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  1. scanner sucks but here is some updated ones.
  2. Well I am working on the proportions and Im going to raise the roof slightly. The idea was to make it more of a chop top concept type, where you sit lower in the car like in the Camaro's but still have the room youd normally have just a smaller window. Thanks for the comments.
  3. umm do you have to design these digitally or can I sketch it?
  4. Here is my concept sketch, nothing final and not a good quality image but I will have it done.
  5. I know this forum is always dead but here is my 2 min sketch.
  6. I know this section is dead but i thought that we could just host our own competition, give some ideas of what you would like the next competition to be and well just start one ourselves. Thanks
  7. lets start a new thread, make our own sketch competition, someone do it then well all just draw something up.
  8. well the way around that would be drawing a car for a sketch competition but not stating nor badging it as a chevrolet etc any brand of car, but instead saying it is a visual concept of what you think it should look like. That way the drawing would be yours, wouldnt have any connection with any automobile company and they cant legally steal your ideas. im going to start doing this.
  9. what would be funny is if we were doing all these competitions and some poeple were coming over here to steal some ideas. that would suck.
  10. this isnt really my entry but i was just throwin a first idea together, just looks too long to me. going for a more sportier version of the HHR
  11. if its not too late I want in before voting begins.

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