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  1. ykX

    Is FWD Dead? VW says Yes!

    I think with EVs having AWD will be easier and less expensive than with ICE vehicles. And even now when the AWD optional, it is about a $2k option on regular cars. With EV, it is probably only extra couple motors on the front and different software.
  2. ykX

    Is FWD Dead? VW says Yes!

    Makes sense. However, most people are used by now to FWD driving dynamics. First heavy rain or snow storm, and there will be a lot crashes and people in the ditch with the new RWD electric vehicles.
  3. ykX

    First Impressions: 2020 Mazda 3: Comments

    That's actually funny and somewhat true While they don't have anything rugged like trucks or real SUVs they still can get dirty (in a suburban way, not true country stile)
  4. I have to say while I am not into large cars but CT6 looks awesome. It is a real shame GM is killing it.
  5. ykX

    First Impressions: 2020 Mazda 3: Comments

    2.5L engine is more powerful than most of the competition. 3 will be hoot to drive with it.
  6. I test drove current and previous Cruze. It is a good car but there was nothing "awesome" about it. It wasn't the worst in the segment and it was by far not the best in the segment. I drove a number of other cars in the segment as well so I have a decent enough idea. Just my personal opinion of course that seems most publications agree with it, Also, only you can call it "sexy"
  7. The fact that you guys talk about last "good" GM small cars from 60s and 70s says a lot. At least Ford had Focus, Fiesta, Mondeo in Europe.
  8. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I think I would prefer this grocery getter
  9. That estimation was around since 90's which was 20 years ago. By that calculation we have only 30 years left. I think they full of crap. However, I am all for electrics because they are much more efficient than ICE and capable of great power. The two biggest problems are the batteries and the electricity supply. It is been said many times that current batteries use rare earth elements that are produced with great pollution and damage to environment, and they have very limited life span and long recharge cycle. The second issue is that our power grid is not capable to support at the moment a great increase in electric power consumption if the electric vehicles will explode and become truly mass market.
  10. I really like it as well. I think it is done pretty tastefully.
  11. Trump says GM should repay U.S. taxpayers for bailout The bill: $11.2 billion in taxpayer money lost saving the company "The U.S. government lost $11.2 billion on its bailout of General Motors, according to a 2014 government report. The government invested about $50 billion to bail out GM as a result of the company's 2009 bankruptcy, and at one time held a 61 percent equity stake in the Detroit-based automaker. Treasury whittled down its GM stake through a series of stock sales starting in November 2010, with the remaining shares sold in December 2013 at a $11.2 billion loss." Autoblog
  12. ykX

    2019 Mazda3 Pulls Out All of the Stops: Comments

    Looks great outside and inside, but I like the front a little less than current generation. Would be really interesting what kind of power and gas mileage Skyactive-X will achieve.
  13. Got to love stock market, thousands of people will end up on the street jobless, but stocks went up. Question is for how long? People without jobs = bad economy = recession.
  14. ykX

    What did you do to your ride today?

    I use a bigger size filter. The OEM size filter is kind of small for the engine size and amount of oil. I realize that manufacturer probably engineered engine and filter with that size in mind but I change oil about every 10k miles (a lot of highway driving) and I think a little more surface area in the filter for extra cleaning is not going to hurt. Plus, the extra size filter I use in my car is the OEM size in my wife's car that has same engine displacement.
  15. ykX

    Subaru Plugs-In the 2019 Crosstrek: Comments

    I have to say $36k is way too much for this. Regular Crosstrek gets 29mpg combined and hybrid is 35mpg with almost $10k premium price.

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