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  1. WIP: Next-Gen Chrysler 300

    good looking car, but as others have said not very chrysler and theres a lot of different designs...and i don't see any influence from the 3 cars you mentioned in the first post
  2. Ferrari 599 F1 KR

    good brushing, but it looks like a hotwheels car
  3. Choppin' Competition #45 - Saturn ASTRA

    as if there weren't enough entries...
  4. sorry, but i just don't like it. i think you should look at how other companies, as well as cadillac in past models, and look at how they build a coupe from a sedan. Mercedes-Benz CL, BMW 6-series, Audi A5/S5, Cadillac DeVille and Coupe DeVille; look at how all of these models have a sleeker, more coupe-like roofline compared to their 4-doored counterparts. also take note of the way the size of the front door changes from sedan to coupe and the shape of the doorline going from window to skirt. side views are best for this kind of observation, i look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  5. Choppin' Competition #45 - Saturn ASTRA

    well personally i think they're both pretty amazing compared to the original, but thanks
  6. Choppin' Competition #45 - Saturn ASTRA

    entry 1: http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/1931/myastra1et4.jpg entry 2: http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/7742/myastra2kj9.jpg
  7. Corvair

    not even ONE comment?
  8. 1. that picture is waaaaaaaay too big 2. it almost seems like you used the high-res backdrop and then pasted your chop onto it and blew up the car, which made the car very very blurry 3. the seams between the patches of car you stretched and moved around aren't at all difficult to see, so try going back in PS and making all the body lines match up smoothly, it'll do wonders for the way the car looks 4. i LOVE the shape of that cabin, it's very sinister looking, but as mentioned in #3, MAKE THE LINES MATCH UP! good ideas, just needs some tinkering on if you're not completely finished with this one i hope to see a revised, scaled down, version in the near future
  9. Presidential Cadillac DTS

    thanks cap'n, i worked hard on making that face into the lol.
  10. Original Concept

    i'm not a fan of it, but this isn't even a hypothetical GM brand, it's seperate.
  11. Original Concept

    68, pontiaccustom-s, this is not a chevy. it is not called berretta or corsica.
  12. Original Concept

    for a hypothetical brand we're throwing together over at GMi. this a dramatic concept from which production models will take cues from, think Saab Aero-X, Cadillac Sixteen, Chevy SS, etc.
  13. Zeta Impala

    ooo dodgegfan, i like. i was considering doing that to the grille early on but thought it would be too much like the commodore/lumina, you did it pretty well.

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