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  1. In your line of work, things don't appear to be that cyclical ... or maybe I'm wrong about that. STEM is typically a good route, if you're cut out to do that type of work. Good luck with your selecting an offer that works for you. I'm thinking you lived "Office Space" at one time or another. That movie never stops being funny. And, for me, the icing on the comic cake is the wound up Middle Eastern/South Asian character with the great accent.
  2. Some days I feel like getting a "boulevardier" as a second car just because ... I often search for such cars on line. I'm thinking a '94 to '96 Caprice Classic with the small V8, an early 2000s Grand Marquis with the 4.6L V8, a mid '80s GM full size with the 4.3 V6, or something like that that an elderly person - or any other type of person - stashed in their garage and took really good care of.
  3. This is crazy. You go to either Galveston or South Padre Island and there are all these kitsch images of sharks on stores, restaurants, boardwalks, etc. Then, when I was last there, I called a seafood restaurant to see if they had shark on the menu. It can be tasty - I have had thrasher shark in California several times. The lady told me that, in Texas, it is illegal to offer commercially fished shark to restaurant patrons. So, you can't eat the shark ... and this is in Texas, a state with a big emphasis on guns and hunting, and liberties like that. How about passin
  4. I saw a black Olds Bravada SUV today as I was leaving the car wash. Wiki told me it's a 1998-2001 type, based on the grille. Great engine, that 4.3 Vortec V6. I see Aleros weekly. I haven't seen a Bravada in months.
  5. Reminds me of the 007 flick "Diamonds are Forever" where the mortuary company in Las Vegas that was also a front for smuggling diamonds was named Slumber and Company. As one of the funnier Bond movies, it also had characters the likes of Tiffany Case, Plenty O'Toole, the Whyte House (which would have been the Las Vegas Hilton at the time), and Bambi and Thumper.
  6. @Robert Hall I think they called that '90s Cutlass convertible styling the "basket handle" roof or something like that. Good term. Just like "Dustbuster" is a good term for the early GM minivans. I loved those gull wing door handles on my '90s W-body vehicle. They looked clean. I even went onto EBay or Amazon and bought one for less than $30 and replaced the driver's side myself, with the help of a friend.
  7. The name Ciera is a match for the Cutlass family, but the platform, shared with Century/6000/Celebrity, is different. I forgot the letter of that GM chassis. Of these, I liked the 6000 the best - nicer front end, rear fascia, and clean looking dash. Of the possible engines for these four, I liked the 3300 V6 the best (only found in Olds and Buick). I once had a '95 Cutlass Supreme coupe as a rental. I liked it. I didn't love it. It was way better than the '88 base model that would have had the 2.8 V6. I liked the fuel mileage and decent response of the 3.1, the nicer dash, the alloy
  8. I never was able to get into this model. It's mostly the blacked out/hidden rear pillars and the big taillights when the front lights and fascia are so narrow, and look decent. The announcer was right. The market tapered because people were "Cutlassed-out," as he said at the beginning of the video. In this year, 1988, they ran both this new body style and the Cutlass Supreme Classic, the RWD phase out model. To think about it, they used this platform from 1978 to 1987 ... with a major refresh in 1981, which was a very good refresh! In between those years, we saw the names Cutlass
  9. Probably because they travel in groups? They can be pretty dumb, lazily sauntering across main roads. In the past, I used to think "ah, deer ... cute." Now I think fender benders and Lyme disease.
  10. Thank you. I love the Montreal Botanical Garden ... the whole city and area, actually. Easily my favorite city in Canada. Even before it became cool and the hipsters and counterculture idiots descended on the Plateau neighborhood. I have only seen the botanical garden in the fall. They indicate with signage that the visitor's experience will differ depending on the month and season in which they are visiting. I'm sure that spring and summer might have more ideal conditions in the botanical garden while, in fall, there's a tradeoff because you get peak autumn color instead. That'
  11. I was just going to put up this song because it reminded me of a discussion I had with someone within the last few months. The song is a TRIBUTE to outgoing FLOTUS Melania Trump. Evidently, Melania met The Donald at a nightclub or party for A-list Manhattanites. He needed to trade up to an even younger spouse and Melania must have fit the bill. They exchanged phone numbers and the rest is history. The person I was having the discussion with agreed that, yes, she was digging for gold, given the age difference and the fact that she was running on fumes and her allowed time in the U.S.
  12. So, in needing a distraction, I looked at one of the side boxes on the site and noticed that it's NOS's birthday today. Happy birthday, NOS, whatever you are doing and wherever you may be.
  13. Dinosaurs in America. I think about them sometimes. Actually, the most logical ancestor would be the alligator. When I see those bigger, older ones in some photos lazily sauntering across some golf course in Florida, I realize the dinosaur is still here. I could suggest a good golf course or two in South Florida where these alligators can go hang out. And I don't even golf.
  14. Indeed I am, sir. It has been a long time since we've seen people in important roles act the way they're supposed to.
  15. I saw a refreshing and appropriate level of humility and dignity all across the board, and for the whole world to see, today. I felt relieved. It was a good thing.

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