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  1. Random Thoughts Thread

    There's no access to that space from the trunk is there?
  2. Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln Continental To Be One and Done?

    People who bought a 2002 Continental new were likely in their late 60s at the youngest. I don't see the market for 84 year olds with a fondness for Continental being that large.
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    My physical health is fine.
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    Sorry I haven't been around much guys. I haven't been well for more than a month. I don't know when I'll be back here again full time. I am still going to NYC for the auto show because I booked it a while ago, but I'll be keeping a low profile.
  5. They're thinking of canceling it without replacement. The updates are certainly not going to be enough to topple the Accord or Camry..... but maybe that's the point. Ford knows they will never topple the two kings of the segment, so they only invest minimally in the car and stay satisfied with 3rd place.
  6. No, in 2013 it was really good. Probably the best handling of the segment aside from the Mazda 6 which it shared a platform with and the Regal which was priced way higher. But that really isn't the point. You point out that if Ford can't make money on it building it in Mexico they should fail... but it's worse than that. They can't make money on it while also being the 3rd best selling vehicle in the segment. So they're using cheap labor and selling enough of them to beat GM, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, and VW.... but they can't make a profit on them. That indicates a deeper issue in Ford's accounting department.
  7. Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln Continental To Be One and Done?

    The only way to buy a Continental is in full zoot Black Label edition, but there is a lot of stiff competition at that price. The Continental can certainly hold its own for what it delivers at that price but Lincoln has done nothing to convince buyers of vehicles in that price range why they should consider the car. The Navigator is in a different boat, it has name brand recognition with those who may have bought one in the past and gives them a new reason to come back. The people who bought Continentals new in the past have a good chance of being 6 feet under.
  8. The Fusion styling has aged well and still looks handsome so a mild MCE is fine, but this might be a bit too mild. Ditto about the transmission.
  9. Buick News: Buick To Drop Name Badge Beginning in 2019

    This is no big deal. None of the Germans put names on the back. Personally, I think it makes the vehicle look a lot cleaner.
  10. The 3.6 TT in the XT5 would be more than enough. It's already the second best selling vehicle in its segment and the segment leader doesn't have a high power version either. This new V8 is very pretty looking. Plus, I like the updates to the look of the CT6.
  11. Mercedes-Benz used the Geneva Motor Show to introduce an updated version of the C-Class sedan. Next week at the New https://t.co/aXK5FrfKWI

  12. Previous Page Next Page Ford will be using next week's New York Auto Show to show off an updated Fusion. The exterio https://t.co/pCGpjlUfjG

  13. Subscription services are beginning to become more popular as more companies and OEMs come into this market to offer https://t.co/PN95xkqsTH

  14. Today, Volkswagen announced that it would be building a five-passenger variant of the Atlas crossover. The “Five-P https://t.co/bPASveTPfH

  15. With the recent data breach at Facebook, now is a good time to go and review who has access to your data. From your browser, hit the down arrow on the upper right, and click settings. On the far left of the settings page click Apps. You will get a list of everything you are using Facebook as a sign-in for. All of those apps have access to your demographic data and can see your posts, what you post on, react to, like, etc. Hover your cursor over an app and an option to delete it will appear. Only keep the apps you really want and also trust. The data breach was caused by one of those stupid "Who's your best friend?" type surveys, so that type of thing should be the first to go.

    Now is also a good time to go through and weed out your friends list as well.

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