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  1. I think it is but I really hope its not
  2. [Whistles "Transformers" theme song.] :AH-HA_wink: Bumble bee!!!!! and thats Munson as in Thurman Munson
  3. the most recent Motor trend just arrived in my mail box. There is an interesting article about the 5th Generation Camaro Convertable. It stated that GM has greenlighted the rag top. Did I miss something I didnt think the car was green lighted period. Although I do believe its being worked on already. Its good news. I just cant wait for this car to be on the lots come on GM.
  4. Very true, It seems like every car GM produces has sick scrutiny. NO car is perfect GM is on the upswing.
  5. I understand we havent seen all the Aura has to give yet but I would like to see, the redline model with the fender flares larger and the center exhaust like the concept car. Also I would like the car to cost around 24 k with the 270 hp GTP drivetrain from the g6. Also some nicer rim choices for the whole model line up I thought the production cars rims sucked. The interior I thought was nice maybe the color schemes could be improved. I will be in the market for a car just like this one I just hope the pricing is reasonable, Mr Lutz said astonishing value now show me that and I will open my check book.
  6. I just got home from the new york auto show. Now I have been infatuated by the Camaro Concept since I saw it but after actually seeing the car im awestruck. There really is a difference from seeing the pictures and seeing it in person. I asked for Scott Settlemire the girl said I just missed him and he would be there tomorrow. The girl who introduced the car was real informative and even made things interesting with some comments about the car. I was speaking to her after her presentation and I said I believed the car was already being worked on and she winked at me. I know everyone knows the car is a go, but I still like the hints she and other GM people dropped at the show that the car is to be made. I also have to say, I liked the Chalenger concept but tonight the buzz seemed to be all Camaro. The Chalenger had a few peoples attention but the Camaro seemed to really captivate people. Maybe this will change in the other days of the show who knows . I do think the Camaro is better, its a foward looking design while paying respect to the Camaros great past. They also said it will be priced along with the Mustang, which is good news even if its kind of old news around here anyway. So I now believe we are very close to an official announcement. What a car, so does any one else who saw it agree its even better in person?,,,,,, Come on GM announce it already....
  7. St Johns Campus in Suffolk county Long Island,
  8. buckets console, heated seats, rag top nice stereo systems and im happy as a clam
  9. especially how nice they say it is. The only thing that scares me is we heard the same stuff about the new Malibu for years and still no car so I hope it doesnt take forever GM needs it now. However I do agree it would be a great one two punch. The line up should be pretty cool in the next few years. Monte RWD Impala RWD and the Camaro. and in a newly designed Malibu ( soon I hope ) to compete with the Camrys/Altimas of the world, the trucks its changing I just hope people will give them a fair shake
  10. Thats great news, if they do it right it will be a big hit. The D.O.D. system and great price point and quality will make it a smash. With the MPG so good i would use it as my daily driver. I really hope its here soon. I honestly believe they will sell a lot of the base models to young girls/woman. If the price they have been saying it will cost is true, I cant see it not being a huge hit for GM. GET HER HERE!!!!
  11. [quote name='balthazar' date='Mar 11 2006, 03:19 AM'] [quote=Munson05]f body basically the same thing....[/quote] I would respectfully disagree. A Pontiac engine underhood makes all the difference in the world to legions of fans. Add in mostly unique sheetmetal, interior & suspension and they (1st gen) are not what should be called 'basically the same'. [post="105507"][/post] [/quote I think in 82 they were all just GM drivetrain but im not sure, I know the 3 gens were pretty much the same car. Im a Camaro guy but I still dig the TAs good point though
  12. f body basically the same thing pontiac or chevy still awesome. hopefully the 2 come back to life together Trans am Camaro meant to be

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