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  1. So help me.... One of these days these Miami drivers are going to make me test the loss damage waiver on my rental car. Worst drivers in the US.

    1. dfelt


      Greater NY area is just as bad! :lol:

  2. I have one co-worker who has been a thorn in my side for the past 6 months.... but I have to admit that when I need something done that is in his area of expertise, he goes after it like an angry rabid chihuahua and gets it done.

  3. Well there is also talk of Holden as a brand going away too... so if this is the current course, I wouldn't be surprised to see GM shed 3 brands (Opel, Vauxhall, Holden) and then just do 2 or 3 brands in all markets except US which also gets GMC. China could support Chevy/Buick/Cadillac, Australia and Middle East could support Chevy and Cadillac. Buick could even make a return to Europe for select models like Verano, Encore, and Regal.
  4. well, I still think this whole thing is an attempt to scare the German unions and government. Also... how sad is it that Mary may have found a buyer for Opel, but Serg couldn't find a buyer for all of FCA?
  5. you can even get CPO S-classes with low mileage for that money. I actually prefer the looks of the GLC over the XT5, but I wouldn't call it particularly better. It's just my subjective opinion on styling
  6. Heck, a CPO CLS for that money. Or a CTS V-sport. Or a heck of alot of Continental. Or a rather nice Genesis G80 V6 AWD.
  7. C&D's GLA45 tester had an as-tested price of $67k I can think of about 200 other vehicles I would choose over the GLA45 for that price.
  8. Most consumers can't even handle a Corolla at 7/10th, so even an Envision is well above their skill grade. RWD v FWD has nothing to do with vehicle ride. The Explorer and Durango ride equally well. You are correct that it is a crowded segment, but even if Cadillac put the XTS V-Sport engine in an XT3, it wouldn't make a difference to the buyers of the segment and would not increase sales in any measurable way. That isn't going to be the way the Cadillac wins sales. Furthermore, the XT5 is mostly not being sold at base prices. The mid-level trims are where the bulk of the sales are and the Platinums are doing fairly well.
  9. Because luxury crossovers aren't performance oriented in 95% of sales. The orientation of the engine doesn't matter. Last warning. Get back on topic. We're talking about compact entry-lux crossovers here. You're limited to the GLA if you want to discuss Benz.
  10. It's simple. Malibu tuning Vs. Regal tuning. Regal tuning is much better and, not counting the GS, there is nothing particularly more expensive about the Regal hardware.
  11. Me: I'll take "Shopping" for $800.
    Alex:"This shopping location is popular on Sundays for groups of gay couples, families with small children, and college kids with parents in tow to gather."

    1. dfelt


      What is The San Francisco Bay Area!

    2. Drew Dowdell

      Drew Dowdell

      The correct answer is "What is IKEA?"

    3. dfelt


      Cool, IKEA is over an hr away in the south end of the state here, so never go.

  12. It's a coach built vehicle and the build quality is still junk. You don't get to complain about the frame of the Escalade anymore if you want to continue down that path. Also, get back on topic. We're talking entry lux crossovers here. Not X5s, not Cayennes. You want the alpha platform and the ATS-V engine for something that's going to be priced against the GLA? Try to be more realistic.
  13. A good 4-cylinder diesel. Good 4-cylinder turbo engines. Superior suspension and steering tuning (the Opel people seem to have it down better than the GMNA people, at least for typical consumer products outside of the high performance V-series and Camaro stuff). GMNA and GMDAT can obviously tune a family sedan's ride and drive.... but Opel does it better.
  14. Because there is no point. People who buy crossovers, even luxury crossovers, do not care if the AWD system is FWD based or RWD based. I would bet that 95% of the AWD buyers don't even know what it means. The top three luxury crossovers in terms of sales are the RX, the XT, and the MDX. You've still yet to learn your lesson about praising the Mercedes G-Class Quality.
  15. I've had to hide 90% of the posts in this thread. You people are getting ridiculous with your off topic tangents. Back to the PSA / Opel deal.