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  1. I loved the Kizashi when I test drove it.
  2. Guess Youngman is bored since they were shut out of Saab and I think they were cut out of the Proton Lotus deal as well? I still hold out hold NEVS can revive Saab but, I have my doubts.
  3. I am a bit dubious. Will there be a hybrid or is it all electric? Who bought the ip for epower?
  4. I test drove the Jetta and sure the new interior plastics were not as nice as the last gen but the design is still very pleasing and modern. I found it better quality than the much more expensive Prius, who's interior was shockingly hollow in places. (I do find the Prius interior design modern as well though). I think it was at least on par with the plastics in the Civic, and CRZ (although I loved the chrome in the CRZ) and better than the TC but maybe not as nice as the soft touch materials in the Cruz, Elantra, or Kizashi. In the 18k to 23k dollar range the Jetta was a solid choice for my money. I really considered it.
  5. I have found myself very tempted by the new Fusion. Gotta love that dramatic grill. I think Nissan was supposed to launch 7 new models this year also. The new Altima looks a bit staid to me though. I guess Volkswagon's plans for world domination might not come to fruition?
  6. Or the Fisker Karma if you don't mind your garage maybe burning down.
  7. I don't like the fisker grill. It reminds me of an old timey mustache.
  8. I think I might play the lottery today. It's nice to dream if only for a day.

  9. According to wikipedia the singular of plankton is plankter.

  10. Watching House hunter's international makes me want to become an ex-pat. Then I realized I already am in a way.

  11. Wow there is a Wolverine anime? Nerdgasm.

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