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  1. Not sure why @ccap41 you keep arguing. Today G-wagen is the status symbol, period. Nobody who buys it will be moving furniture or taking it off road. Every G-wagen owner I saw was either an assh@le with too much money or a trophy wife with and assh@le husband that has too much money,
  2. So pretty much every thread comes to MB vs Caddy right now ...
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    @dfelt I am a naturalized citizen, and when I decided to stay in this country and build here my family and my home, it came with understanding that I have to live and respect the laws and traditions of this country. It seems that some people mistakenly feel that they are entitled to freedom and respect, without giving it back. I am not much for words but I think you did a great thing standing up to that guy.
  4. I like it, exterior and interior look good. So is it Kia Stinger Hyundai twin? It seems to have same engines if I am not mistaken
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street
  6. I have consideried getting diesel for a daily driver few years back because I have long, mostly highway commute. But as of now most mid size sedans getting close to or better then 40mpg it is simply not worth it. I have calculated and even with diesel car getting about 50mpg on highway and regular about 35mpg, it is not worth it because of the price disparity between regular gas and diesel prices and higher initial price plus higher maintenance of diesel engines. Unfortunately or fortunately, I think diesel is dead. It is still probably useful for now for truck applications but I think regular consumers simply will not buy diesel anymore, they don't really have too,
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    So now BMW copies Mazda? X7 Concept vs CX5
  8. Cool, but for pure city truck they should have gone with cab over engine design for greater maneuverability. Not yet, they plan to do it. This is pure electrical.
  9. To me it makes sense, while the badge might offend some people, this new CUV might be just the right size for our family if it is about same size as Acadia. Traverse is too big and Equinox is too small.
  10. Here's a Tour of the Most Expensive Cadillac From 1977

    @lengnert I guess so. He used to post at Jalopnik but now he is an editor at Autotrader https://www.autotrader.com/car-topics/latest-articles.xhtml?rdpage=SUBNAV His thing is to buy some cars like older Ferrari or Humvee which he keeps for up to a year and do some ridiculous things with them.
  11. 2017 Cruze LT RS

    @Stew How many times your brother had to fix his ATS so far? From your post it seems that it has been quite few times already. @Frisky Dingo I kind of agree. I know somebody who had Range Rover and got Land Rover Discovery (older one) as a loaner, he was so pissed off he let me took Land Rover off road and do with it pretty much as I please. It was fun
  12. Here's a Tour of the Most Expensive Cadillac From 1977

    DeMuro was never about accuracy, more about entertainment. He is a little annoying to watch but his articles are usually pretty funny.
  13. Sorry, no big surprises 1. Ford GT 2. STi 3. Range Rover Supercharged 4. GT-R 5. Raptor
  14. Ok, I will take your Chiron instead
  15. 1. RX7 2. Defende TD5 3. Volvo 850R 4. Mini Hardtop 5. Bentley Continental W12