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  1. They will obviously put a V8 in it. It will be positioned to compete directly with the 7-series and S-Class. Both of which now have hybrid V6 "base" engines in addition to 8 and 12-cylinder engines. I doubt GM will put a V12 in it, simply because GM has no V12, but a HO supercharged DOHC V8 is likely, IMO.
  2. Question for those who have a problem with it being on the modified EpsII platform. If its standard AWD on ALL models, is it really that big of a deal that its technically sitting on a FWD architecture?
  3. Autoblog likes it. Says its all but production-ready. http://www.autoblog.com/2010/01/12/detroit-2010-cadillac-xts-platinum-conpect-is-anything-but/
  4. I think you're basing too much opinion off too little information.
  5. I'm starting to remember why I stopped coming here. You people are really negative and incredibly hard to please. The power train in this concept is perfectly appropriate for the base model. See: Mercedes S400, BMW 740i. I keep seeing people say its FWD, but according to the PR its AWD. Seems normal to me. Whose to say its not RWD? Nowhere does it mention its FWD unless I missed something. This car is gorgeous, especially for its segment. Compared to the S-Class, 7-series and the LS its the most striking car in its class. I'm not sure what everyone was expecting. I guarantee you people will love this.
  6. I love everything about this car and I think all of you are crazy.
  7. bowtie_dude


    Last year's was better (at least up to this point) and they were on the edge of bankruptcy. I've not been impressed by ANYONE. The one exception being the 2012 Ford Focus.
  8. If there's a midnight embargo on the PR, then we'll see it right after midnight eastern time. Otherwise, I'd say we'll be waiting until the Cadillac PC tomorrow. Overall, pretty sub-par Day 1.
  9. Officially worst Day 1 ever. Shaping up to be a very underwhelming Detroit Show, though I'm excited to see the XTS concept tomorrow.
  10. Were there no press releases for the new cars and concepts at the show? I've never seen it take this long.
  11. It would appear that I need to update my sig and avatar...

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