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  1. If you truly didnt care, you wouldnt have posted in this thread in the first place. Apparently you do. Next time just skip over it.
  2. ConceptVBS

    Please drive safe out there...

  3. http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drive...topanel..1.*#12
  4. You really are an idiot. Do you even know how expensive it is to live in South Korea? Cost of living in Seoul, South Korea (the capital) is in the top five of the world. New York barely makes the top ten. I am in the US Army stationed here in Seoul, South Korea. I have a 2 bedroom apartment with one bath and I pay $2500+ montly rent.
  5. Wow, your an idiot. Both countries are developed countries just like the US.
  6. ConceptVBS

    New Hyundai Santa Fe

    Go to this website for flash crazy intro site: http://ad.hyundai-motor.com/catalog/santafe/index.html
  7. ConceptVBS

    Honda witness destroyed proof

    Lowest form of human nature at its play. Thats disgusting!
  8. ConceptVBS

    Edmunds First Drive: 2006 Hyundai Azera

    "Craptastic" interior.

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