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  1. I think these were a little before H3T
  2. ykX

    Review: 2018 Kia Stinger GT1 AWD

    If I wanted another sport sedan, Stinger would be at the top of my list with not too many other options. I looked at Genesis at the auto show. It looks much better than Stinger outside and inside, but the rear leg room is almost non existent when I adjusted front seat for myself. I was really surprised. Personally, I would go with RWD Stinger, not AWD. However, I have a very long commute and probably will go with two car setup next time: cheap and economical commuter and a sports car that i will keep very long time, most likely the Mustang.
  3. ykX

    Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price Again

    You are correct, the EV right now to be profitable have to be in $70-100k price range. However, initially, cars in general only rich people could afford. Eventually the technology will be cheap enough to realistically to make profit selling electric vehicles in the affordable price range for the common public. If you look at technology in general it has been like that with every new and now common and cheap innovation: microwave, refrigerator, TVs etc.
  4. Wow, I guess Rivian is more ready for production then I thought. Good to get more players in the field, shame though that GM is investing instead of developing technology. Now waiting for @dfelt and @ocnblu to get into this thread
  5. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    They should do Blazer electrical, it has the looks, now give it a good electrical powertrain to stand out.
  6. ykX

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Went yesterday to the Philly Auto Show, was pretty decent show, also midweek very few people, good opportunity to see all the cars. Few thoughts: Blazer - in person looks not as good as in pictures. Still a different take at mid size crossover. Looks inside and out different than most vanilla crossovers. I wish it would drive as sporty as it looks. G70 - looks great, interior looks very nice and very driver oriented. However, after I adjusted front seat for my height the back seat had about as much space as a Mustang. Even less than my G37, and I think they are very similar in size. Shame, I think it will hurt it. Just because of that I would got with Stinger even though it is not as nice inside. Miata RF - sat in it and asked the show girl close the roof. I fit well and I am 6'1". Fits like glove, really like it. GT500 - looks awesome, However, I think I prefer GT350. They had Bullitt there as well, and people could sit in it. Looks great, comfortable inside. I am torn between Mustang and Miata, I want them both Jeep Gladiator - actually looks very awkward to me. I didn't like it. Regular Wrangler is great. iPace - it is more of a wagon than a crossover. I was surprised how low is it. Interior is really nice. Looked at few other cars but no special impressions.
  7. I love the looks, orange is not my color but this one looks great, especially with the black wheels. Anyway, special edition was gone in 4 hours after going on sale. Yesterday was at Philly auto show and sat in the MIata RF. Asked the Mazda show girl (who was gorgeous btw )to close the roof to see if I fit. I fit ok and I am 6'1". New Miata fits like a glove, surprisingly comfortable inside.
  8. I think Regal will be gone soon and Camry most likely will switch to turbo-four in the next generation
  9. The interior looks really good. They integrated the display very nicely, unlike Ford. With 2.4 turbo from Ascent it probably will move pretty good. I just hope all these turbo engines in all the new cars will last longer than 100k miles.
  10. ykX

    Ask Me About: 2019 Buick Regal GS

    Funny how every GM car thread becomes a knife fight ...
  11. ykX

    February Car Spotting

    Maybe because almost nobody buys them? I saw maybe 1 or 2 while there is a bunch of Model 3 around, While 3 has it is share of problems my regular door froze one morning also and I had difficulty opening it.
  12. ykX

    A Brief Note from Your Friendly Staff Writer

    Thank you for all your contributions and good luck!
  13. I heard that first year they had transmission issues. Hopefully new one will last longer. What was the issue with the top? Did you do any autocross or track days with it?
  14. ykX

    The Blackwing V8 – CT6-V

    I respect a lot Drew's and William opinion and don't see them as biased. However, not sure if you noticed but majority of their reviews are basically inline with what I see in other publications.
  15. ykX

    The Blackwing V8 – CT6-V

    That is absolutely true. However, the difference between average schmuck like us (BTW it was a joke) and auto journalists is that they drive hundreds of vehicles and can compare apples to apples. We get to drive only few at best and mostly form our opinion based on our biases. Also, didn't say that Toyota "better" than GM, but on average their cars more reliable. Personally for me there are more cars that I like from GM than Toyota. But unlikely I would buy anything from either one any time soon.

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