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1988 Buick Reatta Series 1 L67 Supercharged swap

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Hey everybody, as many of you know I haven't been online in quite a long time as life sometimes takes its toll. I have now gotten rid of my T-Type, car was rotted so I kept all specific T-Type parts. Now last October, the Intake Manifold gasket went on my 88 Reatta and the car spun a main bearing. Perfect opportunity for my Supercharged swap. The donor motor is from a 95 Bonneville SSEi and the motor had 143k kms on it, I stripped it down to freshen the motor up either way but the lower mileage was a bonus. The supercharger was a rebuilt with maybe 30k kms on it and it is perfect. I have been slowly chipping away at this project since January and finally the motor/transmission and cradle are coming out this Saturday and the new motor will go in towards the end of April. Gives me time to finish the motor, transmission and engine bay clean up. As since last seen on the site, my Reatta now sits on 17s and will be lowered 2" once the swap is done as well as a forward-flip hood modification as I utilized the hood parts from my T-Type. Should be interesting and I will have pictures up soon.

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Here are some pictures of the new Series I L67 that was torn down and the pictures of my original 3800 and cradle being dropped out of the car over the past long Easter weekend. Enjoy

Pictures before winter storage and swap




L67 3800 Series I, 89k miles, torn down to replace gaskets, etc.






Original 3800 motor being dropped out of the car, April 3rd,2010







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