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  1. Since @David didn't answer my question about electric consumption demand as we switch EVs here is a good estimate: How Much Electricity Will It Take to Power Electric Cars of the Future? (inverse.com) Since Texas and California consume more electricity than any other states, they provide a good snapshot of what a future filled with electric vehicles might look like. In both cases, an increase in EVs would drive consumption higher, with the potential to strain local infrastructure. If virtually all passenger cars in Texas were electrified today, the state would need approximately
  2. Coal is only 23% of electrical energy sources. Renewable is about 17%. If renewables completely replace coal (which will take years if not decades) it is still will be only 40%. The rest is natural gas and nuclear. @David do you have any estimate of the electric energy capacity required to replace all cars with EVs?
  3. Well they say: if you woke up and nothing hurts - you are dead
  4. I can't get over the front headlights of the Rivian. Looks so goofy
  5. Especially with 2022 coming next year
  6. At my work's parking lot. Old vs New
  7. Kind of funny, we have @David that thinks we all will be driving EVs in 5 years and @ocnblu that EVs are just a crackpot that never will catch on ... As always the truth is somewhere in between the extremes I suspect.
  8. Care to actually put quotes from these OEMs? Porsche brought back manual because customers demanded it, Subaru just unveiled 2022 BRZ, so definitely not going to disappear by 2025. Nissan showed 400Z prototype and also said it will have manual. 2022 Civic type R will have manual as well. Next gen Mustang and Camaro is unknown. Also Ford added manual to top level Bronco because of the customer's demand.
  9. People keep saying that manual transmission is dead yet new Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86, Miata, Porsche 911, Honda Civic Type R, Mustang and Camaro are still coming with manuals. All true enthusiast cars. Still plenty of people left who appreciate the experience.
  10. You are not their target client
  11. Try to reread what you just wrote ...
  12. It seems you are the one that usually makes things personal if someone disagrees with your opinion. Going right away to name calling like an angry 12 year old (seems to me I told you that already once or twice ...). @ocnblu has his strong opinion about EVs in general and this particular BMW. No reason to make it personal if he disagrees with you. I do agree that BMW is not anymore "The Ultimate Driving machine", and hasn't been that in a long while. Now they are becoming the ultra techno company that makes ugly electronic high end appliances.
  13. Will be interesting how Ford will price EV F-150 ...
  14. BMW styling just went from bad to worse.
  15. There is no quality ICE vehicle for $15k new But I think having a good EV in the $25-35k range will do the trick.

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