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  1. Most likely a 100% polyester-nylon blend to make the velour go the long haul. The burgundy cloth bucket seats in my last car held up unscathed over a dozen years, including the driver's seat. Either way, you have a rolling bordello. What I like is the "craftsmanship" and detail in those "old schoolz," the cool street name for those sorts of sleds. If you've experienced them at some point in your life, you'll never forget them. If you're a millennial or born even later, this whole discussion might be meaningless.
  2. My dad was the opposite. Ford-Lincoln-Mercury or Chrysler? No way. For him, Buick was his first choice, with Olds being a close second. Cadillac was not in his price point and would not have worked well with the crustier aspects of his personality. That "deuce and a quarter" in coupe form looks surprisingly nice and the vinyl top appears to be a full one. What a beauty! I'm taking that to mean just velour and tweed, but that other types of cloth seats are acceptable to you. Once a person has burned their legs on vinyl/leather seating while wearing shorts and driving in a desert climate, vinyl/leather are no longer an option ... for me.
  3. It's great to get new windshield wipers. Instead of waiting them to become obnoxiously noisy, I just head to the auto parts store right after Thanksgiving every year and throw on a new set, ideally after scouting a deal. I have Bosch wipers on this go round.
  4. The fact that they chose the Olds 307 (5.0) V8 to power some of the latest and biggest Cadillac Fleetwood Broughams speaks to how good the engine is. When I would drive my parents' cars with 5.7 liter and 4.3 liter Olds V8s over those concrete bridges in California with all the balustrades, I would lower the passenger window to hear the beautiful sound those engines made echo back at me, providing it was a rural road and there wasn't much/any traffic. @oldshurst442 I once saw a '91 or '92 Toro in a small town on the coast and it was the base model in that color called Light Driftwood Metallic (or something like that) and it had the vaned alloy wheels to sporty it up some. Maybe it had a trestle shifter, too, if I recall, but couldn't look since it was moving. Granted, it was V6 equipped by then but, of the final set of personal luxury coupes by GM, that one would have worked for me.
  5. Solid in which way? Cast iron block-heads? Are there 3 variants of V8-6-4 which start out with those different displacements? I always assumed the numbers would look "different." I could have sworn I saw some late Eldos with this body style with a rectangular badge saying 4100 toward the end, maybe 1983 and 1984. There was a Lebanese guy who had a beautiful Eldo of this vintage in tri-dark/medium blue: body color (metallic) - vinyl roof - leather seating. @Robert Hall For some reason, the burgundy leather interior in an upscale white GM convertible just worked. That combo sort of owned that era.
  6. Happy belated birthday.  I just noticed via a similar post.

  7. Of the 3, the Riv had a nice real tail lamp assembly. The grille, called the Parthenon by a reviewer of the '77-'78 model, was too much. The Toro was clean looking and its price point was more "reasonable." The Eldo was definitely a big improvement for being a nicely proportioned Cadillac, and also one with clean lines. I'll agree with you there. The issue was the price point (higher). Also, some funky engines that turned out to be problem children found their way into the Eldo during this body style run and that didn't help the car. When I see a nicely kept one on the road, I really appreciate looking at it.
  8. I came across this photo. In an in-demand neighborhood near downtown Atlanta. I should mention that there were 2 of them parked there, one behind the other. Probably a 5.0 L Olds V8. Could also be had with the Buick 4.1 V6, which also found their way into a small number of Cadillacs in that era as a "credit" option. Its sibling, the Toro, was less clunky looking and easier on the eyes.
  9. Well, we're up to 500 pages of random thoughts! Random thought: while inconvenient for a big hub city like New York, the Big Apple sure looks like a postcard when blanketed in snow. Stay safe, all you folks living in areas experiencing adverse weather.
  10. Also seen on different days of the long Thanksgiving weekend. Things CAN be black and white. Dodge Charger, latest rendition, in black, seen in the neighborhood: Dodge Charger, latest rendition, in white, and exactly how I'd order it if in the market today - white, black cloth interior, no spoiler, alloy wheels, the base Pentastar V6 engine, and one helluva car for under $30 K.
  11. Also seen last month was this 1965 Ford Mustang, probably the genesis for the term "pony car." I saw the owner, an early enough senior, asked him questions, and he would answer them with completely unrelated information. There was another person with him who had the answers. My questions: Which engine? Which trans, as in how many speeds? Is it air conditioned? The answers, provided by the younger person with him, were: 1) a 289 c.i. V8, 2) a 3 speed automatic, and 3) yes, it was air conditioned. It had less than 50,000 miles but, when the engine came to life, there was a fair bit of rumbling.
  12. Here's an econobox spotted on November 9 when off to get coffee and found a parking spot in a residential area Note: 1 - one of the very few Chevrolet passenger cars that will remain in upcoming year(s). 2 - having seen one at a dealer, this color is called Passion Fruit. Hey, they also have Toasted Marshmallow. 3 - when equipped with wheel covers, these are going to have manual windows.
  13. Hilarious. Are they still selling these in the States? Evidently so. Has any C&Ger ever driven one? I've rented 2 or 3 overseas because they're the cheapest automatic in fleets and, while most of what I think about them is not that good, they are surprisingly stable and the ride is somewhat composed. Where was this? Maybe with the money he or she saves driving this, they were across the street at Great Clips using a coupon.
  14. I did like the auxiliary jack that was available in some cars. It was available on the Monte Carlo and Impala, and thus a then newish Chevy 3.5 VVT V6 would be under the hood. They did turn out to be fairly good. Sadly, it was not available on the Grand Prix and LaCrosse, and item # 1 was getting the venerable 3800 V6 with a cast iron block and heads under my hood, which has served me extremely well for over 10 years. I'll buy one of these gadgets within a week or so.
  15. It's still November ... as in "when the gales of November came early" Fairly haunting and sort of incredible that Lake Superior is akin to the North Atlantic of the Great Lakes.

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