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  1. I wonder if it will be spacious enough for him, might be tight on headroom ...
  2. I love how it looks. If I had a lot of money, I would just buy it for kicks, a station wagon that can probably beat most Corvettes, at least in a straight line.
  3. Odyssey that will be at least somehow compatible in features to MB will be close or most likely over $40k
  4. When we went to Italy couple years ago we took together with our friends a transfer service from Rome to a town on the Amalfi Coast. It was in the ICE version of this van, which i have to say was very nice and comfortable. The distance was about 160miles, almost 3.5 hours. This EV version theoretically could make same trip easily, than charge couple hours and do it again.
  5. Nice review. I think one main thing Ascent has over many other three row crossovers is very good AWD system (unlike most other FWD based systems) and slightly higher ground clearance. Folks in Northeast and Pacific Northwest appreciate that due to their climate. I think it is basically similar in function to Mazda, I read somewhere what I think is an accurate description that CX-9 is a three row crossover for Miata owner with family (slightly less pracical but fun to drive and stylish), Ascent is for a Subaru loyalist that now needs something bigger than Forrester or Outback.
  6. Dealers will upcharge a lot first 1-2 years but than prices will stabilize. $5k for a Z51 package is a bargain, considering all the upgrades. Can't wait till the reviews come out to see how it performs.
  7. That's almost true (not 100%, more like 70-80%), but than all your extra payment goes directly toward paying the principal. So early on extra payments are very beneficial.
  8. As somebody told me, if you in the beginning of the mortgage payment period, it is easier to make extra payments to pay it off faster when you can, than take a 15 year mortgage for a few extra points of percentage and to have much higher monthly payment. If something changes in your life, much easier to go back to a lower payment on 30 year mortgage.
  9. Almost completed my refinancing. The percentage might drop even more but I had to do it now.
  10. There are still bunch of cheaper smaller cars and CUVs from Asian automakers. A lot of used post lease vehicles, but I think they still on a more pricey side because people tend to lease more expensive vehicles.
  11. I like it, I think looks great. I hope they put some real performance into it.
  12. THanks, cool I liked retro-modern Bulllitt
  13. Kazakhstan is not in Europe, it is Central Asia. They have pretty large oil and gas industry, therefore the money for nice cars (not for regular people though).
  14. We are talking about sports cars, not crossovers. You hardly can buy a regular car or crossover with manual transmission now anyway. Enthusiasts with different budgets buy cars like Miata and 911, so if automaker does make cars like that (and some choose not to, or simply can't afford to) than the automaker has to listen to the enthusiasts.
  15. Technically that might be true, but changing gears by yourself while driving on a curvy road on a nice sunny day in a nice sports car is one of the greatest pleasures a car ENTHUSIAST can have. Only a small fraction of sports car buyers actually take their cars to a track or care about extra couple seconds. There is a reason why Porsche, BMW and some other sport car manufacturers go back to offering manual transmission at least on some of their models.

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