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  1. @ccap41 4 a.m pick up on a weekday - nice, wide boulevards and freeways from starting point to the airport. @Drew Dowdell I will keep that in mind (Uber) for scheduling ahead and for an early morning flight. I may just walk over to a fairly major hotel and schedule the pick-up to begin there. Thank you to both of you!
  2. I like most vantage points of the current Lincoln Continental, especially the front, but do not like how the rear tapers and is sort of weak for being meant to be a commanding "boulevardier."
  3. Cadillac Cimarrons were the ultimate pieces of crap. GM waved a wand and tried to turn a frog into a prince? They didn't succeed. It was just a Chevy Cavalier with more power gizmos. They also did not go the distance. The only person I knew who owned one was also a turd.
  4. I do not like the new Regal - either as the sportback or the wagon. I find the styling bland from almost all vantage points. Inside, the choices of interior colors is dismal. I am warming up to the more horizontal dash.
  5. Guess what? I am NEW to these. Typically, I've had rental cars while on vacation or, if in foreign urban centers, I've just used their metro systems to get around. I need to get to the airport. Early. If not an early flighty, I just take a bus from a suburban mall to a train station for the subway into the airport and go on the cheap. Can't beat that. Plus, I love riding subway type trains. There is no early bus or train service for those first flights out. So I plan to take Uber or Lyft. Questions: 1. Have you had success with early pick ups in the burbs to go to the airport with Uber or Lyft? 2. Do you prefer Uber or Lyft? Pros and cons? 3. Should one schedule the ride in advance or should one schedule it when you're almost ready to depart? 4. Will they show up? I recently had an insane experience with a supposedly reputable shuttle service ... and in the middle of the day. Your input is sought! Thank you.
  6. I can see how one would think of (American) politics but this was often in the logos of Mexican restaurants in California. I like Mexican food but I don't love it. - - - - - Interesting car spotting ... sort of ... Yesterday, I saw an Alero coupe. I like those and am happy to see them motoring about. However, it was an interesting dark blue-turquoise color I don't recall. It looked sharp on the coupe. Then, earlier today, I saw an Alero sedan in the exact same color. Both were in respectable condition. That little coupe would have been a nice car to putt around in ... throw in a beige cloth interior, buckets, console, and a sunroof. - - - - - My apologies - we're in June now.
  7. I don't know if my opinion is unpopular, nor if the car is unpopular. I'd say it's a niche car and a small few still like these a lot over 20 years later. I would be in that fold. 1994 to 1996 Caprice LS - if in immaculate condition, with the up-version LS 60-40 cloth seats, the small (263 c.i. or 4.3L) Chevy V8, and low miles. This interior, but in cloth. Console? Yes, please. I'm going to assume these ride a little smoother than would a W-body FWD. I can't be sure of that but I certainly like the idea of a centered engine, suspension components that are easier to see, and a transmission that sits in the back, so to speak. And to think I borderline hated this car model when it was currently being sold and seen everywhere.
  8. I had a '84 Cutlass Supreme Brougham coupe. It was the most comfortable car I've ever owned. (It was a hand me down.) I never did buy a new Intrigue, though I very badly wanted to. I was in a Buick showroom just recently and test sat in the E triplets ... the Envision looks glassy enough from the outside but has a whole different view from the inside out, meaning the exterior is deceiving. I also saw what the sticker looks like and was surprised it was that high on the one on the floor. The Encore, as you know, is small. The Enclave is the only one that, to me, has a conventional and generous enough greenhouse from both outside and inside, but it's a heavier vehicle and costs more money. Personally, I would be indifferent between Buick and GMC for CUV-SUV products just as long as the visibility factor from the inside is good and the vehicle is equipped with a naturally aspirated 3.6 V6. I also prefer cloth seats, especially in hot or cold climates.
  9. The world needs an icon for an asshat (great term) ... a clean one that everyone could use ... the question is whether the hat would vertical or horizontal in said icon. Then there's a question of what the hat itself would be like ... a top hat, a sombrero, etc.?
  10. For some reason, it works better on the Intrigue ... possibly, it's the smaller pods for different functions under the A/C vents rather than one big plastic one that reaches up that high. The glove box appears to be smaller but the big ARS lid is visible atop the dash on the passenger side. The in-dash ignition switch is a big plus. I prefer it over there. I will always have a soft spot for this W-body and still see 20 year old Intrigues on the road!
  11. I disagree on this one. I like this dash more. For one thing, it parallels what the Regal did at the end of its similar cycle as a coupe. It went from the "ravine dash" to one similar to this. In the case of the Buick, I prefer the old "ravine dash" because it had curved edges and the nice cowl across the top. In the case of the Cutlass, I preferred this dash. It's way better when there is a console. It was easier to work with, it had contrasting horizontal and vertical A/C vents, the glove box was large, and it was similar to the forthcoming Intrigue's dash. I remember that the illumination was blue and that's my preferred dash illumination color when driving at night.
  12. I'm guessing all of these are W-body Cutlasses? Toward 1995, wasn't there a more rounded looking dashboard? I once took one of those, a rental coupe (!) with a 3.1 V6, up to Vancouver, Canada. It was white with alloys and plump black bucket seats. It was comfortable and handled well, with good gas mileage to boot, but I only sort of liked it. I don't know what the terminology is or was, but Olds chose to give their W-bodied Cutlasses a blacked out C-pillar treatment that, IMO, looked terrible. It took the Cutlass Supreme from being the best looking of the G-bodies to the worst looking of the W-bodies. The design possibilities with a body colored C-pillar were there and the car could have still looked different enough to distinguish it from its W-body siblings. The Cutlass Supreme is what enabled Olds to rocket upward in its heyday but was sadly a big contributor to its demise when they couldn't reinvent it properly.
  13. I only wish they could get it to handle a little more tautly, get the faint droning sound of the tires/etc. to stay out of the cabin, get rid of the front fascia's appliance look, and not have the "laptop left open" (2020) at the top of the center stack. I think that's too much to ask for the price point and its position on Toyota's pecking order.
  14. Yes, much room to improve, and that's even the situation with the Camry I had a rental and swapped out ... after one day. It wasn't because it was a Camry as much as it was about how this newer rental unit shook at idle with the A/C on ... and, in Florida, your A/C will be on.

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