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  1. I cannot. I think that, right now, a CT6 with a 3.6 would be the closest thing to a GM heirloom. I know that it would be wonderful for about 7 years and then give me fits with all the expensive gadgetry that will go sideways every other month after that.
  2. Cadillac will need to overhaul its design vocabulary sooner than later. It did a formidable job of this, having come from trunks and deck lids that were too long, fins, and engines with over 400 cubic inches.* However, Cadillac's current styling is etched in consumers' heads as "oh, it's a Cadillac," which is not necessarily a bad thing (thinking of the CT6 et. al.) It will still need to reinvent its own wheel. * I think I told you all about a black woman named Velma I worked with as a teen who had this beautiful Cadillac Coupe de Ville. It was a '78. Of the '77/'78/'79 grouping, the '78 was the best looking. Hers was the extra cost Cerise Firemist Metallic with a burgundy landau and a burgundy interior. Too bad it had wire wheels instead of some more toned down Cadillac alloys. I told her she had a 425 under the hood and showed her some features on her car. I also helped this other lady in the office buy a smaller Cutlass Supreme coupe instead of a Monte Carlo coupe and she was real happy with it. These ladies liked me, for some reason. We had one of those hippiesh office to office lunch vendors working out of some wicker basket who came around daily and she was from Germany. They howled at my German accent impersonation. Everybody was given carte blanche to be a little crazy in SoCal. Those were the days, baby. Whereas I couldn't tie break between which GM car I wanted in the past, I am now hard pressed to find a GM car I want to own. I am not a happy camper in this regard.
  3. It was supposed to be released in 2020. Now, the release date is 2021. This means it should be in the showrooms in late 2020, just a little over a year from now. It (probably) is going to be built at the Brampton, Ontario, Canada plant. That's a good thing! Canadians built my current and last car! Mum is the word. Complete silence. Any ideas as to when we will see what the next-gen Charger is going to look like inside and out? By the end of this year? As a Christmas present? I'm frustrated. When a Malibu LT with a 1.5 L (90 c.i.) start-stop turbo assisted L4 would sticker for $26K and a Charger SRT with a 292 hp very familiar Pentastar 3.5 L V6, along with loads more room and substance, stickers for around $29.9K, my loyalty to GM wanes and the Charger it is. I just hope I like the next one because my current car doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it and is just "broken in" ... well, not quite.
  4. Circular vents really depend on the overall dash design. On the venerable '76 Cutlass Supreme, they looked great. On the '04 to '07 Pontiac Grand Prix, they really looked great. Loved that dash board, except for the orange back lighting and the low build quality of the materials. I think it has to do with the shape of the dash AND how the circular vents are distributed and placed across the dash.
  5. Spot on. It said Olds 88 all the way. I'm guessing those were 350 powered. Most of them. I don't think that hood design lasted very long on the LeSabres and Parks of that era. We had a family friend who had a triple burgundy Park Avenue coupe, one of the first and with an oversized rear quarter window, that he cursed up and down. Mechanically okay, but it nickel and dimed him with so many ancillary things going so wrong so early. I believe he kept it until he passed away. 'This (whatever) went out on the Buick. I took it to the dealer. You know how much they wanted for this stupid piece? Can you believe that?' Yes, he was Italian. I saw a bunch of good reviews for these and then a couple of unflattering ones. I know someone who has one - low $ 30K --- 4 cyl. and no AWD. I sat in it. Sits too low for my taste and visibility out the back is challenging. I also don't like the three circular vents in the middle of the dash. Are these based on already familiar architecture? Any ties to the Optima and/or Kia engines? If so, it makes it less of a "first year" wild card.
  6. The Boeing 737-Max situation is so dire. It's as if we've forgotten. This makes the teething problems of other commercial aircraft seem like child's play. Thinking back, I've actually flown on one. It was on a Southwest leg from Denver to L.A. It even had to be deiced. Once it got going, it majestically climbed up over the Front Range with negligible turbulence and continued on for a smooth flight to L.A. I thought this was a joke, but it's true. Southwest Airlines will soon cease flights to EWR (Newark). They will consolidate their New York flights into LGA (LaGuardia). I didn't read whether or not Islip (Long Island) would be affected but their dropping out of Newark does not make me happy. It's easier to use than are LGA or JFK if you are only flying domestically. I see part first-gen Riviera and part early 70s Olds 88. I don't see any Pontiac in the mix and I certainly don't see any Chevrolet.
  7. Economic downturn? I like to look at real estate sites. There are already residential properties (not the mansions Robin Leach would tour) in California, Washington state, et. al. that are showing "reduced" in their prices. We've only seen this recently. We certainly haven't seen this in a long time. I would agree that there is a downturn coming.
