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  1. trinacriabob


    Believe it or not, Javelins had decent looking dashboards for being products of funky AMC. As did the Firebird and Camaro, the base engine for the Javelin was an inline six, though not many were ordered for any of these pony cars. Then they went up to the usual V8 numbers that AMC put out, such as their 360 V8. Any more, seeing any AMC vehicle on the road makes me laugh ... or at least chuckle. I don't know how they lasted so long with so many ugly cars such as the Gremlin, the Pacer, and the Ambassador. Yet, now, we're sitting with a GM that only offers 5 passenger CARS (sedans and/or coupes, excluding niche coupes) that normally sticker out somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000 MSRP. I'm less and less optimistic about the future of the automobile as we know and love it.
  2. As long as their new vehicle is not anything analogous to the Cimarron in terms of quality. Whoever remembers the Cimarron, raise their hands. "Dare greatly" is a fairly lame campaign slogan. It's not quite as bad as "not your father's Oldsmobile," but it's bad. I tend to find numbers or letters assigned to models tedious. I am also thinking they need to roll out a new styling vernacular, though I don't have any ideas or opinions on what that should be. I'm liking that CT6 photo at the top of the thread, though.
  3. trinacriabob

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I parenthetically referred to this car in car spotting, but this would be "random." Monte Carlo refresh with the best alloy wheel design This is a HUGE improvement in terms of an upgrade compared to the downsized 1978. The chassis on this was the same. The sheet metal was different. Love those wheels. You didn't see them often.
  4. trinacriabob


    On Thursday, I saw two identical black Cadillac CT6s. One was in a valet situation at the curb and the other one was driving by. Both had 3.6s and the one at the curb had AWD. I will say that the rear lights which slope slightly outward are one of its best features. It's a departure from the always too vertical Cadillac finned look. I like the CT6 from the side and the rear. The front is okay but that long extension of the front lamps into the fender is a little odd. Today, I saw a black Range Rover. Never mind the vehicle. The driver, an Italian looking heavy set thuggish type, had a small white poodle in his lap while driving and with its tiny head out the window. In addition to being an atypical sight, it's not a good situation for the dog. What grade did this guy get in driver's ed? I wish dog owners would let them look out other windows in the car and not sit in the drivers' laps. He was perpendicular to me at an intersection. Had I been walking in the intersection, I would have told him something. As for the OP, I think it was hit and miss as to which '76 to '77 GM full size conversions I liked. I know that I liked the smaller Pontiacs and Cadillacs better after that refresh. Probably the Buicks, too, with that Riv hatched from the LeSabre platform and for which its grille was referred to as the Parthenon. I will always love the '75 and '76 Bonnevilles and Grand Villes in big coupe form, though, with a landau roof and base Pontiac rally wheels. They were the only division that could pull off the big coupe. I would love to know what driving one of those would feel like. I once saw one in Yosemite in November back in the day and it was beautiful. So was Yosemite! I think that the '77 to '78 refresh of the GM intermediates was sort of lame. The GP and MC needed to shrink, with the GP looking okay and MC looking cheap afterwards. The Cutlass Supreme and Regal were so-so, with the fastback sedans being a total styling disaster. It wasn't until 1981 that all 4 of those were fine tuned and looked a lot better ... a lot better. Even the entry division MC looked great when outfitted in buckets/console or with the 60-40 LS seating, full instrumentation, and the unusual "racing flag" alloy wheels.
  5. Today, your name and birthday, along with that of 2 other members, showed up on the C&G homepage.  Enjoy your b-day.  It's been a long time.  I hope you are doing well!

    I sort of tuned in to C&G about a year or two ago.

  6. trinacriabob

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I believe it. Especially since the leeward side of the Cascades is so wide open and sparsely populated ... and "red." However, I'm past my "into skiing" phase.
  7. trinacriabob

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I never skied there when I lived in the general area. I had gotten sort of bored with it while living in Northern California (fighting the crowds up the narrow roads to Lake Tahoe, snowboarder punks, etc.). But, looking at the video, it looked like there was a good choice of runs, with some people creating their very own through the trees (not my thing!).
  8. trinacriabob

    Happy Birthday William And CCap41

    This was sort of funny. I got it. You probably don't want me to list all the countries in which Spanish is spoken.
  9. trinacriabob

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Autumn is here and it's apparent more and more every day. I like beaches and summer but autumn is my favorite season: yellow stands of aspen in the West and orange stands of maple in the East, at the very least.
  10. trinacriabob

    Happy Birthday William And CCap41

    Happy belated. Better late than never.
  11. trinacriabob

    September Car Spotting

    Yesterday, last day of September. Saw a white last gen Monte Carlo LT or LTZ, making it 2006 or 2007. It had the vertical spoiler instead of the ugly flat one. The windows were slightly tinted, so I couldn't see the interior. It had the five spoke star alloy wheels instead of the more common alloy wheels on possibly 17" wheels. There was nothing pimpy about it. I'm thinking it could have been a 3.9 V6 just as likely as it could have been a 3.5 V6. It was in near perfect condition. After what some mechanics and owners have told me, I'm glad I bought what I bought instead of the MC. I still like them, though. My relatives in northern NJ once had a '71 Dart sedan ... with blackwalls, hubcaps, and everything else downmarket that came with the standard model. They still had it in the mid '90s! It had very low mileage on the odometer. It had the base slant 6 engine. (I think those were reliable.) Driving it on the more "challenging" northern NJ streets made for a horrible motoring experience. It may not have even had power steering, if that's possible. - - - - - Adding this comment since I had reserved post 8,000 for something more comical, so here goes: Roses are red Violets are blue Post 8,000 had been intended to say "How ya doin'?" to ocnblu - - - - -
  12. trinacriabob

    Random Thoughts Thread

    For the most part, I like it. Getting cars styled just right often comes down to millimeters. I like the rear tail lamps, trunk lid, notchback/backlite, and turning indicators in the wheel wells. I don't like the busy chain link grille. Also, the size of the rear side window, belt line, and placement of the Eldorado badge could use some fine tuning, but are definitely a step in the right direction. I'm all for grand coupes like this returning and, yes, they'd be better than the fastback jelly bean ones. I currently own the first sedan I've ever owned because of the absence of GM coupes.
  13. trinacriabob

    September Car Spotting

    I have been seeing last iteration (last grilled) Mercury Milans all around, almost every day. Most of them are badged Premier yet none of them are badged V6. Evidently, that base 4 cylinder in these cars is in it for the long haul. They go whizzing by me on the freeway at 70 mph all the time. Wasn't this engine borrowed from or developed by Mazda? I'm trying to remember if it was 2.5 or 2.0. I've test driven its sibling Ford Fusion with this engine when the car was squarer and, other than being slightly grainy, the 4 cylinder was up to the task. Basically, it was a very logically laid out car.
  14. Yes, the one used by Cadillac looks somewhat integral. The thin upright ones look misplaced and like they would break. It's an immediate turn-off. I thought the Mazda 6 was a decent looking vehicle. Then I sat inside one at the auto show and thought "no thanks."
  15. trinacriabob

    2020 Charger - this ... or this?

    It just occurred to me that the concept front end was similar to that on old school Intrepids and Stratuses (should be "strata" to avoid red). I like the concept 20 years later better than the designs conjured up by the designer. I'm sure that the next car will intend to interest both consumers and law enforcement alike, especially if the Chrysler 300 is shelved, which I'm hoping isn't the case. I like those, too.

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