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  1. Drew Dowdell

    Toyota News: Toyota Wants To Bring Back the Celica or MR2

  2. Yes it did retract and while retracted you got a 2.5"~ high color screen for things like radio controls. The 2nd gen CTS and 2010+ SRX had it.
  3. The Camaro used to be almost that big and got ridiculed for it.
  4. Same reason I grew up in 4x4 wagons (Suburu GL and Dodge Colt Vista)... we were always out camping and such. The "wilds" of NJ where we went weren't enough to warrant a Suburban, but if we really needed to get somewhere the Colt Vista couldn't, my dad's F250 could do it. That said, my dad couldn't help taunting a show-off Wrangler driver who was on a lightweight off-road course. Put the Colt Vista into 4WD and started following him around the course with 2 kids in carseats in the back.
  5. I'm sure you could do direct orders, but no, they weren't only direct order. They were limited in the total number sold. Chevy only planned to sell X of them every year.
  6. or the SS from the previous generation. Prior Camaro and the SS were both on Zeta.
  7. The Mustang is much easier to get into and out of..... even in my old age I can feel the difference between a Camaro and Mustang. Once I get into a Camaro, I am comfortable... but getting in and out is a chore compared to Mustang.
  8. At least they picked a different name..... it's just the interior and grille that are Camaro inspired
  9. Drew Dowdell

    Cleaning the Throttle Body?

    Depends on how bad and where the gunk is. Honestly just running top tier fuel for a few tanks would probably be enough.
  10. Drew Dowdell

    Tesla Finds Itself Under Investigation By the Justice Department

    Given Ford's debt issues... possibly neither.
  11. Why? It's just a long term rental with insurance and maintenance built in. If someone like GM did it at reasonable prices (fat chance) I would get into it. Swap cars twice a year, have an AWD SUV in the winter and a Camaro in the summer. Or if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of hauling, get a truck.
  12. I'd go with the challenger just because I like the bigger car feel. Not the V6 though...
  13. if the costs weren't so high, I'd consider it myself. It's basically like renting a car.
  14. Drew Dowdell

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I rarely post non-manufacturer "concept" art... but this was just dead sexy. Cadillac could totally pull this off and make a coupe with actual distinction over something like the CLS or 6-series jellybeans.

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