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  1. Houston can be cool, as in likable. At least it's a major Texan city near a large body of water. I know summers there can be ridiculously hot. Enjoy. Man, I don't think the ladies with their hair in hair nets at Costco like folks who, once they catch on, are doing the "Tour de Costco" lunch. "I'm in the tire shop." "I came to look around to see if there are any specials on clothing." Blah, blah, blah. Have you ever done that? Sometimes, when traveling or commuting, you're driving down a freeway, it's about feeding time, and, there, like a mirage, a Costco appears. For what I pay for my annual membership, I don't buy much, so WTH. Then, if I do the "Tour de Costco," I might have some pangs of guilt, so I head to "Cafe 1.50" and get their hot dog (with sauerkraut) and a soft drink.
  2. I forgot this one. Yesterday, in my local Starbucks's parking lot, I saw a new or fairly new Dodge Charger with temporary plates parked there, with the driver on his phone. It was the lime green, like you'd have in your Hot Wheels collection when you were a kid. On a Charger, this color works. The badge on the side said "392" and it was idling, but displayed no weird cam/lifter noise. It was fairly hushed. His windows were heavily tinted. So I pointed it at his sled and gave him the "okay" sign with my hand. He nodded in appreciation. Like the one on the left:
  3. Based on the photo on the homepage, I'm on board with this BMW looking like a Malibu. It very much looks like one based on that vantage point. As an aside, that's a great color on that BMW. Exterior color choices today are pretty bad. Interior color choices are even worse. "Sporty" cars or trim lines are offering terra cotta colored leather but there aren't many exterior colors on the limited color charts that go with it. I'm talking the up-line Focuses and Malibus, among others. In defense of the BMW, I will say that the "opera window" C pillar kink is a little lower than in the Malibu ... and fleshed out with some chrome, so it looks better than does the kink at the midpoint of the arc on the Malibu. And, yes, the line along the doors is much like that in the now gone Buick Verano. And, damn, those rear tail lamps are ugly. I just checked out what this BMW looks like inside. The "laptop left open" info-audio center on the center stack is tamed down, so it's not bad. The lighting effects on the doors are pimpy. I don't like them. The I.P. cluster is fairly cool. The seats look comfortable. Also, I like bucket seats with the perforation inside the headrest. I remember them on the '97-'03 Grand Prixs. I forgot where I read this back in the day, but it was prediciting that American and foreign car design intentions would intersect in the future. They probably did so around the New Millennium. They sure didn't around 1986, when there were Cadillac de Villes, Olds 98 Regency Broughams, and Buick Park Avenues with loose cushion velour seats with the car's emblem etched into the seating. Now, if we're talking by about the time the Olds Intrigue rolled out, I'd say that car started arriving at the crossing of paths (tapered front end with no hood ornament, simple dash design, simple seat design) and wouldn't have offended any European. Upon seeing the brochure, my relatives across the pond liked it. It was the land yachts of the '70s and '80s that they criticized. It's that the opposite of what has always happened is happening ... the Germans are looking at US / U.S. for auto design ideas! This new BMW has borrowed a kit of parts from the Americans.
  4. @balthazar I'm not chuckling at the hearse, but just chuckling at all the different conversions Cadillacs are subjected to to make hearses out of them. I believe I may have even seen Cadillac hearses in Europe, IIRC. @dfelt I believe it. All the organized religions and their denizens have conventions and traditions at birth, in the teen years, upon marrying, and at death. We had them growing up. One convention (not really, just joking) was getting smacked over the knuckles with a ruler by a cantankerous nun. However, if you're a good student, you get a pass to be a smart aleck every now and then ... and bypass the ruler.
  5. This morning, I was rewarded with a nice sighting to the left of me in the fast lane on the freeway. It was an all black Chevy SS sedan. I don't like black vehicles owing to their visibility at night but it looked sharp on this car. For one, I realized how nice the rear light fascia is when this sport sedan is in motion. Wouldn't it be a drag if you won a contest and the prize was a brand new Chevy SS ... and then the prize arrives, but the steering wheel is on the "wrong" side?
  6. Dark red, or that dark red, does work well on this vehicle. With a little maneuvering of the pencil here and there, that could make for a fine looking Buick sport sedan. But that won't be happening.
