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  1. I saw the C&G front page today.  Happy birthday, Landis.  Today would have been my dad's birthday, too.  Enjoy your day!

  2. trinacriabob

    Computer and hardware purchase question - help

    Yes, I thought he was a goofball of sorts, probably looking to sell a tech support package. It would be my first experience with AMD over Intel if I went that route. They say AMD has a strong processor in the Ryzen 5. (Incidentally, reisen means travel in German.) The next one to unsnarl is the printer. I have enjoyed my HP Office Jets. Both have had kinks that you learn to navigate around by the lasted many years. I'll have to research this Epson locking up mechanically and requiring a piece to free it. That sounds kooky, too. I'm getting there.
  3. I'm about to buy a new desktop and a new printer. I've had both for about 9 years. They are HP. The desktop lives on (crossing my fingers) but the printer recently gave up the ghost, after so many years of service. Two questions: 1. I am looking at the lower priced HP Pavilions with 12 GB of RAM. They can come with an Intel CPU (a little more money) or an AMD CPU (a little less money). Instinctively, I've gone for Intel in the past. My desktop computer tower use is for easy stuff. I read a few over my head articles that AMD's Ryzen 5 series CPU is now commendable and has edged up on Intel in the CPU department. I just went into a big box place and one of the guys told me that the AMD runs a lot hotter and uses more wattage than the Intel, so it won't last as long as the Intel version in similar newer HP Pavilions. Any thoughts on this? 2. I am looking at a printer with wide format capability, meaning 11x17 copying and printing. They have some home use HP and Epson models. The interface on HP is sadly like that of a cell phone. It's small. Epson's is more traditional. The same guy told me that when the Epson needs to clean itself (that sounds dirty, I know) it kicks out a mechanical lock and you need to pay for a $75 piece each time this occurs. This sounds ridiculous. Do you agree? On my very reliable HP OfficeJet, all I ever did is buy ink cartridges over the years. I've never heard of a lock of sorts on a home printer during its service life. This big box chain store prices their service plans higher than many other stores. I've rarely bought stuff there over the years. I'm betting that a sales push for these service plans would have come on the heels, had I been buying, but I was just looking. Help and input are greatly appreciated.
  4. trinacriabob

    August Auto Spotter

    I've only been once. The view from the south ridge where the inclines are was spectacular, as was the entrance into the city via the Fort Pitt Tunnel. The weather couldn't have been better that day, IIR. The downtown feels a little shoehorned, though, with the one-way streets on that narrow point. I did not see the area around CMU but I couldn't leave without seeing the Cathedral of Learning (the name for the tower at Pitt, I guess). Trees everywhere. And also some suburbs tucked into what looked like canyons of sorts, in Western lingo. I remember one such suburb in the northern part of the city. There was a good and authentic Italian restaurant there. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Was the STS the Seville equivalent in the 2000s, being a notch above the CTS and shy of the DTS? Cadillac sure got its act together. What a 180. May it keep it going! I like that all brick house directly behind the new used car.
  5. trinacriabob

    August Auto Spotter

    Is this within the actual city limits and it's THAT forested? Interesting. That series was hard to tell apart. For me, '74 to '76 were easier to distinguish. Maybe that's because it was about when I started liking cars ... and those cars, specifically. The green colors in the series you mentioned had that not particularly attractive olive green in the line up.
  6. trinacriabob

    August Auto Spotter

    Love me some Pontiac. Yesterday, I saw a 3rd gen Pontiac Firebird Formula in a parking lot. It was no younger than 1996, because the scoops were tame compared to later years in that series. It was in perfect condition - black exterior, black interior. I looked at the seating area and the dash and they were really nice, as I once recall. Sort of timeless and Pontiac at the same time. I'm sure the backlighting was orange, though. Except for '67 to '69, Pontiac ran each of the successive 3 generations of F-bird for about 10 years apiece! Also, early models of the 3rd gen started you out with a 2.5 Iron Duke L-4 and they did not fare well. The 4th gen started you out with a 3800 Series II V6 and I was reading some favorable owner reviews of them.
  7. trinacriabob

    August Auto Spotter

    Wait, did the minivan owner, over yonder at the left, park that vehicle on the lawn? Today, in a major shopping center parking lot, I saw a newish Chevy SS in a really nice (Schwinn bicycle) metallic medium blue color. What beautiful looking car! Too bad they cost too much and can only be had with a high(er) performance engine. It makes me lament the loss of the Pontiac G8 and its entry level model featuring the 3.6 V6. I actually think that the grille and rear treatment of this Chevy look a little nicer. I've usually tended to like the Pontiac variant whenever it was duping what Chevrolet was doing (Grand Prix over Monte Carlo, Firebird over Camaro, etc.) Inspiring sighting ... thought I'd share.
  8. trinacriabob

