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  1. I'm getting a very Aviator vibe from the front end, but the Aviator does it better.
  2. Nat Gas is so cheap that in some cases they're drilling the well and then capping it because they're betting the cost will go up sometime in the future. It's easier to just leave it in the ground than it is to store it long term.
  3. I think the Costco interaction is just Costco being Costco. They are famous for their customer service and won't give an argument if the price is marked wrong.
  4. It's going to take a LONG time to replace the container ship fleet.
  5. @ykX those look great! Mine is just the original Pixel.
  6. This is most directly targeted at the 3-series. It's a shot across the bow for BMW. Hyundai doesn't get it right on the first try, but they're persistent and I bet they'll be a lot closer on the 2nd or 3rd. BTW, they drive really well.
  7. THAT said... the real issue isn't cars these days anyway, it is shipping. Rail, Air, Ship, Truck are all bigger emitters of CO2 than cars. Rail and Truck have started cleaning up their act. I don't know about Air. Ships are way way behind.
  8. Edit for the first 10 minutes after posting. If you're a premium subscriber $1.75 a month or $15 a year, that restriction gets removed and so do almost all of the ads. Plus.. it helps the site out a little bit with the cost of running the place.
  9. I see VINs listed sometimes for an example payment, but also with the statement that "other similar vehicles also available" @ccap41... that..... that has a VIN.
  10. I've never heard of such strict advertising rules.... so do I need a VIN for the Reeses cups they want me to buy?
  11. 24/34 mpg rating for the CT6 with the same powertrain. So that or better. But no, it's not officially released yet.

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