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    2010 G6 Production

    based on a google search of 2010 pontiac G6 and VIN and 2010 chevrolet Malibu and VIN, which tends to pick up lots of classified ads where the VIN is included in the ad, and looking at the range of sequence numbers on the various vehicles I would estimate a total of around 65,000 Pontiac G6 and Chevy Malibu were assembled with the 2010 model year designation at Orion. G6 and Malibu were assembled concurrently at Orion and I believe shared a common VIN sequence range. My understanding of the breakdown is about 40,000 were Malibu and 25,000 were G6. This also seems reasonable since typically the new model year starts getting assembled around July/August and since the final G6 was assembled in November 2009 it seems reasonable to have assembled about 65,000 vehicles in a 4-5 month time-frame. The final G6, which was also the last Pontiac assembled in the US, was built on Nov 25, 2009. No further G6 or any other US built Pontiac for that matter, were assembled after that date. No G6 or any other US built Pontiac was assembled in calendar year 2010.

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