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Riding a motorcycle during the winter can be really fun, only as long as you are staying completely protected against the elements with the best quality motorcycle riding safety gears. Of course, you will definitely need a premium helmet to keep the head protected not just from injuries, but also from the harsh temperature, but you will also need a pair of riding gloves to keep the hands from freezing up! Using the gloves for hundreds of kilometers can make it dilapidated and dirty. Here's how to keep them clean and well maintained for your upcoming winter trip.   

Understanding the types of riding gloves 

Before we get started with the maintenance steps, let's understand a little bit about the different types of motorcycle riding gloves that you can purchase in the market today. The most common thing that you need to know is that motorcycle riding gloves come in two different configurations. One is known as the full gauntlet design which overlaps with the sleeve of the riding jacket, and the other half gauntlet that ends a little short of the sleeves. Motorcycle riding gloves are usually made of fabric material, reinforced with carbon fiber, or plastic at strategic positions to keep the palms and knuckles protected against hard surface of the road. In addition to fabric, you can also find clubs made of premium leather lined with soft fabric material on the inside to keep the hands warm even in the harshest of cold temperatures. It is important to note that Leather riding gloves are comparatively costlier than fabric alternatives. However, the fabric gloves are quite efficient at protecting the hands under normal circumstances.

Cleaning techniques 

Cleaning and maintaining motorcycle riding gloves can be done in a simple 3 step process that we are about to explain here. Let's get started. 

  • Soak in soap solution: This step is applicable for fabric gloves. Take the gloves and soak it in a solution of soap, or baby shampoo and let it stay for at least 30 minutes. Then gently take it out of the solution and brush it with a gentle bristled brush or a painter’s brush to dislodge the dirt and grime from hard-to-reach corners and surfaces. Once you have done this, wash it under running water ensuring that all the dirt is been cleaned of efficiently.     
  • Brush and wipe: If the glove has been accumulating a lot of dirt over the months, you can also consider getting specifically designed glove cleaning brushes online come out at your nearest motorcycle accessories shop and use it for a better result. If brushes are not your thing, you can also use cotton wipes to gently rub on the surface of the dirty mitts which will also efficiently dislodge the grime.   
  • Let it dry naturally: Once the gloves have become completely clean, allow it to dry naturally making sure not to place it directly under a hot sun or drying it with a hair dryer or any other electronic equipment which might be too harsh for the sensitive surface of the glove and lead to formation of cracks and the colored surface may start to peel off. Finally, you can also consider buffing and polishing the Globes after cleaning all the water stains on the surface. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid 

While cleaning your motorcycle riding gloves, do not ever make the mistake of soaking leather products in water or any chemical solution which might be extremely detrimental to its integrity and structure. If you are not completely sure of how to clean the gloves, check out a few videos on YouTube or talk to somebody who already owns a pair of leather gloves.  

When to replace riding gloves? 

Modern premium motorcycle riding clubs are made to last at least a few years without any maintenance. However, if your clubs have started to show signs of aging, or wear and tear, it might be good idea to replace them with a new one that you can get within your budget. While purchasing new gloves, check for all the necessary safety and comfort features. The most important of them is of course an adjustable wrist strap, and strategic protection for the knuckles and palms.  

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