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  1. ykX

    youtube channels

    Jay Leno's garage (big fan too) savagegeese DriveTribe Engineered Explained The Smoking Tire Motor Trend used have excellent videos but now they want you to pay for the good stuff, so no... CarandDriver posts some good videos of their reviews as well
  2. So true. While I had to go to work all these months and I wasn't cooped at home, my "fun car", my old Infiniti G37 was stored in the garage since late November. The stress of my wife and me being exposed by going to work and our kids staying at home without us during the day was a lot. Just recently I finally had time and opportunity to take my G out and just go for a drive. I realized how much I missed changing gears, revving a nice powerful engine (not economy 4 cylinder), and just going for a drive without any destination. Some local roads on a nice evening, it was pretty epic. I realize I have to do it more often.
  3. Choice is good, and I am all for choice, but taking a Rembrandt painting and painting over it modern art is not a choice, but a criminal act Just my personal opinion
  4. The sound of V8, straight 6 engines can't be replicated and it is not just loud noise, it is music to the ears of any automotive enthusiast worth anything I am all for EVs and some cars can be cool as restomods but taking old beautiful cars and gutting them just doesn't seem right to me.
  5. ykX

    2021 F-150

    Actually looks great with some very neat features. Love the tailgate and an idea of having a built in electric power source. 20 Amps is pretty good, can even power number of things at home during emergency, not just camping or work site.
  6. From my experience as an engineer, in most cases (not always) bad engineering like you describe is a result of a bad management and unreasonable constrains management and accounting put on engineer. Most engineers I know rather to overengineer thing than underengineer.
  7. Latest JD Powers Initial Quality Study Contrary to a popular believe when manufacturer deserves recognition it gets it. GM is above average and much higher than Toyota and Honda. Koreans are killing and Tesla needs to get their sh@t together.
  8. Well, the way I see it, buying Honda Pilot provides almost double American jobs than buying Chevrolet Traverse. That's my micro-view. And being in manufacturing myself that matters to me.
  9. @oldshurst442 You keep blaming CR and other magazines unfairly treating US manufacturer and fabricating stories about bad quality but I see around me from my family vehicles and my coworkers and friends that the issues with quality are there. I am not saying Honda and Toyota are perfect, far from it. But I definitely see same pattern, I can give you numerous examples but it doesn't matter. All I am saying if Honda can build majority of its vehicles here and have superior quality than Ford than something is wrong. If that's UAW fault, than some drastic measures need to be taken. The pandemic showed how much in trouble we are when it was discovered that crucial medical equipment and medications are all manufactured in China and India. When sh@t hit the fan these countries will take care of themselves first of all. Politicians and accountants in charge of US companies need to wake the phak up.
  10. Yea missed that one, sorry So it makes Ford even with Toyota. Kind of sad if you ask me.
  11. @balthazar Numbers in that index rating and other surveys. If you have different numbers, please share. @oldshurst442 What the hell are you talking about? First of all this is not from Consumer Reports, this is Cars.com index. Secondary no one said anything about quality or reliability. This is just index of US made content of different models. Speaking of quality, if Honda can build pretty much all of their US market vehicles here with a majority of parts manufactured here as well and have good, actually very good quality, so should "phocking" Ford! Instead they save pennies by outsourcing manufacturing and build sh@t. I am all for building stuff in US and I think GM and Ford should do it more here.
  12. Unfortunately the numbers tell a different story.
  13. Chevy Silverado US content is 46% Out of the top 20 cars/ trucks the split is : GM - 4 vehicles Ford - 2 Honda - 7 Toyota - 3 So please tell me which company supports US manufacturing more?
  14. Who's fault is it that Honda has substantially more US made parts and designed, builds and assembles most of its US market cars and crossovers here than GM? People argue that at the end of the day corporation is foreign and profits go abroad. However, IMO it doesn't matter if the the majority of paying JOBS building that car are here, jobs that provide livelihood to many Americans. If Honda can do that there is no reason GM or Ford couldn't do that either if they wanted. However, these corporations (and many more) are controlled by accountants that only care about saving few cents and making more profits for shareholders and the top brass. I would rather have MDX (that's on the 17s place) than Buick Enclave (51s)

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