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  1. @dfeltHere we go again with 5'8" people. I am 6'1" and had no issues with CX-9 driver seat. CX-9 indeed tighter on space than some other three row crossovers but it handles like a sports sedan and looks great compared to the rest of soap boxes in the segment.
  2. You can get free Carplay AND Android Auto in Kia or Chevrolet, but you can't in BMW. Hmmm, something wrong with that picture My friends have '19 530. They had issues with infotainment. Plus it drives like a 20 year old Lexus.
  3. So bottom line, how you personally ranking it against other crossovers in this segment?
  4. They have been saying same thing for at least last 1.5 years. Yet, nothing happened. I am not saying it will not happen, maybe it will. However, if it happens, many economists will say we predicted it, while they were wrong many times, before their "professional prediction" really came true.
  5. No way it will be as fun as RWD. Look at many high performance awd supercars, take a look at NSX. The awd might help them to get going from standing still much faster, but when it comes to handling, the bias is always to the rear wheels, even in the car like NSX that has torque vectoring.
  6. I like the updated look much more than the original one.
  7. Finally watched "Ford vs Ferrari" with the family. Great movie. My wife and kids loved it too.
  8. I am not a big fan of Korean twins looks. However, i have seen XT6 closely recently and it looks boring and pedestrian as hell. I think Koreans have more character than the newest Caddilac. It is a shame really.
  9. So everyone is groaning and moaning about Nissan, Honda and Subaru using CVT but nobody mentioned it here? I guess the badge justifies different treatment. 1.2L turbo with CVT - ohh I am sure this will be lightning fast.
  10. I have no problem with Aston making an SUV. That's where the money today is and it is a big and profitable market. I bet DBX will sell more than the rest of the lineup combined. I am just a little disappointed in the design. It is not a bad looking SUV but I expected better from Aston.
  11. I am a big fan of Aston Martin and I find pretty much all of their cars amazing looking. This - not so much.
  12. It does look much better without cladding IMO. But even with the cladding it is a great looking car.
  13. I actually agree This body looks so much better without on Mazda 3

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