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  1. Looks like the golden oldies are getting ready to shine. Camaro 1970-1981
  2. More power and torque than an e28 M5. 530i 3.9 p1 530i 3.9 p2 530i 3.9 p3 530i 3.9 p4
  3. Came across a new Porsche book after reading the review by blogger Joe Sherlock, his review is below and another showing sample pics, book cover etc. Got mine on amazon.com, but they seem to be out of stock at the moment. It's real nice, mainly covers the air cooled 356 & 911, which are my favorites anyway, lol. https://www.4legend.com/2020/livre-cranswick-on-porsche-de-marc-cranswick-veloce-publishing/ Joe Sherlock review
  4. Good to see the big bug getting some traction. Type 4 literature
  5. axlon

    Mustang II book?!

    They say if you live long enough you get to see everything. Well it seems maverick Marc Cranswick has got MotorWeek's John Davis in on Ford's little pony.
  6. axlon

    e39 M5 Vs Chevy SS

    MotorWeek tested the e39 M5 and said it was the greatest sport sedan of all time. I think that statement still stands in terms of the model's impact, even though faster cars have come since then.I remember reading in European Car magazine about the magazine's guy boiling tire smoke off the tires and 400 hp, which seemed a lot back then. MotorWeek & the e39 M5 Classic 5-er - No Bangle Ignition think the Chevy SS has finally surpassed the e39 M5. Chevy SS Vs e39 M5 - Streets of Willow circuit
  7. For those into Corvettes, this might be of interest. I came across these UK magazine test times. I think they show what a showroom car can do. Since they were export cars, it's unlikely they were enhanced for magazine testing. '82 TBI 350 1968 L68 427 4 speed 0-60 6.1 seconds top speed 145 mph (Motor) 1984 TBI Automatic 0-60 7 seconds top speed 139 mph (Motor) 1984 TBI Automatic 0-60 7.2 seconds top speed 138 mph (Fast Lane) 1984 TBI Automatic 0-60 6.6 seconds top speed 142 mph (Autocar) 1986 TPI Stick 0-60 6 seconds top speed 151 mph (Autocar) 1989 ZR-1 (380 hp) 0-60 5.
  8. Nice article with the late George Barris. I have always liked the car (sig the wide body and Mohawk bias belted rubber), but some might not, lol. Discuss!! Feverish Urban Cowboy Bird!
  9. The Nova seems more current in thinking. Recent cars have smaller turbo engines for emissions and economy, plus better handling with less weight in the nose. The old school way was more displacement and don't worry about the understeer! Would anyone put a turbo 4 into a classic musclecar? SEMA Nova 2.0T e12 LS7 V8 e12 3.5L Gremlin 401-XR
  10. Interesting article about the GTA's planned US introduction for 1986 model year. GTA in Popular Science magazine
  11. Looking at this comparison report with the BMW 325e and the Mercedes 190E, the little Caddy comes out not too bad. Even 30 years ago the German car buyer would never have considered a Caddy, regardless of how good it was. Originally conceived as a BMW 320i & Audi 4000 import fighter, on basic specs Cadillac seemed to be in the ballpark, or were they? Popular Science Aug 1985 Page 1 Popular Science Aug 1985 page 2 Popular Science Aug 1985 page 3 Bimmer
  12. axlon

    BMW Legends?

    BMW and other European brands often use their past great models as a selling point. Something Lexus and Infiniti can't really do. So which models from the past contribute to the BMW legend? I think some came from tuners. BMW 530GS p1 BMW 530GS p2 e12 5-er
  13. In German spec the 924 Turbo was as fast as a 911 SC 3.0, handled better, was more economical and cost less. But lacked that 911 mystique.
  14. Some rides didn't get the credit they deserve when new, or were once well known and have become forgotten in the interim. Like the Blown 312 Y block '57 Fairlanes, that had the kind of power FE V8 Mustangs only had a decade later. What other cars would you add? Ford Fairlane Gremlin 401-XR '67 Firebird 400
  15. The falling level of horsepower and speed in the '70s sparked interest in the gray market. Expensive imports were brought in, federalized for emissions/bumper laws and sold at high prices to wealthy buyers in small numbers. It continued until the mid '80s. From that point on companies got a handle on pollution controls and high performance brands started bringing the "good" versions back to America. Didn't happen overnight though! November 1978 333i page 1 333i page 2 333i page 3

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