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  1. butterfly1

    Tesla Charging Stations

    I was reading that the Tesla can go a little over 300 miles on a single charge. I looked at the Tesla map for charging stations in the DFW area in Texas and there are not as many as I would like to see. I did see that you can purchase a portable charger. I wanted to know if people have experience using that.
  2. butterfly1

    BMW rolls out new 2 Series Convertible

    OMG. That car is hot. The red leather seats and the design is awesome. I love it!
  3. I recently read in the USA Today that Toyota has invested in a $1B plant in Mexico. Now the production is going to increase quite a bit. I would like to know what others think about this investment. I also want to know your opinion about what it means for America.....
  4. butterfly1

    Every new BMW to get a hybrid version

    That is super exciting. I love the body style of the BMW. And, the fact that they are adding Hybrid choices makes it all the more sexier to me. I am glad that they are doing this. Because after purchasing a hybrid that is all I want. And, not having that feature would have kept me from purchasing one.
  5. butterfly1

    Tesla Future owner

    I have been following the Tesla X model for a while. I love the way the doors open. And, I love the fact that I would not have to go to the gas station. I want to know what has been the experience of others when it comes to owning the TESLA X
  6. Nice. I have the Camry XLE Hybrid and I absolutely love it. I save so much money on gas, and it looks really sharp! Thumbs up!
  7. All of those cars are beautiful. It is too bad that they will no longer be available. Well we shall see what will happen next.
  8. butterfly1

    Would you buy a self driving car?

    I would not trust it for anything. I know that there are some little train cars in Dubai that drive themselves. So what do you do if these cars crash. How will the insurance be handled. There will be quite a bit of disruption.
  9. wow! This car is absolutely sexy! What is the price tag on this one. Too bad it is not a hybrid.
  10. butterfly1

    Shanghai Auto Show: Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid

    That is one beautiful car. I recently purchased a hybrid, and I do not want any other type of car but a hybrid. The gas savings are phenomenal.

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