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I was just thinking about new car brochures and ads, including on the web. I was looking at Buick brochures from the 1980s and it seems like they were always set in a beautiful setting, like Charleston, Savannah, New England, or in the national parks of the West or the Smokies. Now, if you look at these same brands and cars, the cars are mostly placed in downtown L.A., another modern downtown, or next to a minimalist, modern, tech-y, expensive as hell custom home. Hmmm ... have those other places lost their appeal? Not to me, anyway ... - - - - - Another thought, it looks like the new Focus (next year) will employ the "laptop left open" look atop its center stack. Oh well.
  9. trinacriabob

    Random Thoughts Thread

    True. I also vaguely recall that when GM was having a crappy year circa 1975 coincidentally at the time they had just introduced the catalytic converter, it was trading at about $ 34 a share. My dad used to sit there with the morning Times and talk out loud about what he was reading while having his coffee at the breakfast table. Then, during the bicentennial year and the economy got better, and when they couldn't make Cutlass Supremes with the quad rectangular lamps fast enough, I believe GM stock about doubled, into the $ 60 + range. I remember something to this effect. I'd have to look at a chart.
  10. trinacriabob

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Why is Ford stock (F) so listless?
  11. Happy birthday.  This made front page news on the C&G forum homepage today.

  12. Thanks. This all makes a lot of sense. Also, I learned the word keystoning today. So, a good rule of thumb would be that the mechanics get it at a discount if they routinely deal with someone, they then mark it up, and it should return to about the retail price I see, but with a possible ceiling of no more than 1.333 x the retail cost to me. That sounds plausible.
  13. I've sort of wound down to using 1 GM dealership and 1 or 2 independent shops. I've found an independent shop I really like. The owner, also a mechanic there, is real easy to talk to and has an excellent reputation among his peers and customers. So, here's the question. What is the normal mark up for parts that he has to get from the auto parts stores that he works with? Is it 20% 33.33% Or something else? I am wondering if there is a rule of thumb. Or, put another way, say I walk into AutoZone and a part retails to me for $ 100. What is a reasonable amount for that part on the final repair bill if the mechanic had to purchase it from the same store? I'm sure knowing this will be helpful to some folks reading this. As for labor, they will tell you their hourly and book rates.
  14. trinacriabob

    Fuel injector or fuel cleaning additives

    You're probably right. I still prefer to stick to a conservative regimen of fuel, fuel injector treatment, and engine oil. I also like to put the newish RED Fram air filter in the car (a minor upcharge). I'm stuck with AC Delco engine oil because that's what GM dealerships use (it's made for them by Mobil). However, when the car hopefully hits 100,000 miles, I plan to switch to Castrol GTX. I still think Shell and Chevron/Texaco are the best fuels available to most Americans. To me, it's cheap insurance.
  15. trinacriabob

    Buick News: Buick LaCrosse Goes Upscale With Avenir

    I couldn't find a more recent LaCrosse article so I figured I'd post my comment here. Buick's website shows their 2019 lineup sans Regal, possibly because it recently got released. I'm sure they'll add the Regal to 2019 sooner than later. At any rate, there are SIX LaCrosse levels to choose from. It was interesting to see that the base model is given an unflattering 1SV designation, as was the case for the decontented Verano as it was on its way out. The base model is something like $29,### and it is only available with a 2.5 L 4 with start-stop, a 6 speed automatic transmission, a choice of 2 exterior colors, and 1 interior trim model. When it's all added up, I believe it priced out at $ 30,495. Not bad for their flagship. BUT ... is this the same 2.5 L 4 that powered the Chevy Malibu in 2013 and 2014? If you want one trim level up, so you can get the 3.6 V6 (it pushes you up to a 9 speed automatic transmission), along with a REAL choice of exterior colors, you will be hitting a MSRP in the mid $37K range. Obviously, there's much more standard equipment in the car, but $7 K is a big jump. I have never read much about the new LaCrosse nor have I driven one. I then proceed to read some consumer reviews. A good many are pleased as punch while some are pissed. They say that noise isn't suppressed as well and the ride isn't as nice as it was in the previous gen LaCrosse which they traded in to get the most recent gen LaCrosse. I like the svelte current gen LaCrosse much more so than the chunky looking last gen LaCrosse. I never warmed up to the last version. However, between the huge price changes with the trim levels, the iffy consumer sound-offs, and the confining high center console, I don't know what to think of this car. I just wish a person could get a more simple one with a 3.6 V6 (one of Ward's Top 10 engines, as we all probably know) and a few colors to pick from with a MSRP of less than $ 37,000. I don't need 9 gears, either.

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