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  1. I saw one of these and thought I could use one: You don't want one, eh? Graduate of Wazza Matta U?
  2. The new Elantra is just around the bend and it stylistically follows in the footsteps of the new Sonata. That's a thumbs down. It looks like they're trying to reinvent their design vocabulary and niche. The exterior views are consistent but the interior views are not. I've seen two renditions of their interiors and dashboards. One is better than the other. I see the Accent going away. Too bad. The Accent is being discontinued for the Canadian market. I'm not sure if we (the U.S.A.) are included in this. There are very few of them on the lots, while Elantras, the current one, are plentiful. I surprisingly enjoyed how nicely two rentals drove and sipped fuel. The only heartburn I have is that it went from a 6-speed automatic to a CVT. Yep, CVTs and "laptop left open" infotainment centers give me heartburn.
  3. I'm part of the way with you on this. I do not get the appeal of Krispy Kreme at all. It's their glazing and slickness that I don't like. I only go during National Donut Day or if someone else really wants to go. I much prefer Dunkin Donuts because their donuts are "normal" in consistency, frosting, etc. So are the donuts of some indie shops. A good croissant does trump a donut, either filled with jam or turned into a small sandwich.
  4. And Edsel made its own engines? What powered their cars - cylinders, c.i.? I don't know anything about them except that Kathleen Turner made a comment about an Edsel in one particular movie. So sad to see Pontiac shelved. With few exceptions, always the best styled of BOP + C(h). Compared to the rear of the '59 Impala, the '60 (and '58) almost pale. ... few tail lamp assemblies have been that uniquely and oddly styled.
  5. Here are some classics don't fit into the monthly spotting threads ... all of them seen in California. Here's a Chevy wagon of some sort (year and model unknown) in a rest area along US 101 in the vicinity of Hearst Castle. Here's a real treat. I don't recall if and when I've seen one before. I kept looking at it in this shopping center parking lot, trying to figure out what is was, and it was an EDSEL! (rear light panel looks "slightly" old Impala like)
  6. If it's that trashed outside, it's probably fairly scruffy inside. That looks like a '79. Probably a beautiful car in its day. I think I spot the little square emblem on the landau roof indicating it's a Brougham.
  7. You guys were on this like flies on sh*t. I had edited it out quickly. My God. Next Monday, August 17, is National Vanilla Custard Day. If you have a Culver's near you, things with vanilla custard are half off. Check. And, raise your custard treat as a "cheers" to Robert DeNiro's birthday. I think it's on the 17th. I have a friend, a "paesano," with a b-day on the 18th who told me that.
  8. Never mind. - - - - - Also, yes, riviera74, I agree. The Chinese president's car has an ominous Gotham City quality.
  9. Money does not buy class. It's one tacky ride. Also, I see tattoos showing up by his sleeves. Many people, including many celebrities, are clueless and should be getting rid of them before age, and what it does to the skin, creeps up on them.
  10. This sled has existed for a while but, today, I saw it on line for the very first time. I was trying to figure out if Mercedes or Bentley built it for the Chinese president and other VIPs. Turns out it's made by an expensive niche Chinese auto manufacturer and these cars cost about $ 1 M (US equivalent) each. It looks more like a butt ugly and expensive cross between an early '60s Rambler and a late '60s Toyota on steroids.
  11. @oldshurst442 Two things: 1) That's exactly what I was thinking. If a great white shark can swim up to Maine (a very sad situation), there's nothing stopping it from swimming up to Nova Scotia (Halifax, etc.) 2) The could have been me in that photo except that my rented Alero was a coupe, burgundy, and on the Trans-Canada Highway in AB near the Continental Divide. The moose was also a lot farther ahead of the car ... thankfully. But who can forget that?
  12. Nice exterior color, indeed. However, I've got to say that, for their trucks/SUVs/CUVs, GM seems to make more attractive instrument panels and interiors than other car makers ... nice lines, contours, etc. Enjoy!
  13. That's a good price. You mean you actually consented to driving a Subaru? I recently was supposed to have an Hyundai Elantra or similar (mid-size) for 6 days and it was in the high $200s and I had to shop and shop for that. But the silver lining in the cloud was a NICE upgrade. I have found Costco to be good for renting cars. However, I don't think you can get frequent flyer points. (Or maybe you can if you give them the number at the rental counter.) Anymore, you just have to shop and shop.
  14. Rental car rates seem to have gone way up. Probably to cover sanitizing the vehicles, lost revenue, etc. I am not even seeing weekly rates on most rental agencies' sites. They seem to price by the day. It used to be that 5 to 7 days were priced at the same rate, which helped out the 7 day folks.
  15. "Fraternal twins" having a heart to heart conversation (on August 2) (IMO, the two best colors for either of these Mopars)

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