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  1. SalesmanSean

    Netflix Question...

    I know I used to have the Netflix app on my 1st gen when I had it, worked great. I was sad the day it died on me, but moving from that tiny hard drive to a much larger one was nice. Currently we have a PS3 and a PS4 in the house, plus my Vita.
  2. Why would I apologize, you've done exactly what I said. You implied superiority of EcoBoost engines, but left it vague enough that you could try and claim otherwise when called on it. Then you bring out your just-in-case-you're-called-on-it response to try and make it look like everyone else is just out to get you or paint you in a bad light. I'm just tired of it. You did it on MT forums, and I thought we were done with that when a bunch of us moved over this way, but you just followed and continue to pull the same stuff. I think those who've seen me posting for a few months, including yourself, can attest that I don't generally get into arguing about tactics. I prefer to to stick to facts, figures, and vehicles themselves, but I have just had enough of your doing just enough to be able to pretend you're innocent and being harassed by everyone else type arguments. I finally understand how Olds went from reasonable and interesting to read on MT to going full on rant against you guys all the time. I was really enjoying that forum at one point, and this one even more so once moving here, but then there is you to ruin the experience again. I apologize to everyone else here for airing my frustration, and I will try to keep from posting anything else for a few days so that I don't let out any more frustration.
  3. SalesmanSean

    BMW News: Debut: 2016 BMW 7-Series

    And it looks like.....every other car on the road. This is why I have never cared for BMW or MB, no personality in their cars looks-wise. I'm sure some will like the new interior and tech features, and I don't see anything wrong with them, there just isn't anything there that I would ever use. These are definitely not the cars for me, but they have their audience and I'm sure they will continue to sell. I think they tend to sell well above the amounts and prices that the vehicles themselves might justify, but the name pushes those sales right up anyway. If I was shopping in this market I would look towards Cadillac, Audi, even Lexus or Acura long before I'd look at this car.
  4. Your implication was plenty clear without you having to directly state it, and you know it. Your attempts to play innocent by way of insinuations and semantics gets really old.
  5. SalesmanSean

    Word Association

  6. SalesmanSean

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Where is that at, I'm not seeing it, but it sounds entertaining.
  7. SalesmanSean

    Word Association

  8. SalesmanSean

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Ignorance is bliss....until you spend all day reading it online (this is mostly directed at a different forum).
  9. And I received that thank you just as genuinely as you meant it.
  10. If they can tell apart MKT, MKS, MKX, MKZ, etc. I don't think CTS and CT6 will be a problem. Thanks again for showing the weakness of your arguments, by the way, by giving more dismissive replies. You are very predictable that way, whenever you don't have a proper retort you just make a dismissive statement about what was said and then try to change the subject.
  11. Continental stealing the CT6's spotlight is debatable at best, and the only thing that makes that conversation viable is that the Continental was more of a surprise, where the CT6 was a known quantity. Even if we accept your statement of the stolen spotlight (which I think is highly blown out of proportion), it isn't because the Continental is a better, or even better looking, car. On the contrary, the CT6 is a much better looking vehicle, with some actual style instead of the blandness that leaves the Continental with no real identity. That is why people were comparing it to the Bentley and other vehicles, not because it copied anything else, but because the look is so bland and nondescript it could easily look like anything else depending on the angle and where someone's mind is at when they look at it.
  12. SalesmanSean

    Word Association

  13. Meh, on your opinion about a Conti. And I don't know where you get your news but, Ford is not developing a chassis that costs $5M. And there is the conversation done. Once you've gotten to where your only argument is "meh" to what the other person has to say you've admitted that you have no valid answer, while trying NOT to admit that you were wrong.
  14. SalesmanSean

    Mary Barra Just Got More Cool Points: Presenting Her New '15 Black Z06

    If she wanted a "nicer" car she'd get a Cadillac. Really, whichever way she wants to go her needs are more than capably filled from somewhere in the GM lineup, and in a much more attractive package than many of their European competitors.
  15. SalesmanSean

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Someone turned on to the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack this past week. Been listening and quite enjoying it. Might actually get me to watch the show finally. --------------------------------------------------------------- No iTunes, the audiobook I'm ripping is not classified as 'easy listening'. I love the opening theme. I generally am not a big jazz fan, it often tends to be too free-form and chaotic, but that opener is just pure fun to listen to.

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