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  1. He is going to tell you that he takes his 15 years old Escalade off road all the time and sees plenty of Escalade enthusiasts off road
  2. I think looks wise it is a huge step back from the current one. Exterior and interior. I think while RAV4 was a big step forward at least in how it looks this is a step backwards from the current one.
  3. Visually I like Cadillac's interiors much more, personally. Quality wise I don't know, hopefully new ones will be on par with Germans. I like front and back of the car but not crazy about the profile. Hopefully it will be very good. In any case it will be tough sell in today's market of crossovers.
  4. To be fair 2010 Mustang GT had 315hp and 325 lb-ft, weighted about 3500-3600lbs This one will have 330 hp and 350 lb-ft and probably will weight around the same. As I said I would rather have the V8 as well but this new turbo-four will smoke a V8 from less than a ten years ago in a straight and most definitely on a track.
  5. This will be great for autocross, but I still want the GT with the V8. I really like these wheels though.
  6. Now I really need to get one! I wish that "hand built engine" would have more power than the standard TLX. It looks nice but without any performance upgrades it is just a poser package.
  7. Yes, I had Motorola before and switched to Pixel only because of the camera. I tried iPhone for six month, hated it. But I understand why people like it, my wife and a lot of friends use iPhones.
  8. Yes, I got my Pixel when it was $300 off, plus Costco supposed to send me $30 gift card to offset Verizon activation fee.
  9. Yes, I got my Pixel 3XL about month and a half ago and so far have been pretty happy with it. It doesn't look as sexy as Samsungs but it is pure Android without any additional things manufacturers tend to cram and the camera is phenomenal (which for me was a main reason to get it). I just hope it lasts for me. Latest Samsung phones seem really good though, great hardware and looks. I don't think the foldable ohone is actually worth the money or trouble, maybe in a few generations, when they work out the issues.
  10. I think as a hatch it looks much better. And with that engine it should be a hoot,
  11. Most of the cars are diesels in the Europe. I guess the Fiats and Jeeps are more polluting than others.
  12. The big check in April might help economy, but I think the goal for a financially smart person has to be to end up as close to zero as possible: not to own anything to the government and not to get a big refund either. A big refund means that you are overpaying your taxes during the year.
  13. Personal opinion is personal, but even if you read Corvette forums, a lot of owners themselves dislike the Vette engine sound.
  14. LOL Sometimes @dfelt you are something. What do you mean why would you want a Ferrari? As opposing to what, Tesla, Bolt? Noisy? Ferrari engines have one of the most beautiful sounds in the industry. Anyway, most this type of cars get to be driven very little to make a difference, Probably Fiats and Jeeps are the majority of FCA vehicles in Europe, and I doubt they have higher emissions than the rest of European manufacturers. It just the standards are strict and getting stricter so it makes sense financially to buy credits from Tesla, than to pay fines.

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