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  1. Subaru News: Subaru Prices 2019 Ascent

    To compare to other CUV's in the segment the price seems to be inline with everything else out there.
  2. Subaru News: Subaru Prices 2019 Ascent

    I take it back, maybe not really more expensive when you compare apples to apples
  3. Subaru News: Subaru Prices 2019 Ascent

    I think a bit disappointing. First I was disappointed when I saw one at the auto show. It looks better in pictures than in person. Often it is the other way around. At the show it was a loaded model and inside it didn't look anything special. And now it seems that it is priced higher than most of its competitors.
  4. Dream Garage- Average Transaction $ Pt 2

    1. Buick TourX Essence, no packages MSRP: $35995 2. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Hard Top, MSRP: $34670 3. Mazda MX-5 Club, BBS/Brembo package, MSRP: $33375 4. Honda Pilot EX AWD with Honda Sensing, MSRP: $36230 5. Subaru WRX Limited, MSRP $34550
  5. Short term car shopping. Again.

    Chevy has up to $3k cash allowance on Cruze, Malibu (Malibu actually up to $3.5k). Their crossovers have also deals but not as good,
  6. Well it was my list so to spite you @ccap41 and @dfelt I will take the damn Pilot next time I am spending $180k on 5 cars
  7. Durango with V8 will cost close to $48k MSRP minimum V6 is a possibility vs the Pilot of course
  8. 1. Need a three row for family duties, not my first choice by far, but for the money ... Pilot AWD Touring - $44.5k 2. 2018 Mustang GT premium, performance package - $46k 3. Daily driver, I have a long commute so need something cheap, reliable and a little fun - Mazda 6 Sport -$24k 4. Miata MX-5 Club - $33k 5. For wife's commute TLX base -$33k
  9. Bought a New Car

    Tiguan or maybe Touareg
  10. Bought a New Car

  11. @dfelt I have been reading on a new battery technology for a while now but yet to see it in mass production. Eventually, it will happen, the question is when. I was considering getting a used Vette in a few years but after sitting in one at the auto show I am starting to have my doubts. I am not a huge guy, 6'1", 180lbs and it was tight for me, and even lowering the seat all the way down felt like I will be very close to the roof. I don't think there are many more sports cars in Mustang/Camaro price range with compatible performance.
  12. How they dump weight when batteries are inherently heavy? Look at Tesla, stupid fast in a straight line until it comes to a corner. Model S weights between 4500 and 4900, while CTS for example 3600 to 4000.
  13. Bought a New Car

    For you or wife? Family or fun?
  14. 2018 Philly Auto SHow

    Philly auto show is a small one without big unveilings but I work about 40 minutes drive from Philly so left work early yesterday to take a look. So here few of my thoughts. Subaru Ascent - I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. Externally it looks more awkward than in pictures, it is like somebody took Forester and did a 150% copy. At the show they had Limited model, not sure if it is top of the line or not but interior looked just ok. Front seats felt pretty comfortable. Second row doesn’t have a lot of leg room, and third row is tight. My legs were crammed to the second row seat backs as bad as in MDX for example. The only thing due to a more square design third row has more headroom, so it fills a little roomier. Trunk is smallish when third row is up like all of them. I believe it is smaller than Pilot. Maybe on a positive side it will drive better, but turbo four and cvt doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. Buick TourX - they had only one black Preferred trim model. It is a mid-level model, but they said they will not do base anyway. How the mid-level model of luxury automaker costing $32k doesn’t even have leather is beyond me! Overall I liked the car, it looks great, the interior is nice enough even on that more basic model and pretty spacious. Trunk is pretty good too. I think the biggest issue for me will be the price. The top trim Essence with options will be well above $40k. I checked on cars.com, the cheapest Essence on sale around me is almost $38k and going up. I think it is way too much for that car. I think it should cost about as much as loaded Outback, you trade ground clearance for better handling and maybe better looks. Otherwise it doesn’t have anything special that Outback doesn’t. The only thing is in a year or two if it will be part of excellent end of the year GM sales and you can get it for low to mid $30s than I think it will be great. Volvo - I sat in V90 and XC90. In pictures the interior look great but in reality I was somewhat disappointed, looks a bit rough and plasticy. Space wise V90 supposed to be bigger than Outback and Tour X but doesn’t really feel that way. I think they are too expensive for what they are. Mustang - they had GT premium with performance package. The seats were very comfortable with good driving position. The back seat looks small even for kids, especially behind the driver seat but the front is spacious and comfortable. The manual had nice short and smooth throws, I think they improved it compared to the previous transmission, I remember few years back when I sat in one at the show it didn’t feel that good. Bullitt looks great but for majority of people I think it is just will be a green Mustang. So not sure how much over regular Mustang it will be priced but probably will not really justify the higher price. Camaro – OMG, inside it is like you sit in a submarine with tiny windows, you read about it but you need to experience it. In the last comparison with Mustang Camaro kicked ass, but I would not be able to buy one just because of that. Corvette - they had gorgeous Z06. However, seating in one it is tight, almost as tight as in Miata. They had the roof off but I lowered the seat all the way down and it felt like I will be very close to the roof if it would be in place. For reference I am 6'1", 180lbs. The seats didn't fell very comfortable too. I was considering getting a used Vette (not Z06 but regular Stingray Z51) in a few years as an option but might need to reconsider it. Overall, pretty decent auto show, not as big as NYC but not bad at all. They had some interesting classic and modified cars from the local auto clubs as well. Being mid-week also there wasn't too many people and I could sit in and check out out all the cars easily.
  15. Agreed. It is amazing that Camaro as fast or faster as cars two three times its price. I am a big Mustang fan and actually plan to purchase one in a few years. Camaro design outside and inside just doesn't do it for me, but boy do I wish Mustang would handle as good as the Camaro! Maybe, next generation Mustang will be better, one could hope...

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