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  1. What I was really going to say: I LIKE this new New York license plate ... simpler, picks up Western New York out to the eastern tip of Long Island (Montauk Point light), and the Adirondacks in between. But the lighthouse at the right does look a little cheesy. Some people in various states get knotted up when they are proposing a new license plate and they focus on one natural or urban feature and ignore the rest of the state. But, man, the old orange and black New York license plate on a black limousine or gangstah car with tinted windows really fit the bill.
  2. @oldshurst442 I'm just starting to see the term Quebecker, like you've used above, more and more. I would always just insert Quebecois into an English sentence. I thought other Anglophones did, too. The Europeans still smoke a lot, but less than before. I don't know if some people (who have exposure to things European) think that smoking equates with being European. If she's a stick, and she smokes, I supposed smoking could make her look chic. Remember how in '70s and '80s movie there was often that "after sex" smoke? (Sort of like "apres-ski" means doing the hot tub and wine &a
  3. In many instances, Catholic schools are places where kids are sent by their parents to keep them out of a public school system wherein the schools aren't that great. It's reactive rather than proactive. Some (arch)diocesan Catholic high schools aren't automatically good. The ones belonging to specific orders tend to be better. Catholic high schools try to paint this picture of being egalitarian and whatnot. There are a boatload of a-holes on both the faculty and among the snotty students. The kids at a good public school and at a decent Catholic high school aren't any better or w
  4. For those who endured wickedly mean nuns, it would take much more than $ 350. By the time I had some of the few who were left, they had thankfully mellowed out.
  5. Enough said. Especially with the Farrah Fawcett hair. This lady is probably of the variety that relishes, or relished, her smoke breaks outside her place of work with kindred souls. Oh yes, this (stereo)type definitely exists. Don't be arguing with me, folks, and throwing down that PC card.
  6. Yesterday, April 14, 2021, sitting there to the side at a gas station. AMC Pacer! In fairly good condition, too, considering ...
  7. Exactly. And what's even more perplexing is how some of the most self-righteous people who play the "holier than thou" card, and should know better, are either swayed by it, choose to look the other way, or are wolves themselves. Without getting into politics, I have no clue how people could stand to watch more than 3 minutes of "The Apprentice," where any douche bag with pearly whites can show up to be a "project manager." It didn't look like many of those contestants were schooled in engineering, construction, finance, IT, and the hard sciences that would even allow them to put parame
  8. Many wolves in sheep's clothing in the world. Many.
  9. I knew about him and what he did when it was hot off the press. But today, I read a little blurb about him. I was disgusted to learn that he looked down his nose at prospective very wealthy clients who wanted to invest somewhat more moderate sums with him and that, unless they invested more, he would not take them on as clients. Those were the conditions he put forth. Madoff is an appropriate surname for this dude: he MADE OFF, all right. Good riddance.
  10. 1) My take on how I roll with salespeople (and how I think others should roll): If the item or service can wait, and you push me, I won't be buying from you. If you do not push me, but seek to inform me, I will be buying from you. * * as for the $ 1,400 stimulus payment, I went out and bought a 3 over 3 (cushions, that is) sleeper sofa to put in the room where the desktop computer / printer are. (I'm also giving a token amount to humanitarian causes ... i.e. disaster relief.) The salesman was polite, patient, and mild mannered, so I filed his business card away that he gave me when
  11. Random thought ... random palm tree ...
  12. Yes. Along with a few remote villages in Sicily, some remote villages on the heel of the peninsula have retained modified forms of Greek. Probably because they're even closer to the Peloponnesus. Greek (this brings back memories): "Ohi" means "no," but "Ne" means "yes" My favorite Greek surname: Papadiamantis, also the name of the main street on the island of Skiathos Italian and Greek: I know of only one word that is common to both Italian and Greek: pantofoli (bedroom slippers), thought there are surely others Sicilian and French: The 200 years o
  13. I was laughing pretty hard at this. (I know that everyone on C&G wants it to be multilingual.) You can check out this goofy video to see if any of it strikes a chord ... or focus on the background scenery and what sounds like the sonorous strumming of a mandolin. And, of course, they focus on the differences, which are quite a few. But they don't tell you that ~ 60% of the words are about the same.
  14. I saw this and immediately thought of this, and that I no longer opt to swim in salt water ... Big thumbs up here. I think that Pontiac could have definitely pulled off a great variant of the Corvette. And that I'd rather we had a Firebird on the market today than a Camaro. And that Buick should release the Trans Am-alike vehicle that has been mocked up since they won't be doing regular cars anymore. Lots of "what ifs" here.
  15. I believe that about the early '70s full-size Chevys. And, now that I think of it, I vaguely recall V6 front fender badging on a rare few LeSabres from that year - which would mean before being shrunken and while still "odd firing." Boohoo to that sort of combination. What were they smoking? And, if CR commented on how slow the V6 was in the Century of that time, the word "slug" when fitted to the LeSabre would be an understatement!

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