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  1. Exactly a year ago I was with my wife in Paris. Since than Notre-Dame burned down and now the whole world is sick. Only a year passed but feels like a lifetime ago...
  2. It is not really true, many owners of Tesla report "phantom" or "vampire" drain. It seems parked Teslas loose about 30% of the charge in a month There is a lot of this discussed if you google the terms Tesla has 12V battery as well. However, when it senses that 12V battery is getting low it will use the main pack to recharge it.
  3. I am sure they loose a little charge, the car even though when it is off still has certain functions on (security cameras few other things). Otherwise, I think Lithium batteries have pretty good charge hold period.
  4. ykX

    • PROJECTS •

    @dfelt You don't have animals eating your garden? We have bunch of rabbits and deer goes around occasionally too that will decimate any garden without protective netting.
  5. I ordered hair trimmer, it will get interesting in my household... I saw people were making fun already that amount of selfies substantial went down since hair salons and spas got closed
  6. Those are official numbers. I don't believe one bit the numbers that coming from China. Also, Russia basically completely not reporting their cases, they only reported about 1k cases and I hear things are substantially worse there. Nevertheless, things are getting worse and we are not even near the peak. My wife's girlfriend is a doctor in NYC and things are really bad there and getting worse every day. Stay safe everyone.
  7. Really sorry to hear that
  8. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/03/24/tesla-bought-ventilators-from-china-shipped-to-united-states/ Musk donates 1000 ventilators to California hospitals
  9. Martha Stewart still drives her MANUAL DB9 https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a31899306/martha-stewart-aston-martin/ Respect!
  10. I watched a little Barcelona Grand Prix 24 hour race on iRacing, it was kind of cool. Actually, I decided to give iRacing a try, got subscription for one month (under $7 only). I have a wheel setup and played a little on PS4 Project Cars but it is hard to get access to Playstation when my son wants to play his games, especially now. Checked my computer and it is good enough for the game so downloaded it. Trying to figure the game out, so far only played few test practices yesterday.
  11. In a 25 mile radius from my zip code there are 370 brand new Corollas with only about twenty priced above $25k with maximum around $28k. The majority of Corollas are sold closer to $20k. BTW within same range there are Traxes sold at over $30k. There are 301 brand new Traxes and I see almost 90 of them priced over $25k. That's IMO is ridiculous,
  12. It starts from $19.6k, this one is fully loaded with bunch of options. You can load Trailblazer that starts at $19k up to $33k too
  13. ykX

    Apocalypse Vehicle

    I would go with more traditional approach, an older Land Cruiser set up for overlanding It was good enough fro Sarah Connor in the latest Terminator movie. I wouldn't mind the arsenal of weapons she was carrying in it either
  14. So since most people are sitting home, everything is cancelled and it looks like the beginning of apocalypse (just kidding) lets play a small game. Post you idea of the end of the world vehicle, what you will use, what will you add to it. Is it Mad Max type truck or a muscle car like in "I am legend".
  15. Yea, one has leather from a skin of unicorns, wood from the top of Everest and was build by virgins and the other one will have doorknobs from Silverado and switches from Cruise.

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