  8. Here's my trivia on this. The '75s and 76s came standard with the 4.1 liter 250 ci L6. I've seen a couple. Mostly in the '75s. Advertised for $3,999 and with no air. I'd have taken one off their hands. Just for '77, the 3.8 liter 231 ci V6 was standard. It was odd firing and I wish they had never put them in there. Just say I came across the big Cutty like these with the inline 6, I'd gladly have kept it. How can you destroy a Chevy inline 6? It's not easy. On the other hand, Regal/Century used the odd firing 3.8 liter 231 V6 in '75, '76, and '77. And it was unfortunate to see a rare and beautiful Regal S/R coupe with the trestle shifter between the buckets sometimes powered by one. I didn't have a problem with 3.8s from 1978 on, when the crankshaft revision made for smooth idling and an inherently more durable engine. I also feel that the Regal/Century should have always had the 260 V8 option if the LeMans/Grand LeMans always had it in those same years. That made no sense. Pontiac had something like 5 engine choices for the slower selling vehicle among GM's opera windowed coupes.
  9. On a better note, these were the days! Oh yes they were! One of Detroit's finest moments ... and so perfectly timed for our bicentennial year. Haha ... from the UK? I think NOT.
  10. No one saying anything about the Jeffrey Epstein thing? What a thing to wake up to upon turning on the computer. But it doesn't surprise me. He was living beyond large for too long a time and it caught up with him. Now, of course, they have to do an inquest as to what happened to him and the protocols around that. It looks fairly obvious to me. At any rate, this circus will continue as many will now come forward, perhaps with more ease and it will get a lot of air and media time, which I will not be watching or following. Within the last 20 years, Trump, in his glad handing and glib style, said Epstein was a 'great guy' and that they had similar tastes in women, and he even mentioned that he tended to like them on the young side. This would all still be bad. I just wonder how much "less bad" it would be if this dude hadn't dipped below the age of majority. In a couple of photos of him I saw, he looked suitable to be cast for the role of a turtle neck wearing, wife swapping husband from some bad 70's movie filmed in, you guessed it, the Hollywood Hills. What a horrendous week - El Paso, Dayton, Epstein, and God knows what else. How am I supposed to even think about cars?
  11. Spoken like a true Seattleite surrounded by water.
  12. Why the hell not? The era of the Cutlass Supreme, Greg Brady and Marcia Brady hair, and this! "Satisfaction ... ... came in a chain reaction"
  13. @dfelt Love that convertible GTO you posted. There is still a group of dealerships named DOUG up in Lynnwood? Haha. Does he have a last name or is this like a Cher joke? Even Cal Worthington could do better than that. Never mind Cal Worthington. I have been seeing a lot of base Dodge Chargers in black/black. You can only get black cloth seats on the base model. The black makes them look more trim though I have not owned dark colored cars and prefer not to. The white/black Charger conundrum is analogous to "do this outfit make me look fat?" You wouldn't believe the discounts on current non-specialty Chargers. Wow.
  14. This was the engine I had in my '84 Cutlass Supreme Brougham coupe ... the 3.8 V6 with a 2 bbl. carburetor. It was a great little engine that eventually leaked oil. It didn't consume it. The only thing that happened to it was that I lost the timing chain at close to 170,000 miles. Fortunately, it was a non-interference engine, meaning the valves should go through that event unscathed. The timing chain was replaced and I remember how quiet and rhythmic the purr of that engine continued to be ... up until I sold it, about a year later. It was the Light Royal Blue Metallic with rally wheels and had the darker blue Brougham cloth seats inside, as well as every option except a sunroof. It was a hand me down. It was the most comfortable car I've ever owned. When the trans. failed at 130,000 miles, I had the Turbo Hydramatic 200 swapped out for a Turbo Hydramatic 350 (same clearance and perfect fit) ... best thing I ever did. I will always miss that car. I nicknamed it "the little Cutlass that could."
  15. Those were funky as coupes but I agree. It was a great platform. In fact, the 94-96ish Caprice may have been a salute of sorts to that platform. If you're talking 220K, then it must have been an Olds Rocket gas engine such as the 5.0 (307) ... I doubt any Olds diesel V8 made it to 100,000 miles. It's so sad that they did a half-ass job by not beefing up the blocks and heads of the 350 they used. This was a black eye for Olds ... a big one. From having their Rocket 350 V8 (modified with TBI instead of a carburetor) hand picked to power the first Seville, which turned out to be popular, well received, and dependable, to turning out V8 diesels that tarnished their reputation inside of a decade. Haha. Tufted red interior in Florida would probably fade some if the windows weren't heavily tinted. Was this on the "mainland" or on the keys? What were the unfixable issues in your '84 Supreme (which engine did you have)? - - - - - I really like the video. Was that prefab building a shop or his house? That looked very Texas small town! As for the car, it's very majestic looking. Still looking quite large considering Olds full sizes were downsized in 1977. I love it when he opens the door and shows that incredible interior. And that gauge package should have been standard on all their cars. Then, when he fires it up, it makes the classic diesel gargling sound. With the trademark twin vertical tail lamps that all 98s had back in the day that looked like Gothic church spires, I nicknamed the Olds 98 "la cathedrale roulante," courtesy of 3 years of high school French.

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