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  1. Drew Dowdell

    Industry News: U.S. Announces A New Probe Into Car Imports

    If there is one thing I've learned over the last however many years of watching politics is that someone, somewhere, will always have an issue with what you do as president. People complained about Obama ordering brown mustard! It's all just pettiness. It's no secret that I don't like Trump, but of all of the issues I have with him, his owning a bunch of Rolls Royces isn't one of them. I don't even care if he buys a new one tomorrow.
  2. Drew Dowdell

    Chevrolet News:Spying: 2020 Chevrolet Suburban Is Hiding Something

    Chevy absolutely needs to catch up with Ford on this one. They needed to go IRS on the current generation.
  3. Drew Dowdell

    Industry News: U.S. Announces A New Probe Into Car Imports

    I actually did some of that... picking up stocks that Warren buys. Anyway, I see no issue with Trump being a Rolls fan... he can like what he likes and I'm certainly not going to argue with that. If I were to become President, would people give me crap for continuing to own a car from a brand that no longer exists? The tariff is incredibly short-sighted though. "All-American" Buick is anything but.... Only 2/5ths of its lineup are built in the US. Encore - Korea Regal - Germany Envision - China Cascada - Poland Enclave - U.S. Lacrosse - U.S. Toyota? Corolla - Canada Camry - U.S. Avalon - U.S. RAV4 - Canada Highlander - US Tundra - US Prius - US Hyundai and Honda are much the same. And again, he's not going to get around NAFTA for the Canadian and Mexican built vehicles. This is targeted at EU, Japan, Korea, and Germany.
  4. Drew Dowdell

    Toyota News: 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback To Begin $20,910*

    give it a 0.33 inch lift, slap some cladding on it, Matrix Returns.
  5. Drew Dowdell

    Quick Drive: 2018 Chrysler 300S AWD

    It wasn't FCA at the time and none of those parts are still in use today. The suspension has been completely revised since the first generation. Transmission, engines, rear-diff are all replaced. Even the stupid MB cruise control lever was replaced after the first gen. There might be some random power window motor still shared, but parts like that get shared among manufacturers all the time. We don't call the Escalade based on an F-150 just because they share a transmission.
  6. Drew Dowdell

    Quick Drive: 2018 Chrysler 300S AWD

    There is almost no Benz left in this car, if any. I had one of these as a rental for my trip to Detroit for NAIAS, though mine was RWD rather than AWD. It is a fantastic roadtrip car. I don't know what kind of wheel bearing they are using but the 300C/S rolls better than nearly anything out there.. and I say that in while in the past week I've been at the helm of CT6/LS/G80. 80mph is way too easy. It's comfortable. It's big. It handles well. It goes fast. It has road presence. It is everything a big American sedan should be. On top of that, it is efficient and the infotainment system works well. My long distance trips at the aforementioned 80 mph have yielded 27mpg. Ya'll keep it under 70mph and you can get it over 30 on RWD models. If there is any letdown it is in the quality of materials in the interior. The S and the C Limited do fix some of that, but not all. This is one of my favorite vehicles on the market right now.... not because it is the best at any one thing, but because of the blend of things it does so well. I would absolutely drive the one pictured above and be very happy with it.
  7. Drew Dowdell

    Industry News: U.S. Announces A New Probe Into Car Imports

    It would be difficult for him to get around the NAFTA agreement for now, but I think this is largely directed at China and Europe anyway. The Chinese want into this country sooooo bad.
  8. Euro 6 applies to any diesel built after Sept 1 2014.
  9. Drew Dowdell

    That will buff right out.

    That really saddens me. There is a Model-A in my family for probably longer than that which will eventually come to me.
  10. Sure, if you let the car sit in the Arizona sun for about 4 months. There just isn't enough surface area on the car to collect enough energy to do that.
  11. Drew Dowdell


    Cool. Just thought it would be a good familiar option for you since you already have a G37
  12. The only thing the solar panels that are on hybrids/EVs do today is keep the interior cool on hot days so that the main battery isn't drained by HVAC. But even then, it only runs while parked.
  13. Drew Dowdell


    Infiniti Q50 Hybrid - 360hp / 400+ lb-ft of torque. All wheel drive available. 26 city / 32 highway EPA rating (RWD model), but I see reports of people doing a lot better than that when switching to Eco mode, like 36 mpg highway. CPO ones can be found in the mid $25k range The downside - tiny trunk.
  14. Solar panels are not an alternative to batteries.

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