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  1. :rolleyes: BIZZ, I love it! Creativity at its best you get my vote on that alone! Not a bad chop either. Camaroman, what happens behind the doors of your H3, is that a bed, back seat or what, something seems to be missing, just curious? Nice chop overall though. :)
  2. TOXIC, First let me say that the chop is great! next I have to say I didn't think the Z-4 could be any uglier....I was wrong! Great Work, great Chop, two ugly cars.
  3. Okay, I'll try one more time, hopefully this one makes it to the voting.
  4. :angry: OK so even though my entry was left out of the voting....ummm I'll vote anyway! 3 and 1 good luck!
  5. Leave the headlights alone..never have liked all these monster headlight assemblies, they are a fad and will fade away soon!
  6. Buddy, Buddy, Buddy...nice work! Love the comparo line at the top, the only part I'm not that crazy about are the headlights, but hey...KICK ASS! :chevy:
  7. The entire chop was a re-skin of a '66 Corvair with the exception of actually making the front clip a little shorter! Fro the record retro is NOT my thing!!

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