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  1. The aerial views of the open roof at Notre-Dame in Paris after the fire are distressing. The roof along the entire nave has collapsed and took the central spire with it. There was scaffolding around the spire in the center, so some type of maintenance work must have been going on. Now they will be looking for answers. I'm sure many are thinking of making some type of donation, no matter how small. If the donations go over the needed amount, one would only hope it goes into a fund to keep future restoration and maintenance going. Visiting it, and Paris, are among those things a person doesn't easily forget. Also, this happening within a week of Easter is bad, bad news.
  2. Both good. Simon and Garfunkel's version isn't as lethargic as I recall it being. However, the Bangles's rendition packs more energy. It needed that extra energy to go along with an edgy movie about Beverly Hills kids with "too much time on (their) hands" ... yet another song.
  3. That's true, especially right now. What I read into it was that people in SoCal who are house poor need to spend less money on wheels (the big canyon between the haves and have nots that is getting wider all the time) AND that the Cruze approximates a foreign compact to some degree while the unmistakably American big Impala sedan does not at all.
  4. In the car, I heard the song "One Night in Bangkok," one of the worst songs ever created. There were periodically some stupid songs. Another one I recently heard in the car was "Midnight at the Oasis" (not as bad).
  5. I like the grille, belt line character lines, and lower body character lines better on the gold/brown one. I like the roof line and lower front lighting better on the white one. It is very sad that we're losing the current Cruze. When in SoCal, a Chevy salesperson told me that they don't have any problems selling them, whereas the Impalas move off the floor somewhat slowly. As we already know, it's the profit issue and not the volume issue. There's no GM car in the compact to midsize slot at this point. Meh. Maybe the Malibu is a mid-size even though rental car agencies consider them full-sizes. Funny thing is that the 'Bu isn't leaps and bounds above the Cruze in road manners, refinement, and comfortable driving. Edit: those brown colors for the exterior and interior are nice. It's about time that the tans offered for the exterior no longer look like metallic urine samples and the tans offered for the interior no longer look a few shades off white and prone to showing stains.
  6. I wonder what the de facto most beautiful (usable) beach on the Great Lakes with warm enough water is. Who knows ... Is in on the Michigan/Indiana side of Lake Michigan? Is it on Lake Superior (brrr), which makes for a lot of great postcard views? Is it on Lake Ontario, on either the Canadian or American side? Toronto's lakefront is a continuous strand of beaches. When I think of the Great Lakes, I am more likely to think of the sinking of the "Edmund Fitzgerald" (it occurred in NOVEMBER) than I am beautiful beaches.
  7. I think that the design intent behind this vehicle was to provide a sizable trunk that was ideal for putting various high school friends into and getting them into the drive-in movie theater free of charge.
  8. @oldshurst442 For me, it has to be Cuba. I have/had numerous friends from Catholic school whose parents came from Cuba and, not to sound like a jerk, they see themselves as Europeans and Spaniards, with over 60% of Cubans having lineage that came (to Cuba) from Spain's Canary Islands, so they have a good sense of self and are therefore much easier to deal with and get along with. As an adult, I look back at what my friends' parents went through in leaving Cuba with the shirts on their backs and how, in short order, they had such upbeat personalities and incredible senses of humor here in the U.S. I want to walk around the places they probably walked around when they lived in Cuba. I'm talking about friendships that go back to childhood. The good news: Summer is 2 months away and it's time to take a trip or two.
  9. Bad news: the tide has turned and it is now more difficult to visit Cuba (from the U.S.)
  10. FCA, and specifically Chrysler, has come a long way. They didn't wake up from their last slumber until the New Millennium. They saw some success with the K-car and the minivan, of which they might have been the originators ... not sure. As for the K-car, I would continue to see some around after older X-cars had gone bye-bye. I knew a girl who drove hers back and forth from Atlanta to see her parents in Westchester County, N.Y. without any problems, even when it was more than 10 years old. Prior to that, the only feather in Chrysler's cap was the Cordoba ... interesting on some levels, but overshadowed by GM's similar coupes by leaps and bounds.
  11. When it rains it pours. Saw another Lincoln Continental today. It was bronze or cream or something like that. It turned in front of me and I was able to then look at it in my rear view mirror. What I said about it holds. I also read about it for the first time. The reviews cited a transmission that wasn't as well behaved for the price point, lackluster road manners on mountain roads and/or curves, and other minor complaints. They acknowledged that it was different and made a statement, but the reviewers were not impressed.
  12. Happy April Fools Day, folks. To kick off this thread, I don't have a really interesting sighting. Just an observation. I saw the current Lincoln Continental going down the freeway next to me, ultimately passing me as it was moving along to my left. The Continental's front grille makes that nice, vertical Lincoln statement. I once sat in one at the auto show. The interior is really nicely finished and the one at the show had these blue leather seats - nice ones, not tacky ones. Then, as the car pulls away from you, the effect sort of sputters. The rear deck lid tapers and the twin horizontal lamps are sort of wimpy compared to the statement the rest of the car makes. And this is weird because both the Lincoln MKS and (even) the Ford Taurus have these substantial looking trunks and rear deck lids, making for good rear 3/4 views. And, while not FoMoCo, the current Cadillac CT6 also looks good as it's pulling away. Not so with the Continental. In a way, it makes me think of how weak the old Lincoln Versailles, derived from the old Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch, looked.
  13. WOW Air was going from a lot of cities using a Boeing 737. Because of the distance from the eastern half of the U.S. and the fact that they aren't far from land at any given time (eastern Canada, Greenland), that plane could handle the medium range flight. Now there's no WOW Air. However, Icelandair also uses smaller single aisle jets to make the trip from some U.S. destinations. I am amazed at how some people drive in inclement weather. Say road conditions aren't the best and you're doing 45 or so in the right hand lane to approach your exit, the driver that will come right up to your bumper and then move over a lane, almost sideswiping you, is going to be in a Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, or Ford 150 truck about 90% of the time. And it's not cool to stereotype? This recently happened.
  14. Yeah, do the Iceland stopover and sit in all those hot tubs they have at varying temperatures while looking up at a clear Nordic sky when it's freezing outside. Those Iceland stopovers are good for their local economy. The experience will be a big 180 from taking a dip at the Jersey shore and. moreover, with Jersey shore beachgoer types. Instead, the Icelandic experience looks civil, genteel, and as if the volume has been turned way down.
  15. I recently read that WOW Air is shuttering. That's sad. They provided service to Europe on the cheap via Reykjavik from a lot of second tier American cities. Icelandair stays on, which is the country's flag carrier, as Air France and Lufthansa would be to France and Germany. WOW Air was a low cost alternative, similar to Southwest. They cited that they were doing fine, operating with smaller single aisle Airbus planes, and then overextended themselves with much more distant destinations for which they needed and added Airbus 330s, twin aisle aircraft with 8 seats abreast. Oh well. On the other hand, low cost Irish Ryanair has stuck to a business model of only Boeing 737s and has been around for at least a decade. If you can handle their nickel and diming for anything extra, they're a good way to go point to point within Europe. Two European carriers are actually reasonably priced for flights across the pond - Aer Lingus of Ireland and TAP Air Portugal, both national flag carriers. I've crossed the pond on both of them and they are pretty good. You just have to be on the lookout for specials. I'm all for the success of low cost carriers. Now, if they can just solve the Boeing 737 MAX's problems and get them off the ground again soon.

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