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  1. Fresh camaro pics on jalopnik

    the open hood shot is great. hadn't noticed the painted underside before!
  2. Fresh camaro pics on jalopnik

    Hey guys GM shot 12 new shots of the camaro. They're up on jalopnik. Dave http://www.jalopnik.com/ And they're F'in HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I told you so!!!!!!!!!!Also I don't see the Sebring really. I think the wheels look like the Mercury Milan.
  4. i'm really underwhelmed by this. It's like a slight upgrade over the G6 but not as attractive on the outside. The rear looks like the old Chrysler 300M. The interior shots show the plastic has taken over and the gauge cluster looks like poop. notice how the wood on the doors doesn't line up with the wood on the dash.
  5. most important part In addition, Outlook’s second- and third-row seats fold flat for even more cargo-carrying capacity. Tahoe doesn't do that.
  6. http://www.jalopnik.com/cars/news/black-tu...-mph-165142.php
  7. I take it everyone saw this already?! http://www.mph-online.com/web/prtranslated/00628 we've been invited to an offsite event for the saturn vehicles in NY and will get a report out on it I'm sure during the show. And no I haven't seen any shots of the GM stuff yet. just DCX.
  8. Audi R8 Supercar spied

    it is pretty much an audi version of the gallardo. Same engine. But will have the audi quattro system instead of lamborghinis set-up. It'll probably be much tamer and street friendly (and .3 secs faster to 60). And doesn't really say "I'm a douche" like a lambo does
  9. Audi R8 Supercar spied

    CD, what are the spots for?
  10. Audi R8 Supercar spied

    I almost used a chicken pox line in there but with these things I'm working so fast just to get it up before anyone else that wit flies out the window.
  11. these shots are so hot. http://www.mph-online.com/web/spyphotos/0038 I try not to post too often with links but these are too good. dave
  12. Cadillac Eyes Super Vs and Tuner Vs à la Saleen,

    and youguys missed our tidbits the past few weeks in rumors regarding this. http://www.mph-online.com/mag/rumors/007
  13. TCC: Cadillac XLR-V

    our take http://www.mph-online.com/mag/spins/0049 more favorable. although we like anything with power.
  14. Chevy Tahoe: Review

    remember that the magazines have tog o to rpess months ahead of street date and have earliest info provided by the manufacturer. Perhaps it hadn't been changed by then. AND I guarantee you it has nothing to do with the past use of the tech it has to do with Chrysler using the term DoD for their products and GM wanting to sound even more advanced/different. It is part of the industry these days unfortunatley. it is lame as well. Do they have different terms for Manual Transmission? also Mike Austin just ran a follow-up int he blog about the real world MPG http://web.mph-online.com/blogs/124
  15. Chevy Tahoe: Review

    first of all it is not really an inaccuracy. Meaning that it does offer the same technology as what is commonly referred to as Displacement on demand. In fact I think most car fans I talk with hate the fact that automakers have to come up with their own terminology for widely used tech. Like the manumatic, tiptronic etc.

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