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Found 3 results

  1. Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati was recently on the sideline of the Podium ceremony for the continuation of wins in motor bike racing and this time it was for the electric bike. Ducati has been working with Bologna University to develop and deliver an assortment of electric bikes. To quote the story that is in italian but your browser could translate it if you want is the following: The " Moto Student " project is included in the "UniBo Motorsport" program. The Racing Team of the University of Bologna has created a prototype of electric racing bikes (in the gallery photos), entirely designed and built by a group of Engineering students of the University of Bologna, supported by the Ducati Foundation and also followed by technicians of the motor home of Borgo Panigale. The bike made its debut on the Spanish circuit of Aragon (October 2018), winning an exciting podium at its first exit, with the best result in the acceleration test: 0-100 km / h in 3 "85. http://www.corsedimoto.com/gallery/claudio-domenicali-presto-una-ducati-elettrica/?refresh_ce-cp Bike makers from the Asian rim to some in Europe have announced 10 year plans for electric bikes, but with the recent announcement by Harley Davidson with their Livewire bike going into production, it seems it pushed Ducati to step up their own time line and make the announcement that we will see e-Ducati very soon as the company gets ready to make a major announcement on this, this year. What it will look like or be like is the mystery for now and will the company opt for a performance focused speed bike, sport bike or tackle the trails like many start ups in California have chosen to do is an additional mystery. What we do know is that Ducati is gaining traction in the new e-Bike sport of racing and does have both street and trail bikes in concept form. Student rendering above to working concept below.
  2. Autoblog Ural Review Story Lets get the details out of the way first for the Bike riders. 60 Horsepower 81 pound-feet of torque weight 822 lbs top speed 88 mph Range 103 miles per charge on the 19.5 kWh battery pack Recharge time 13 hours on a 110 wall outlet Now Ural sells bikes here in America and while some here might say what a wimpy electric motor, the electric bike is very fast as the ICE bikes only have 41 HP and 42 lb-ft of torque. So the EV is a big gain over traditional ICE bikes. To quote the CEO, this bike accelerates very quickly from a hard launch for a Ural. Currently these bikes are being developed here in Washington.
  3. Harley-Davidson LiveWire News Release Bike riders beware, the name brands are finally delivering their electric bikes and that starts at one of the biggest bike shows on the planet. EICMA in Milan Italy. Today Harley-Davidson announced and showed off their production bike the LiveWire. This electric bike is being built with a permanent magnet electric motor which produces a tone that increases in pitch and volume with speed, a new sound that represents the smooth, electric power of the LiveWire motorcycle and is not a speaker generated tone but a true engine tone. The LiveWire bike has a fully adjustable Showa Suspension for composed riding at the slowest speeds or in spirited open road riding. The bike has a TFT touch display with Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, music and more. The battery pack is supported by level 1 to level 3 fast charging and the dealers will have chargers on site as well as sell a Harley-Davidson charger for installation at the owners home. Harley-Davidson also stated that by 2022 every model line will have a full electric version bike to sell along side the ICE bikes. The LiveWire bike goes on sale next year and full details on HP, torque, pricing and pre-ordering will be released in January 2019. The future of Harley-Davidson here.

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