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  1. #Pittsburgh has made the top 20 for locations for Amazon HQ2

  2. That would be incorrect. The $16k price class - Civic - 138, Cruze - 138, Corolla - 132, Focus 125 or 146, Sentra - 125, Yes, some can be optioned over that, but not at the price the Forte sells at.
  3. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    I have no opinion on him as a person, but his video reviews of cars suck. Would it make you feel better if I picked apart a review of his from a different brand?
  4. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    This is why I can't tell if you're just trolling or not. Are you deliberately missing the point? The car is not the point.
  5. Woot! Project Fi just effectively switched to unlimited data for anything over 6 gig!

  6. Detroit 2018: Nissan Xmotion concept: Comments

    Because they'd probably rebadge it. But... what I'm told by a Nissan rep I know is that this will likely get watered down substantially and become the new Rogue.
  7. I can say that the front end of these is much worse in person. The tail end is interesting though.
  8. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    No... the Phaeton was equally bad. I can pick that one apart too if you really want me to. The thing is, he's not all that funny. Regular Car Reviews is funny and knows his stuff. Edit: I like this Miata review. It's about a car that is the exact opposite of cars I like, the guy makes gay jokes, he gets excited about inane stuff (pop-up headlights), but.... he's funny about it. He also really knows his stuff. This is an entertaining review. Now I am not knowledgeable enough about Miata's to know if every technical detail he mentions is correct, but it doesn't matter as much because he's not talking about breadcrumbs as though they're something super interesting. Even if he got every technical detail wrong, it's still an entertaining review about a car that I don't care about at all. Where are the jokes in the Chevy SS review? The Koala that makes chimpanzee sounds?
  9. Quick Drive: 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE

    It will never allow you to fully deplete the battery, it always keeps some in reserve in case you need some boost. I think the engine wants to be at operating temperature also, but William can confirm. EV mode max speed seems to be around 40 mph, but you have to almost hyper-mile it to get there. It's mostly for getting around parking lots or other slow speed movement.
  10. The new CVT is supposed to address the bucket of paste feel. I don't fully understand the technical aspects of it yet, but it is supposed to have the firmer pull of a standard automatic.
  11. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    Both of those are steering wheel based.
  12. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    No, I've watched about 4 of them. Things like Ferrari and such are going to be quirky by nature and I don't know enough about the history to comment intelligently. But that is also my point... I do try not to comment on something if I don't know anything about it..... it's a fault he seems not to have.
  13. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    I missed you saying that. Sorry.
  14. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    1. Door unlock is programable. 2. You haven't been in a GM car in a while. Cruise moved up to the steering wheel a while ago. I think the only one that still had it in the last 6 or 7 years was the Impala Limited.
  15. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    I can't... I just ate.

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