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  1. Somehow I doubt it will be substantially faster than NA CX-5
  2. Unfortunately, few extra mpg are not going to compensate the higher cost of diesel. I wish Mazda would just cut the losses and not waste money and resources bringing the diesel to US.
  3. ykX

    General Motorcycle Chat

    I think these look great! They should have done these at least 10 years ago!
  4. ykX

    Joke Thread

    Things only people from New Jersey get: 1. Our official mascot should be the holy trinity of pork roll, egg and cheese (aka the Taylor ham sandwich). Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried one. 2. We have a peculiar combination of pride and self-loathing about our state identity. 3. We know every which way to commute from New Jersey to Manhattan. 4. We define where we live based on turnpike (or parkway) exits. 5. And by malls. Are you near Cherry Hill, Bridgewater, Palisades, Freehold Raceway or Short Hills? 6. No one calls it “Joisey.” 7. But some of us do have some funny pronunciation. Repeat after us: wudder (water) and begel (bagel). 8. We don’t know how to pump our own gas. And we’re not sorry about it. 9. In some places, people hang out at coffee shops. We hang out at diners. 10. New Yorkers can have their $4 lattes. We’ll take Wawa coffee (and hoagies) any day. 11. North and South Jersey might as well be different states. And Central Jersey has an identity crisis. 12. No, that’s not raw sewage you’re smelling. It’s just Elizabeth. 13. It’s down the shore, people. And no, we’re not talking about that reality show that ruined our rep forever. 14. Cape May is Victorian perfection. 15. It’s where we get our hoagies delivered to us right on the beach. 16. We don’t like Bennys and Shoobies (you know…tourists from NY and PA) crowding our beaches in the summer. 17. But we’re happy to play host to the Jets and the Giants at East Rutherford’s MetLife Stadium. 18. In New Jersey, if it moves, there’s a tax on it. Except clothes. So we buy a lot of them. 19. We don’t really believe in the Jersey Devil…but Chris Christie is real. 20. But the Pine Barrens are most definitely haunted. 21. And our Garden State peaches, tomatoes and blueberries are undoubtedly the best in the country. 22. We know better than to make left turns. That’s what jug handles are for. 23. Speaking of jug handles, they’re a rite of passage. And boy is it fun watching out-of-towners trying to figure them out. 24. It’s impossible to avoid toll roads. That’s why we all have EZ-Pass. 25. Atlantic City should be reserved exclusively for bachelorette parties…and the Miss America pageant. 26. We’re not all mobsters and corrupt politicians, as The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire might have you believe. 27. But we do know a lot of guys named Tony. 28. Snooki isn’t actually from NJ. 29. Bruce Springsteen is. He’s called “The Boss” for a reason. 30. And we’ll always heart Bon Jovi
  5. ykX

    Joke Thread

    When you want to talk Business - you speak English When you want to talk Love - you speak French When you want to talk Food - you speak Italian When you drop a hammer on your leg - you speak Russian
  6. BTW I see your AMC Eagle (1979 -1987) And beat it with Lada Niva (1976 - Present) (I know not exactly the same, just kidding)
  7. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Very cool. It is just no way old radio like that will have LED lights, probably incandescent. Sorry, EE in me talking.
  8. I will give you AMC but first Outback generation came out in 1994, first Volvo Cross Country came out in 1996. Maybe we should go back far enough for something like this 1938 Russian GAZ-61
  9. Technically Outback was the first, and Buick and now VW, and maybe Ford will compete with Outback
  10. ykX

    Coupe, Not a Coupe

    As much as I hate to admit it, but if you go by definition of the original French word: "1825–35; < French coupé (in defs 1, 2 short for carrosse coupé “cut-off or shortened coach”), past participleof couper “to cut off,” verbal derivative of coup coup" Then, even those abomination CUV's with cut roof qualify to be named as a coupe.
  11. ykX

    Tesla Auto Plates

    These are cool and smart (I like personally EVOLVD), the rest are just corny
  12. ykX

    The Animated Gif Thread

    LOL, so true
  13. ykX

    My comics finally out, check it out and share!

    Very cool, I like that part from the preview
  14. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    In general I am watching very little sports as well, and not a huge fan of soccer even though I am originally from Europe. But World Cup is really cool, I think the whole world (except US, even though things pick up here as well, especially when US played) is watching and following their national teams or some other team they favor. Plus, my younger son plays soccer so it is nice to watch together.
  15. I disagree, cloth is not hot in the summer and not cold in the winter. Leather looks better and it is easier to clean but they need to heat and cool it to be comfortable. Really expensive cars put alcantara now I believe, because it is better than leather.

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