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  1. CaddyRich

    For Sale- Red ZR1

    It's gone. Sold this afternoon. I knew it wouldn't last long.
  2. CaddyRich

    Photoshoppers Unite!

    Yes...that was my intent.
  3. CaddyRich

    Photoshoppers Unite!

    Looks like a G8...how about a G6?
  4. CaddyRich

    Photoshoppers Unite!

    Take a G6...put a Malibu front end on it...call it Chevelle...
  5. CaddyRich

    For Sale- Red ZR1

    Thanks...I appreciate it.
  6. CaddyRich

    For Sale- Red ZR1

    left nuts...pieces of string...Town & Country...is the circus in town or something? LOL
  7. CaddyRich

    For Sale- Red ZR1

    So...that totals $20 and some string...J/K
  8. CaddyRich

    For Sale- Red ZR1

    Ok...here goes. We just received a Red ZR1 1LZ that the client backed out on...so it's available for sale. No miles...fresh off the transporter. $108,620 plus tax and doc. That's all. Anyone who is seriously interested can call me at 219-229-9297. I'm in Northern Indiana...45 min from downtown Chicago - hour and change from O'Hare. Any takers? Rich
  9. CaddyRich

    2009 Z06 now available in grey

    We just received our first '09 Z06...the Cyber Gray is really slick looking.
  10. CaddyRich

    Just Announced - Zero for 48 & 60 on '08 Vettes

    Ha ha..If I had a 3LT, I'd be sending you the bill, Ven, LOL. But I do have a 1LT with the Comp Gray wheels
  11. Just announced... Zero Percent for 48 Months (if you qualify) on 2008 Coupes (excluding Z06) Zero Percent for 60 Months (if you qualify) on 2008 Convertibles. Anybody want one? Let me know. Thanks!
  12. CaddyRich

    There on the lots... Tahoe Hybrid...

    Our first Tahoe Hybrid (in Silver Birch) is rolling off the truck as I type this.
  13. CaddyRich

    Corvette in New Blue (inlife pics AT)

    I've got a Jet Stream Blue Z06 on the floor right outside my office...
  14. Ok - just a random question... We've seen spy pics of the Camaro and Challenger on Detroit Area roads. Has anyone seen or been able to substantiate any chance they may share the same roads at the same time? Seeing both of them together by accident (nudge-nudge-wink-wink) would be a major buzz generator. Maybe our Detroit area C&G'ers could enlighten us?
  15. An Open Letter to Ed Welburn and The People at GM Styling: This car is absolutely beautiful. You've done one hell of a job. Sincerely, CaddyRich

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