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  1. ykX

    Need Car Advice.. Corvette Z06 kinda advice

    My vote goes for used. Reason 1: 7 SPEED MANUAL (I think you are buying for driving pleasure - having auto will kill 50% of that experience, just IMPO) Reason 2: As previous posters said you don't really need ceramic brakes for only occasional track day. Reason 3: As you said yourself extra $22k for a car you will drive only few thousands a year doesn't make sense. Awesome cars btw, look great. Sat in one at the auto show, was surprised how tight are they inside, felt almost as tight as Miata. Let us know how Z06 in comparison to your Stingray.
  2. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Exactly. My current Max Performance Summer tires handle substantially better on dry and wet when it is warm than the all seasons I had. However, they last about 20-30k max. I can't handle it on a daily driver considering I am driving close to 30k a year, will have to go to high performance all-seasons next time, either Michelin or Continentals.
  3. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Too bad that it seems best all-season tires to go to are from Michelin and Continental. I didn't see anything from Goodyear that even close to them in price and performance.
  4. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes, but 2018 vs 2019
  5. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I think previous design looks a bit better
  6. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I have to agree, I think it looks worse
  7. ykX

    2018 Buick Regal Sportback Essence

    Probably the only reason to get Buick over Malibu or other car in the segment is to get TourX, not the Sportback
  8. ykX

    General Motorcycle Chat

    @dfelt No, Yamaha is too extreme. This is the one (Actually, I would love to have it too)
  9. ykX

    General Motorcycle Chat

    @Drew Dowdell Nice bike! I love naked standard bikes I always lusted after the Ducati Monster 796 but the wife said no bikes until kids grow up So I will have to buy a Mustang probably
  10. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    @Drew Dowdell is the job title by any chance "Lord god Genius in Charge"? or "Chief Awesome Officer" "Director of Underdog Concepts" "Idea Jedi" "Space/Time Specialist" "Director of Underdog Concepts"?
  11. ykX

    Joke Thread

    Three engineering students were gathered together discussing the possible designers of the human body. One said, "It was a mechanical engineer. Just look at all the joints." Another said, "No, it was an electrical engineer. The nervous system has many thousands of electrical connections." The last said, "Actually it was a civil engineer. Who else would run a toxic waste pipeline through a recreational area? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before studying engineering, if someone asked me what 1+1 is, I would have said "2." Now, I'd say "I'm pretty sure it's 2, but we'd better make it 3 just to be safe." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many nuclear engineers does it take to change a lightbulb? Seven. One to install the new bulb and six to figure out what to do with the old one for the next 10,000 years.
  12. ykX

    Joke Thread

    Once a priest asks a rabbi: "Tell me the truth: you never tasted bacon, not even once?" The rabbi says: "Well once, when I was young I was curious, I tried it once, yes it was delicious" Than rabbi asks priest: "Tell me the truth: you never had sex with a women, not even once?" The priests answers: "Well once, when I was young I was curious I spent a night with a woman." The rabbi than says: "No comparison to bacon isn't it?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once a rabbi and a priest find a bag full of money. They split the money and discuss what to do with it. The priest says: "I will donate all my share to the Catholic church to serve God" The rabbi says: "I will make a pact with God, I will throw all the money in the air, whatever he wants he will take, the rest will be for me"
  13. I like it, similar to MDX but better proporions. Like the interior too. Thank god they put buttons for AC control, in current MDX you have to go through screen menus for basic functions, so stupid.
  14. First Toyota in a very long time that I really like. Will see how it drives, hopefully much better

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