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  1. ApolloBoy

    Poor Cutlass

    Well thankfully I never see them here in San Jose, but Oakland is an entirely different story...
  2. ApolloBoy

    Poor Cutlass

    Heh, that reminds me of the "scrappers" we have in the SF Bay Area. These are some examples of some scrappers... http://www.craigslist.org/eby/car/129355346.html http://www.craigslist.org/sfc/car/129160247.html http://www.craigslist.org/sby/car/129268165.html Yuck.
  3. ApolloBoy

    Anyone here a fan of the 2nd gen Custom Cruiser?

    I don't know, I never heard much about the car after my grandpa sold it (he sold it to a relative, BTW). My grandpa had the car for 15 years, and he never had a problem with it...
  4. ApolloBoy

    Are Japanese cars so great?

    You should try driving my dad's '04 Avalon. It's got a smooth ride, very plush interior, I don't see how you could bash Toyota when they produce stuff like this. And yes, I have driven it.
  5. ApolloBoy


    Actually, the Tempo was quite reliable, it's just that the people who bad-mouth them have never driven one or didn't even bother doing basic maintenance.
  6. ApolloBoy

    10 Worst Cars

    Calling the cars the worst just because they have low resale value or poor safety? Gimme a break...
  7. ApolloBoy

    Nascar Camry in '07

    Haha, you're kidding right?
  8. ApolloBoy

    Finally! Somebody Target's Toyota!

    I did some research on the GMT900 hybrids, and they seem to use lead-acid batteries as well. The VUE Green Line uses nickel-hydride batteries.
  9. ApolloBoy

    Finally! Somebody Target's Toyota!

    Thanks for the welcome; I've had my share of debates on other forums so I guess you could say I'm a veteran. :)
  10. ApolloBoy

    Cheers and Jeers for 2005

    Cheers to Ford for replacing the Taurus. Not to say the Taurus was a bad car, but it was getting long in the tooth and I think the Fusion will do a good job of replacing it. Jeers to Saab for introducing the 9-7X. I'm a big Saab fan, and it just pains me to a rebadged TrailBlazer in Saab's lineup. Cheers to Honda for putting out a redesigned Civic. I actually like the new Civic, and I would definetly consider getting one. Jeers to Honda for introducing the Ridgeline. Honda definetly messed up the execution on this one. Cheers to Dodge for discontinuing the Neon. Out of all the cars Chrysler has produced, the Neon's at the bottom of my list. Jeers to Chevy for putting out the HHR too late. The HHR's fine, but I think Chevy should've put it out earlier so it would better compete with the PT Cruiser. Cheers to Pontiac for introducing the Solstice. Jeers to Volkswagen for changing its image. I thought Audi was VW's luxury brand, not VW itself... Cheers to Saturn for changing its image. Jeers to Nissan for producing subpar SUVs and trucks. Apparently, the new plant in Canton has never heard of quality control.
  11. ApolloBoy

    I'm buying this classic...

    Heh, you should check out the official site... http://www.gaz.ru/eng/avt/volga/31105/index.asp I can't believe they still sell these...
  12. ApolloBoy

    Look Ma, no B-pillar!

    Actually, I kinda like that one. Sorry, I just happen to like the angular look. LOL
  13. I remember when my grandpa used to have an '86 Custom Cruiser. I used to love that thing when I was a little kid, and I remember being somewhat upset when he had to sell it. The last time I heard about it, the engine block cracked and as a result the car had to be taken to the junkyard. Sigh...
  14. ApolloBoy

    Finally! Somebody Target's Toyota!

    Yeah, but batteries are usually sent to special collection centers, so they don't put toxins in the environment. And hybrids are cleaner, BTW. If you don't believe me, look at the emissions for your Suburban and compare it to the Prius for example. And before you say I'm here just to cause trouble, let it be known that I'm somewhat of a GM fan (just look at my avatar). Just telling it like it is...
  15. ApolloBoy

    2007 Dodge Caliber

    Yeah, I like this one too. Heck, I'm actually considering getting this over the Vibe.

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