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  1. ykX

    I know what I'm getting next!

    I hated that front on the new Camaro but it looks pretty good on the crossover.
  2. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Definitely cool
  3. Can't wait to see the test drives, very curious how these changes will reflect in real world numbers.
  4. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    My dad had colon cancer so at recommendation of his doctors I started doing colonoscopy at 40. The worst part as was mentioned is the preparation, and bloating after the procedure, try to schedule the procedure when you are off from work before and after. Otherwise it is not a big deal.
  5. ykX

    I Drove a McLaren and Now I'm Ruined

    The previous owner of my company had 650 Spider which he occasionally brought in, among a number of others like 911, Lambo, MB AMG and few more. The cars like this McLaren or Ferraris, Lambos are amazing and drool worthy, it is just too bad they out of reach to 99.9% of people.
  6. ykX

    I Drove a McLaren and Now I'm Ruined

    Wow, that was almost poetic
  7. ykX

    Review: 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti

    For once I have to agree with @dfelt, I am not a fan of the new Alfa's exterior design. Interior looks ok to me. Also, way too many stories about really questionable build quality puts me off them also.
  8. I like this Yukon in black, not a fan of chrome. The Grand Cherokee looks awesome in dark green though.
  9. Yes, it is probably very true. I really would love to get a weekend/autocross and maybe occasional track day car in a couple years and I am constantly going between Mustang and Miata. I always loved how Mustang looks and it is hard to beat the sound and the power of V8, but it is big and heavy. The small size and handling really attracts me to the Miata. Ultimately, I would love to have both , but I hardly will be able to afford only one. First world problems ...
  10. I have to say I sat in the Miata and a Corvette at a car show and surprisingly both felt about the same to me. I am 6'1". You mean it was good or too weak? I haven't had a chance to drive one. Even 180hp puts it at about 13 lbs/hp. It is not super great but I guess it was never about pure power. Still I guess it wouldn't hurt it to have a little over 200hp.
  11. ykX

    Ford News: 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Gets Upgraded

    There is bunch of GT350 base around me going now under MSRP already (around $58k). Not very easy to find a lot of buyers for a $60k sports car after initial hype died down. Too bad this car is way out of my budget, the car is awesome. I bet the upkeep on it is not cheap either.
  12. Wasn't talking about your personal preferences. As I said, to each its own and both have place for people with their own personal needs and requirements. I was just commenting on your claims that Escalade has more space and more comfortable for grown ups than minivan, which is not entirely correct.
  13. To each its own of course and everybody has its own preferences, but no matter what you say a loaded minivan with captains chairs will be significantly more comfortable for a road trip than a big SUV, even an Escalade for both kids and adults. And if you say otherwise, it means you never rode in a minivan or just not willing to admit it.
  14. Just a little comparison between passenger space in Escalade and Pacifica. (front is more spacious a little bit in the Escalade but rear is no comparison)
  15. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I would rather have something like that instead of these vans

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