Saturn used or rebuilt any where. I live in WV and money is a REAL object. I've got a good mechanic with computers and all that, but having Saturn do the work as they did in the first case is out of the question for a bunch of reasons. If they had given me complete information, I wouldn't need the second replacement. I'm trying to explore ALL my options and would appreciate any info at all. thanks

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