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  1. This is wonderful! I am so glad a few lucky owners will be able to drive one! Why GM won't release these to the public is beyond me, it would make 10,000 maybe 20,000 happy customers a year! I am sure this will end all chances of a consumer like me being able to get my hands on one new in the future. It will have to be pre-owned, but pre-owned could mean 10 miles on the clock too. I figured there would be a loop hole in all of this and a smart dealer has found it!
  2. Exactly. I am not going to stop driving what I like to drive because of five dollar a gallon gas. I will cut down on trips and make minor changes. Overall nothing for me is going to change a huge amount. Hell someone in my house might even upsize to a full size RWD Zeta if it ever comes or a truck.
  3. I have something brewing Camino but might not get to it for a while. I have been rather busy as of late.
  4. I agree 100 percent. A Cruze with a 2.4L would make it a car that could even appeal to me. I will not consider one with the piss poor under powered engines they have in it currently. Although that makes the Verano interest me because of the 2.4L if it looks decent and isn't a porker it could be an appealing option even for someone like me.
  5. Could you please get a few more photos of the interior and exterior of the truck Oldsmoboi? I just love looking at this beast! Anyways just look at the window sticker... It is certainly pricey but you get a TON of truck!
  6. I do have a few questions... How is riding/driving it? How did it perform in tight areas (parking lot) and on the back roads? Did it feel as feel like a big truck? Also if you get a chance how did the bed handle a load? I am already enjoying the photos, and might like one of these for myself but with a 6.0L.
  7. Better looking than the first five door concept. I like this thing. If it would sell and they can build a business case for it, I would love to see them on the road. A 2.0L Turbo would make it nice to drive as well.
  8. I gotcha. Can't I just be happy they issued an IPO and this thing has worked out pretty well? Because I am. Now back to this new Zeta Chevrolet...
  9. You are exactly correct. Simply it comes back to supply and demand.
  10. I don't recall saying I wanted a G8 GXP if I could get it deeply discounted. I feel no need to justify myself and my GM vehicles but I will... I got a 1977 Pontiac Bonneville Sedan in 1982 for dealer trade price from my dad when he got his first Olds 88. Then in 1990 I got my first (almost new) GM car. A 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix LE Sedan with a 3.1L and styled steel wheels. I have no clue what sticker was but I paid about 14K for it with around 10,000 miles on it and it was a GM program car. In 1994 I got a used Olds Delta 88 for an aunt. Paid her what dealer trade on it was. In 2001 I got a 2
  11. I really don't think so. But having said that I am glad an IPO was issued and the tax payers are getting money back. I am just glad it worked out well.
  12. I am not the masses per say. I do not hide it, I LOVE a good deal. Case in point my Torrent 24K sticker, picked it up for 16K (without tax). Then again that was with the massive rebate, invoice price, and my 2K off my GM card. I did bitch about Government Motors because the government should not own a car company, now that the IPO is issued, I am happy again. Practices the pushed them into bankruptcy wasn't cutting a deal on a few odd ball model year old clearance vehicles, trust me.
  13. Your sig... It tells me something good is about to happen... Whatever good that might be I can't wait to see it.
  14. After getting 10k off which one the truck or "SS"? What exactly, are you getting at? I make no bones about it, when I go car shopping I get a good deal.

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