  7. @Robert Hall I gave you a thumbs up for Ann Arbor. Had that been Urbana-Champaign, IL, I wouldn't have. Today I saw a 1979 Cutlass Supreme coupe in a supermarket lot. It was navy blue. It had wheel covers and no power convenience options; however, it was air conditioned. Probably a 3.8 V6 but most likely the small Olds V8. It was in excellent condition, save a bumper that was bent downward. The guy, probably the original owner, was already too close to the store and I was getting into my car. That sled has done 40 years of motoring. That's how long the QE2 sailed for Cunard!
  8. Haha. Am I reading the words ingress and egress? Good one! I was at the dealership today for a LOF. I went into showroom and saw the wagon version. I like the fact that the rear view camera screen is "contained" under the cowl of the dash. I wish more new cars would integrate it into the dash that way (the correct way, for me). I did notice the console sits high. Does that feel okay or make it seem more like a sports/sporty car for you? I told the salesman it would be nice as a sedan, with a defined backlite and identifiable rear trunk lid. He said he will miss sedans and once had a Park Avenue Ultra. And that this model, as most of us know, will be the only Buick passenger car next year. The times are a changin.'
  9. @regfootball I wasn't around when you posted this. Congrats. This is one American car that definitely looks European, especially when I see one coming at me from my rear view mirror. Interesting color (is it a shade of silver or bronze? Can't tell). That character line toward the rear wheel well works well. Mostly, I wanted to say that it's great you were able to use your GM Card earnings on a low mileage demo. I figured you could, but wasn't sure. For my purposes, I wish they'd have also rolled out this model as a regular sedan, keeping those styling cues I mentioned. I once drove an Opel Insignia in Europe as a rental and loved it, especially the "Americanness" of the automatic transmission.
  10. Yes. I'm scratching my head as to what my next car will be, though.
  11. Whichever way someone wants to look at this, that's still a good entry level price for a Cadillac in 2020 ... that isn't a Cimarron.
  12. This morning, I saw a Pontiac Sunfire coupe. It was in the light bronze color. If it was sharing colors with the GP back in the day, I'm going to guess this was an '02 or '03. Maybe older. Except for some small dings on the lower part of the fenders, this thing was in great shape, as was the interior. It had a sunroof. And, since the shifter showed D-3-2-1, it appears to have been a 4 speed automatic. I still see a lot of Aleros, but rarely do I see these strange birds. I'm thinking power was supplied by either a 2.4 or a 2.2.
  13. I'll explain what I mean by "homecoming." Never did I think I'd drive my car across the international border between the stare of New York and province of Ontario, with a destination of Toronto. I was a little on edge, given that Toronto has grown so much since I last drove in it. I knew my way around Vancouver fairly well, even with the growth. I wonder if border agents have heard the explanation that, in addition to visiting Toronto, someone wanted to take their car to "see" its "birthplace." Well, being in Toronto means being a little more than 30 minutes from Oshawa, the lauded GM plant at which my car was built. In addition to seeing Toronto, I thought I'd drive it to the GM Oshawa plant and photograph it in front of where final assembly took place. The Oshawa plant isn't as aesthetically appealing as I thought it would be. It was sort of dowdy. There was a Costco nearby, a Greek restaurant I wanted to try but was closed on that day of the week, and housing digs that, based on the throw away magazines, are far from cheap that far out from the big T-O. The car performed very well on the trip. It still had and has not reached 100,000 miles. I believe I nudged 30 mpg on some highway jaunts. Here you go: This appears to be the original office building for the plant Self explanatory A little more drama from this angle There is a tech and research center across the street from the older plant Gotta love the Canadian flag - "less is more" So it's obvious what has recently been built here. I wonder what the mix is between what is 2.5 L4 equipped and what is 3.6 V6 equipped. Glad I put aside part of an afternoon to do this. It's not something I'm likely to repeat. Cheers, eh?
  14. I just saw this. Beautiful. I was behind a dark(er) burgundy metallic one yesterday and love how it looks as the turn signals flicker and it pulls away or corners. This will last you a long time, I'm sure. I don't feel I'd be tall enough for the current LaCrosse. I couldn't believe you once bought a Genesis. I didn't want to say anything. Who's that neighbor with the Subaru? They need a talking to. Wow, Long Island sure looks different from the boroughs of the city. Congrats. Smart man.
  15. 1. Keep it since it's paid for, drive less, and make more use of walking, a bicycle, and/or public transit or MAYBE 2. Get one of the last basic Hyundai Accents with a 6-speed automatic transmission if there are any left on the lots However, price spikes like that (in the U.S., anyway) are typically transient in nature. At least I hope so.

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