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  1. Interesting that Benz has decided on cribbing old Buick grilles for the upcoming look.
  2. Even the current Frontier isn't that bad. A bit outdated in terms of infotainment tech, sure, but as a smallish truck, it works.
  3. Niro doesn't have AWD. The technology from the 2-mode served as a learning point for the new Hybrid Drive in the Cadillac CT6. Though technically now a 4-mode hybrid, they are not marketing it as such. There is no physical relation between the two technologies. They are similar in abstract concept only.
  4. Cue with Carplay and Android auto is better. Sounds about the same as the regular Cadillac Bose. (panaray is only on CT6 and I think Escalade). The G90 feels bigger because it is... Especially in width. XTS interior is showing it's age. The CT6 is the more apt comparison and I think Cadillac did the better job on the interior there.
  5. This was not a drive, it was just a crawl all over the interior. For most people in this class, the G90 is a very credible entry. There are only a couple of places where the technophile in me would consider it a letdown. It only has one USB port for the front and it is awkwardly placed if you like to keep things neat. The entertainment system's USB interface with Apple music was terrible, interfacing with Android was non-existent. Kia's own UVO entertainment system is easier to use and features CarPlay and Android Auto. I fiddled with it enough to hook my android up via Bluetooth and the sound system was very good, but not excellent. The Germans top sound systems and Cadillac's Panaray are all above the Genesis in sound quality. However... if you're a certain demographic.... wealthy, not a badge snob, not an extensive audiophile or technophile, the rest of the G90 is a very comfortable place to be. Would I spend $74k on one like the one I sat in? Probably not. But it is just about the only car that has this kind of size at this kind of price. Oh... and I guess I should mention: $74k is the price of a LOADED V8 AWD G90.... it's also the price of a BASE Lexus RWD V8 LS, probably it's most direct competitor.
  6. Genesis certainly feels credible when I spend a bunch of time in a G90 last week.
  7. That really sounds about right for that level of car though. The new S60 would probably have it available too in a few years.
  8. They're not terrible to maintain. Mostly Ford product mechanically, no excessive electrical gremlins to speak of... and you can get them cheap. Heck, my 2004 Honda is costing me more than a car payment a month just to keep it fully operational. I doubt a 2006 XJ8 with 66k miles would cost more to maintain than the $275 a month it would cost to finance it.
  9. ... the new server wasn't on autopay for some reason even though the service provider is the same.
  10. Maserati lasts by selling tarted up Ghiblis and eventually an extended Guilia
  11. Sorry, gotta call you out... how are they bad? I think they're very good, the Navigator in particular is a big step above an Escalade.
  12. No, I'm sure we'll see a new Escalade about a year after the Navigator gets its first full year of sales in and then the gloves will be off. Everyone here knows how much I the Escalade.... but if the Navigator were on sale today... I'd probably go with the Navigator.
  13. Air ride is available on all of Volvo's SPA platform vehicles so far (S90, V90, V90 Cross Country, XC90, XC60). Yes, this is the pillowy suspension you are looking for and you don't have to get the car in top trim to get it.
  14. I'm still surprised how well my mother's held up for how she was using it... and it looked great right up until the end. Still... this is one of the best car commercials of all time and it features the Aurora.
  15. I could see those numbers.. well.. not flipping... but Cadillac dropping while Navigator grows. I think for the moment the Escalade will remain in front because it is a much more known quantity right now, but over time I could see Navigator pull ahead if Cadillac *cough* rests on it's laurels.... If Lincoln keeps the costs in line, this could be the nail in the coffin for the likes of the Infiniti QX80 and Lexus LX460. Automotive Darwinism.