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  1. until the engines sludge up
  2. It's amazing what Benz can do when so much of the volume comes from taxis.
  3. Yes, lots still have a 6speed. Even the new Acadia has a 6 speed standard.
  4. There are distinctly American alternatives to a V12.
  5. Up next for the 10-speed, Escalade. There is the possibility that the 10-speed Escalade is here before the 10-speed Navigator is.
  6. What I really want to see is the Omega chassis used on the next CTS(5?). There would be more meat in that market. It could end up 600lbs lighter than an E-Class.
  7. 2016 Sales Figure Archive created and appropriate topics moved there. All Sales Figure Archives moved into a sub-folder for easier viewing of current posts.
  8. They don't need much help with that.
  9. I do like these. I had an '85 Continental, basically the sedan version of this car and it was by far the most solid of all of the vintage cars I've owned. It was reasonably fast and efficient for a mid-80s Lincoln. I could easily see 25 - 26 mpg highway out of it. I was fortunate enough to never have an issue with the air springs. Poor weather handling was very bad though, and my friend who had a similar vintage Cougar at the same time experienced the same thing. Snow tires in winter were an absolute must. My dad was a big admirer of the Mark VIII once that came out.
  10. I think the point was that FCA is already paying CAFE fines and that the Demon only pulls down FCA's CAFE average further... though not by much because it is such a miniscule number of cars.
  11. I'll stick up for the 200. As a car, it is perfectly fine. It was marketed poorly by Chrysler. It should have never been a $22k base CamCord competitor. It should have taken on a more premium niche role like a Regal with a 2.0T as the base motor. In V6 C or S trims, they are a very nice place to be. This goes back to the giant mistake that Serg is making... trying to have both Dodge and Chrysler as "family" brands while Alfa and Maserati take on the premium role. Dodge needed a full lineup of small / medium / large sedans and Chrysler needs to be the premium brand that straddles Buick and Lincoln like it once was.
  12. Jaguar XJ12 + SBC
  13. No, they don't all self park. It's an option on cars already $10k higher in price than the Cadillac. On the S class, it's part of a $4,500 option package. What you're trying to do is discount the fact that the CT6 Platinum is more manageable to drive.
  14. Optional - Minimum price, $100k. The CT6 does have self-park and can do it perpendicularly. The 2010 MKS had self-park, so ease off that high horse there mister.
  15. One other thing I thought of while having dinner. The average age of vehicles on the road was 11.4 years back in 2014. That age has crept up since then. With the very likely impending slow down in the economy, that age will likely increase further. There are 263 million vehicles in the US. In order for most vehicles to become autonomous driving in 2030, of the 17.5 million vehicles per year sold every year, 15 million every year for the next 13 years would have to be autonomous.* The manufacturers better get rolling to update their cars so that 85% of all cars sold in 2017 are capable of autonomy. *back of the napkin calculation assuming no overall fleet growth or average age growth. 263m * 0.75 (most) = 195.25m; 195.25m / 13 years till 2030 = 15m