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  1. GX460 starts at $52k X5 starts at $60k Q7 starts at $73k GLE is not in the same class Yes GX is old but is PROVEN to be very reliable and it is PROVEN to be really good off-road unlike its German counterparts (not that many owners take it off road) Q7 and X5 are undoubtedly much better on-road but I would never buy them only lease. GX460 will easily go up to 300k miles. That is the reason I was interested in it. Enough space and comfort and yet, would be able to take it off road or camping. Funny thing, I can buy 2016-2017 CPO X5 for about $35-40k (so it lost at least 40-45% of its value in less than 3 years. And yet comparable in mileage CPO GX460 go for $38-45k I wonder why is that ...
  2. I am not a big Porsche fan, in fact not fan at all, but the new 2020 Cayman GT4 is super cool, looks awesome, finally back to inline 6, manual transmission.
  3. I think you put a wrong picture @balthazar. Here is the correct picture
  4. 2011 MDX. Probably will get another CPO 2018 MDX sometime this year, she test drove it and liked it. It does drive nice, I have to say.
  5. I actually tried to convince my wife to consider used or CPO GX460 , there are a lot of them off lease with low miles. Was hoping to take it from her after she drives it about 8 years. But it drives like a truck, and she didn't like it.
  6. Man, it gets uglier and uglier. I wish we would get European version of Land Cruiser Prado face, looks so much prettier.
  7. I said they are rare now, I didn't say they don't exist. Many more mid-size Skoda, Renault, Peugeot and other European cars are now taxis than E-class. Besides, I don't know why are you guys are looking down on the fact that E-class was used as a taxi. Taxis get beaten like cr@p, and the fact E-class was prefered by taxi drivers for many years just seems like a compliment than anything else. Same as Crown Vics were used for many years by taxis and cops and are known for the durability.
  8. Taxis in Europe use diesels anyway, besides it is rare now to see E-class as a taxi anywhere except Germany.
  9. Hmm, the numbers after the model letter used to mean something. Now they seem to be completely random ...
  10. I know how government projects are done and there are a lot of waste, but to be fair, expanding boundaries of new technology, and making one plane working for all three branches is not an easy task, and expensive at that.
  11. It seems pilots that actually fly it have a different opinion. https://www.airspacemag.com/military-aviation/f-35-faces-most-critical-test-180971734/
  12. Because F35 is supposed to give much better capabilities, something F16 or F18 upgrade is not capable to do it. Stealth is one of them. F35 is immensely complex project, much more than most people realize. It looks like a disaster now, but I think eventually it will be one of the greatest planes in the world. Most likely the last manned one too.
  13. If I am not mistaken B-52s are scheduled to fly till 2050. Pretty amazing if you ask me.
  14. I think it is a bit early to recycle the Abrams fleet while our opponents increasing substantially their armored forces. Abrams proved that it is far from obsolete and we still might (and I think most definitely) will require it in the future. It is much easier to maintain and upgrade than to build something from scratch, especially if you need something like a tank in a big hurry.

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